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Kiran Bedi
( C u all.About to be there) @keshavbhasin18: Learning from our mistakes... Do we value our time and energy? #GRDSCIB #FACE2FACE #KIRANBEDI
:@HTPunjab:Pilgrimage to Mount Kailash: Breathtaking experience writes @thekiranbedi #htpunjab
(Country is in trusting+visionary hands!Going the right direction-VG for India) @mmdvv: madam,how would u analyze 100 days of Modi's govt ?
Good morning! The sunrise was once again beautiful. Could just capture just a glimpse while on way to Delhi Airport!
Am so happy our children will get to hear @PMOIndia directly on Sept 5 It'l b an unforgettable experience for them!Excellent for Gen-Next!
Will b a unique experience for school children to hear their own @PMOIndia on Sept 5th,Teachers' Day. Most fondly recall च।च। Nehru days!!
(Whole day on rural project. Catching up with work after Mt Kailash Yatra) @mmdvv: It seems u are very busy these days. Tweeting very less!
view of @IVFoundation celebs yesterday.Children in play-way-schools-colleges-Univ-placements in 20 yrs of Project!
Children of @IVFoundation at the 20 years celebration. From nursery school inside Tihar to boarding institutions
Celebrating 20 yrs of @IVFoundation,educating inmates children. Some in play-way in Tihar,others in boarding schools
With Acceptance of Magsaysay Award was instituted India Vision Foundation to educate prisoners children @IVFoundation
Today Aug 3I,1994, was blessed with Ramon Magsaysay Award for 'forging positive relationship between Police & People'
During our sacred walk to Mt K, SadhguruJV taught us to meditate on d flowing river! It was a very intense experience…
Tempted to share one more time a better picture taken of the group which went for Mt Kailash Sacred Walk @SadhguruJV…
Smile has to b from within) @speakingtree: Always wear a smile,because yr smile is a reason for many others to smile.
Kind of u) @bhushan_tweets: RT @HistoryPicIndia PM Indira Gandhi with @thekiranbedi in 1973 Two Iron ladies together
(Started to happen in ar Yatra)"Devotion is when yr involvement with life is so absolute that u yourself do not matter any more"@SadhguruJV
Here is it. Slide show of the Mansarover-Mount Kailash Yatra as shot on my Blackberry and I Pad. Thanku @SadhguruJV…
Here is another sharing of Trek to Mansarover and Mt Kailash. It's been truly transformative. Thank you @SadhguruJV
(Indian woman asserting her essential need) @IBNLiveRealtime: Chhattisgarh: Woman divorces husband after he fails to build a toilet at home"
(Feel good.India in trustworthy hands) @ReutersIndia: Indian economy warms in after-glow of Narendra Modi's triumph
Hereafter extra work to extra sensitivity---“@bsindia: #JanDhanYojana: Bankers work overtime to meet 1.5 crore enrolment target for Day One!
Leadership is when scale of effort matches scale of challenge--! @bsindia: 5 key features of Modi's #JanDhanYojana
C encl) When scale of challenge is big--the reach has to be impacting to drive and feel the change! Its leadership!
(V pray for prosperity+progress of ar country)"Ganapati,1 with human body & head of a Gana,became a tremendous possibility" @SadhguruJV    
(Doing it!) "@mmdvv: @thekiranbedi Madam, write a travelogue on Mt.Kailash Yatra with lots of photos."
See this big size Yak Cheese! I clicked it in Lhasa, en route to Kathmandu from Mt Kailash.Did not dare taste it!
Unfit to represent people---“@mmdvv: what r your comments on TMC MLA Dipak Halder's statement,"As long as earth exists,rape will exist" ?”
By daily doses! Of humanity------@mmdvv: @thekiranbedi How can sensitivity be inculcated in police ?”
(It's sensitivity towards human suffering which is needed) “@shubham_gupta89: @thekiranbedi @ibnlive That's not sensitivity, but humanity.”
(Sensitivity has to be ingrained daily thru morning and evening roll calls) @ibnlive: Cops record statement....instead of saving a life!
Thanks to our Supreme Court of India, we have a secure democracy with rule of law! Its our biggest protector!
Finally! Cropped it a bit for the focus! It's more than 'Margdarshan'. It's a new benchmark! Took us 60+years!
Latest joy at home! A pigeon's nest! Which she built for herself in my absence over an AC! Smug waiting to deliver!
(Needed) As a leader u build trust when u give yourself 100%,so that people understand with your every action,u stand for them @SadhguruJV
(Better late than never! Thanku @PMOIndia ) @mmdvv: PM sets up committee to identify obsolete laws.what r your views on this decision of PM?
(Cleaning of India's polity) "@mmdvv: what r yr views on SC rules PM&CMs should not include people with criminal background in their cabinet
(No ragging can happen if oversight by Principal/Head/+ is systematic) @mmdvv: How can ragging be prevented in schools/colleges/hostels
closer view of runway from Nepalgunj to Simikot! It's very close and risky too. On way to our 1st trek to Darapani
This was a small runway when we landed from Nepalgunj to Simikot in Nepal to start our first trek to Darapani! A view
Here is more: on Coalgate. How much the country lost due to bureaucratic-political failure! We all suffered them!
Very happy birthday to you "@Ankiity: @thekiranbedi it's my B'Day ma'am, I'd like a bday wish from you."
(Inner path way of mortality) @HIMANSHUNYSA: mam how important would this be a turning point for you life? Means your break of kailash yatra
(Self Reliant) "Sadhana is towards creating a sense of inner fulfillment,where there is no need to lean on anyone anymore" @SadhguruJV   
See how generous our former PM was in giving away coal blocks. Nature caught up & punished d past Govt! More to come!
Clicked from inside the plane while on way to Simikot from Nepalgunj to start our trek- This is an optical illusion!
:@shamit @amancool5 some go around Mt Kailash as Parikarma! Which the Chinese are not allowing currently. Hence the limitations in the yatra
After d pilgrimage I feel healthier and more energetic.Its a blessing Thanku all for your affection) @mmdvv: Madam,take care of your health!
Had to be. We were trekking for hours in tough terrain) @svmurthy: Ma'am u r looking Weak & tanned, journey effect.Take care of your health
Pic by Shanti,fellow pilgrim from Hong Kong of The Mount Kailash while on our Trek @SadhguruJV @ishafoundation