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The National
The Mistaken For Strangers DVD + Blu-ray are now available in Germany, Austria + Switzerland. You can order it here
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Mistaken For Strangers (@NationalMovie) is coming to Russia, starting this Thursday. Full list of screenings here:
NYC: tomorrow night @bryce_dessner joins @TheKnightsNYC for a free performance of his work at Brookfield Place NY
Loved seeing @Atul_Gawande on @TheDailyShow the other night. He has a new book out + we suggest checking it out:
HEAR our new single "Then Came The Morning" prod by Aaron Dessner of @The_National on @nprmusic #thencamethemorning
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I'm very proud to have produced two songs on the amazing new @MinaTindle record, Parades. You can find…
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Thanks all! PLEASE tell frends and family to tune into the @showtime premiere of #MistakeForStrangers this Fri at 9pm ET #MusicMakers -TOM
Thanks everybody! Don't miss the Showtime premiere of Mistaken for Strangers tomorrow at 9 pm. Matt
.@youharlotyou nothing. my brother's fucking perfect. -TOM (barf)
.@youharlotyou Nothing. I wish there were two of Tom. M
.@sufbee if your talking about docs, find the best scene, even if they don't link together- then go back out and write and film the links
.@KkyyleMunro It's an ugly story. Interesting side note: the bodega in question doubled as a brothel. Very convenient. M
.@Jack_Mustard About Today in the movie Warrior. Great movie. M
.@joeallan I could never do what Tom does. I think his approach to everything is unique and his alone. M
.@ravlijner The idea was more to give Tom a job than to make a movie. The movie was a surprise bonus. M
.@julianabodenst Strokes at Mercury Lounge 13 years ago. M
.@lmarks84 Denzel Washington would play Tom. Tim Curry would play Matt. -TOM
.@Arrae We understand each other better. And like each other a little less. Nah. M
.@samavishay Great question. I'd love if it could play classical music. M
.@Michelle_Wiebe Definitely Tom. He's actually taken horseback riding lessons to prepare for when all fuel and power has been compromised. M
.@mkkearns Slough Feg. and they're still alive and well. -TOM
.@mkkearns I'd have loved to spend one week in the Sex Pistols. That's it tho. MATT
.@lapastorasaurus I have a constant fear that I'm not worthy. I'm not smart enough. I'm too polite. Too humble. -TOM
.@Claremonster I really only write while listening to the music. I don't really have lyrics laying around. MATT
.@sarahlynn_35 Favorite song. Friend Of Mine. Album TWFM. -TOM
.@erindjoyce I personally think Edie Falco can do anything -TOM
.@Ellentweek Neither. They're both nice 90% of the time. MATT
.@RawMince Easy. Bryan. He has a whole extra suitcase for his lotions. MATT
.@clstlsounds Tom was busy interviewing a naked transgender woman while our bus was being robbed in Switzerland. MATT
.@Rocken_Robbie I have a pretty great torture porn rattling in my head. Hopefully soon I'll wright it down.
.@s_beck11 Neither of us can really play music at all. I'm lucky to just sing along. MATT
.@emilyyyyyyyyyy Scott is the only one that can stomach heavy metal. -TOM
.@serveme_thesky He always reminded me why I'm so lucky to be doing this. And he got me Toblerone whenever I asked for it. MATT
.@NotEmilLinnet You mean that sad song? Unlistenable. - TOM
.@NotEmilLinnet I'm pretty sure he still thinks it's about spices. MATT
.@RobbieCanning Probably hearing how much people relate to our relationship. - TOM
.@romeumachado The best wine I've ever had is red. White is also great. MATT
.@gimmiesb I saw a lot of unfinished bad versions, So I was surprised how funny and moving it turned out to be. MATT
.@Anton___11 It changes week by week. Right now it's Seamonsters by The Wedding Present- MATT
.@hyperskip No. Obviously it wasn't really his strength. MATT
.@jlawrencem I wish Tom had gotten more good live show footage but he wasn't really interested in that. MATT
.@clairelizzie Most of the time it was Carin, my wife, although sometimes it was a random crew member. MATT
.@lennon041285 I've always wanted to make something with Tom but we make the opposite types of things. MATT
.@vickyvale76 Friend Of Mine still is my fav. All the slow ones I can do without. - TOM