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Orlando Jones
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I ain't sayin' a damned word about this one. ;) #MadeOJLaugh
I ain't sayin' a damned word about this one. ;) #MadeOJLaugh
I see what you did there. ;) #MadeOJLaugh
Gorgeous photos of same-sex couples at home the '80s--PHOTOS:
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.@ChuckWendig Just went through this the other week (…) and sending you & your family our condolences.
Thanks to everyone for the great book/music recs & the #GamerGate links. I will check everything out soon.
@TheOrlandoJones Maybe next you can try my #Free urban fantasy novel featuring a black woman... #NOSHAMEINMYGAME
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Can someone explain (or link to an explanation) of the whole #GamerGate thing? It went completely over my head & I'd like to get educated.
Interesting article about the promise & peril of social media by @joshrottenberg & @AmyKinLA…
Got music/book recs? What new (or new to u) stuff are u listening to/reading? I'm currently reading…
Wait for it..... #MadeOJLaugh
It's #CaptionTuesday! Whoever gets the most LIKES on their cap for this pic on my FB gets a shout out!
It's #CaptionTuesday! Whoever gets the most LIKES on their cap for this pic on my FB gets a shout out!
.@mraven257 Srsly?? I wasn't in this episode? Surely you jest.
I totally forget to tweet my GIFs during the live tweeting. Here they are for your enjoyment……
And...scene! Hope y'all enjoyed it. See you next week. Same bat time. Same bat station (although technically that's Gotham)
Moloch is like the ultimate dom. #BruisyHollow
Does Ichy's Historical Reenactment Group have a FB Page where they can update each other or is more of a thing?
Um...Mrs. BAMF you know I may be in Tarry Town Psych but he DO have tv RIGHT. JFC, he eats egg sandwiches. EGG SANDWICHES!!!! #LeSigh
I'm just gonna say it -- Headless is HAWT. He's about to get shipped hard in like an OT4 or something. #RealTalk #HeadlessHollow
Notice how both Mary and Katrina are like "You're too nice Ichabod. Grow some balls" #EmasculateyHollow
Notice, that the angle doesn't make it clear whether or not Katrina actually pushed her. #JustSaying #SleepyHollow
"Ichabod, this is not the time...for me to reveal my treachery." #WitchyHollow
Ichabod be like "GDI Hawley. I want a refund" #SleepyHawley
Wait, is that a spell or are they ordering a shwarma? #HungryHollow
The young woman from England...what ever did happened to her? #ShadyHollow
Since we're seeing all these political ads, I'd LOVE to see Ichabod do a political attack ad against Moloch/Henry/Headless. #PoliticalHollow
So we've established that Katrina's powers in our realm involve controlling birds but not jealous ex's. Interesting. #WitchHollow
Spoiler alert - If Van Helsing exists in this world that means Dracula is coming to the Hollow. Prepare yourself. #BiteyHollow
So Nick, when you're off at the bar how exactly do you prevent people from ransacking your office? Also, stop stealing my WiFi #SleepyHawley
And we're not delivering a pizza, a**hole. We're vegan. #SnarkyHollow
Is stealing the letter sort of like the ghostly version of hacking into Ichabod's e-mail #HackyHollow
"Mary is the spirit that has haunted Sleepy Hollow for 200 years" - you're talking like there's only one Abbie. Do you even watch this show?
Mary be like "That thirsty witch is never getting her claws into you!!!!!!" #JellyHollow
When Ichabod recognized the fabric, I seriously thought he was gonna say that it was from the special lace undies that Ben Franklin wore.
The Weeping Lady, also known as My Sharona, er... La Llorona #WeepyHollow
Actually, she looks amazing for wear. That slight mused up hair is #AbbieHollow
Abbie, the library sign clearly said "Shhhhhh and also Don't Fire Your Guns Indoors". Just saying #ShhhhyHollow
Said the raven "Nevermore. I ship Ichabbie so consider this a favor because that witch cast a spell" #NotThatRavenTho
High schoolers be like - "Ichabod, you don't even go here" #MeanGirlsHollow
It's like CSI Hollow up in this piece. #HoratioCrane #SleepyHollow