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Orlando Jones
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Many thanks to Prof. Nadler & the #RTARyerson crew for hosting me today to discuss #TaintedLove #RTAinLA
Tumblr peeps -- is there an X-Kit equivalent for the app to make it easier to track tags, notes, etc.?
Thoughts and prayers w/ the friends, family & loved ones of James Foley & all who continue to suffer in Syria & across the globe.
I say we assign 1 white person to all black folks for interactions w/ law enforcement just in case #ReverseTheHate #KiddingNotKidding (2/2)
#NewRule -You know how on #TrueBlood this year a vampire is assigned to a human in order to protect them from the mob of Hep-V vamps? (1/2)
Many thx to Prof @JamesNadler & the Ryerson crew for hosting me & @miptalk today to discuss #TaintedLove #RTAinLA
.@cityoftenants Thank you so much for taking the challenge Michael. Together we CAN #ReverseTheHate
Old, but awesome. Since S2 of #SleepyHollow is fast approaching, let's all watch these awesome fan reactions again.…
Lots of talk about the different kinds of "protestors". Rev. Lamkin, who's been on the front lines, breaks it down:…
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There's an Amazon Wishlist for the protesters in #Ferguson - if you can please RT to help out! @TheOrlandoJones
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Not seeing anything about #Ferguson on the homepage of @reddit. Let's change that -… #PleaseUpVote #ReverseTheHate
And God said... let there be WiFi. #MadeOJLaugh
It's #CaptionTuesday! Whoever gets the most LIKES on their cap on my FB gets a shout out Weds! #MakeMeLaugh
It's #CaptionTuesday! Whoever gets the most LIKES on their cap on my FB gets a shout out Weds! #MakeMeLaugh
'The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.'… "time to put an end to violent upheavals.” Um..the dead kid who "died in a violent act" was KILLED BY A COP (2/2)… “The silent majority will recoil [from] the cursing..hollering..obscene gestures..the assaults on police" (1/2)
.@brian_tee Made this emoji for my @irocemoticons app in your honor. Any resemblance to Bruce Lee is coincidental ;-)… that the best hope for a solution...cannot work without political inclusion and accountability. (3/3)… claim that blacks & whites cannot live together in peace as the inner suburbs transform. Rather, it is evidence (2/3)… Let's not learn the wrong lessons from recent events in Missouri. By no means does Ferguson prove the defeatist (1/3)
Congrats to my dude @brian_tee for his @streamys nomination for Best Actor in A Drama for his portrayal of Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat: Legacy
This means something... #MyGamersGetIt #MadeOJLaugh
Shoe fads these days be gettin' outa hand. #JustSayin
Shoe fads these days be gettin' outa hand. #JustSayin… "I don't think the black community understands the system" -- #ThisIsYourBrainOnRacism Any questions? (3/3)… "If everyone just stopped w/ the racism thing, it'd...just go away & come out the way the law is supposed to" (2/3)… "It's as simple as training your dog. If you don't tell them stop biting...he's going to continue to bite." (1/3)
If this is how the police in #Ferguson behave when they know the world is watching, what do they do the rest of the time?
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Thanks for the warning. ;) #ZipWithCaution #MadeOJLaugh
#SleepyHolow Season 2 preview - in case you haven't seen it yet! #WarIsComing
Ya ain't foolin' nobody. ;) #MadeOJLaugh
One more time: #DarrenWilson had no idea #MichaelBrown was a "suspect" in a robbery and stopped him for "jaywalking".
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State of emergency. Curfew imminent. No live national TV news coverage of any kind. Watch VICE live feed:…. #Ferguson
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Excuse me real quick while I make a fool of myself - Yo @PeejeT Do me!! Do me!!… #PhotoshopOrlandoJones and...I'm back