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3yrs ago today @thelittleidiot Moby joined us on stage in LA here's a video of Transmission… - back in LA in November!
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dear Scotland, as someone descended from McBrides I wish you all well on this incredibly historic day.
Listening to baroque oboe adagios and reading about epistemology. Party party party. #iwasnevercool
this is really disturbing.. New @MercyForAnimals investigation reveals the truth behind dairy production. Watch now.
'You had an abundance of free energy but you instead chose to dig up oil from miles below the ocean? What the fuck?' -Your grandkids.
My first one gb hard drive was $1000. Now you can buy a tb of storage for about $100. Energy will inevitably follow this trajectory.
I predict that in the near future energy will follow the trajectory Of data storage and be free thanks to Cold Fusion and renewables. Yup.
everything we love is #worthsaving. September 21. #PeoplesClimate. Join us!
The heat is giving me tourretes. Fuckfuckfuckfyckfuckfuckfuckfuck.
Warning: profanity ahead...are you fucking kidding me? It is so hot. ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️💣
Back in la where it's only 600 degrees. ✈️🌇🌇🌇🌇�
Ha I had DJ dyslexia. Djlexia. @atrak @ztrip I blame fluoride. Or insomnia.
I brought my service animal on the flight with me.
If you see a bald guy in an integratron hat on a domestic flight it's probably me.
Just landed in Pittsburgh! See you tomorrow @ThrivalFestival 🎼👾🔊🔊🔊👽🙊👄
I'm in love with @RealFoodDaily at @flyLAXairport @AmericanAir terminal. Organic vegan food in an airport is so civilized and amazing.
One of the oddest things about odd l.a has to be the oil rigs by the airport.
Thanks @gretchenryan for this perfect little keychain calf.
Russell Simmons honored #Vegan Animal Welfare Activist Moby in LA tonight @ @MercyForAnimals gala. @thelittleidiot
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I blame: 🌇☀️☀️☀️🌅🌇
Argh, it's not working . I guess we're done? Rats, sorry! I'll come back next year! 😟💾📟📡🐎
I tried calling back via FaceTime and it just rang and rang. #future #fail #cme
Does cme mean coronal mass ejection? Sounds like a song from a Yes album.
Trying to do talk and q+a with San Diego musicthing over FaceTime, with spotty results. I blame solar flares. #cme
very excited for tonight's @MercyForAnimals event. and i'm very honored to be honored! thank you!
8. Thanks to the LS boys for sending this over, lovely! Moby (@thelittleidiot) "Almost Home" [@LasSalinasMusic Remix] (White) #ABGT
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Or: 🕐📟📡👍👏
Ok, it being the future, I am going to use facetime to do my 1 PM San Diego music thing talk. So I will do my 1 PM talk as scheduled! 💾📟👾📡
There might be a way for me to do the 1 pm San Diego musicthing talk.. Checking now.
Now train delayed 90 minutes? I just don't see how I can make it to San Diego by 1pm. I think I have to cancel musicthing. I'm so sorry.
San Diego musicthing attendees: Im at train station looking into other options, but I don't know how I'll get to San Diego by 1pm. Trying
Waiting at union station for Amtrak train to San Diego and nice conductor just told me it's at least an hour delayed... Oh no.
when i was 9 i stopped my mom's boyfriend from stabbing my mom to death. if you mock domestic abuse i have no time for you. #WhyIStayed
i think we need to modify dante's 'inferno' and add an extra circle of hell for domestic abusers. #WhyIStayed
Props to @erikanderslang for Moby - The Last Day (with Skylar Grey) - Official video...
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@thelittleidiot Happy Birthday!! We hope your day is extra special & full of surprises, XOXO 😉 🎈 🎉
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Wishing a very happy birthday to incredible animal advocate and MFA supporter @thelittleidiot!! Happy Birthday!!
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Apparently at one point I was a baby.
Potato the dog wishing me happy birthday.
Old mountain man mo on his birthday. 👽🎂
"September 11 birthdays: Bashar al-asad, Ferdinand Marcos, Ludacris, Moby'. That would be a strange birthday party. 🔫👠🎤👽