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Kiran Bedi
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Travelling to Shanghai. Young airline lady who accompanied me to the door told me she received first prize of her life in school from me
Is 'Bharatiyata' licence to loot? Country today has no choice if it has to survive,recover and prosper!#Joshsebolo #AbKiBaarModiSarkaar
Said on @NidhiRazdanNDTV, @narendramodi led BJP/NDA is coming for long haul, not just one tenure! Today no non-performing Govt can survive
Is'Bharatiyata' perpetuation of dynasty rule?Insecurity is now writ large on faces of those who enjoyed Cong patronage!(Across disciplines)
Evidence of earlier tweet, when Youth in NIU,from minority communities questioned the goings on in UP+ India first!
I was in University in UP.It had youth from all communities.Was very reassured to see youth from minority communities questioning status quo
Letter writers from so called intellectuals expressing scare of Modi r like letters to editor! They are not representing people as a whole!
C @EconomicTimes Wit&Wisdom."Revolution: in politics,an abrupt change in the form of misgovernment" ???Ambrose Bierce
(How can you Multitask better? Here is the e-link. Thanks ) @shajorjita: @EconomicTimes Link for online reading -->…
How does one successfully Multitask at work? C @EconomicTimes. It's being efficient in juggling,priorities,practice++
"It's fine to celebrate success but its more important to heed the lessons of failure": B Gates (Applicable in personal & life of a nation)
(Indeed) @StanfordBiz: If you hav a problem, you got to solve it. It’s not going to get smaller with time. –@mtbarra
(Every obstacle, if one perceives it to be,can b a new challenge to achieve) GQ" Nothing is an obstacle unless you say it is." -Wally Amos
(Comes by Doing) GQ"A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power" Brian Tracy
If PM had been investigated by d CBI on Coal allocations,Govt would have collapsed and we would have had a new Government last year itself
When does PM of a country allow his position to be weakened?:--When he wants to keep his chair at ANY cost! (DESH DROHI or criminal breach?
Leader with a National Vision Thinks of 'Trophy Model', whereas person with narrow (Damaad) or NO Vision Thinks of 'Toffee' Model
(Books provide evidence of corrupt+failure of governance under debate)“@CZAR108: Ofcourse... UMBRELLA is sold in rainy days not in winter
Books are written to be read.Publisher wants them to be sold! Both books have made it to d market in time to be sold,read,critiqued,debated!
"Decade of misgovernance of UPA,instead of taking d country ahead pushed India decades back & left d story of d prospering India incomplete"
Varanasi shall set in motion wheels of change that will take India on the path of good governance. via @narendramodi
(India is heading for a visionary leader who will be in command and control) www.narendramodi.…
Is personal survival of PM above national survival? For 10 years? Of a country of over a billion people looking for food,shelter and jobs!