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Kiran Bedi
Quite a bit has happened so far! In Modi-Obama Summit. @PMOIndia seems to have pushed his concerns..
Another pic of @PMOIndia and President Obama. At the White House! Press Statement awaited! Outcome++?
Press room getting set for President Obama and @PMOIndia at the White House. Watch out to see what emerges?
Insistence on Clean India by @PMOIndia is correction of very basic fundamentals+fulfilling responsibilities,than practice right to violate..
(A passionate leader opens all possible communication lines with people) @IndianExpress: @PMOIndia to connect with ppl thru radio on Oct 3rd
(Not only me! Entire Country!) @mmdvv: @thekiranbedi It appears you keep track on @PMOIndia even while travelling !"
Another one from Amritsar. One more view as I drove past' my city
Caught the sunset in my city,Amritsar-while on my drive to the airport! Open space for clear view was scarce
Our @PMOIndia outside Indian Embassy. Along with the Statue of Mahatma Gandhi.
Patients/ Drug addicts on being asked how is the drug abuse situation now?"They said its now much more expensive and difficult to procure"!
Punjab Govt must regularly & intensively advertise its Call Centre No 181 for any Info on drug sale/abuse!To seek public help+do more!
Visible change in Amritsar De-Addiction Centre,Govt Med College.Over flowing due 2 increased pressure of all
With dogmas/rituals u may become crooked. But with humanity,yr heart will naturally beat for everything in existence @SadhguruJV (modi-fied)
(Meeting of World's two billion ppl of two responsible democracies,Oldest+ Largest) @mmdvv: yr comments on Modi's meeting with US Prez Obama
Today in Amritsar & Taran Taran to review progress with cops,people, and professionals on drug addiction issues as part of periodic review!
So Sorry!! (Ministers sobbing on Oath Taking Ceremony of Tamil Nadu Cabinet due to Amma's resignation)
In @narendramodi 's success is India's success!For this PM needs: States,Rajya Sabha,Civil Services,NRIs,FDI,Media:Pray for nation's future!
Very interesting to see how @narendramodi while raising people's aspirations as a leader,co-opts and entrusts them with responsibility too!
When a leader opens up the system the way @narendramodi is doing it acts as huge positive pressure on public servants to DELIVER PERFORCE!
Prime Minister @narendramodi with CEOs to get them to ' 'MAKE in INDIA'..Bringing Prime Investments to India
(After Positive Energetic Leader in @narendramodi: INDIA NOW NEEDS POSITIVE PUBLIC SERVANTS :@htTweets via @ShareThis
"Our lives become beautiful not because we are perfect. But because we put out heart into whatever we do."@SadhguruJV (Need of the Nation)
Our lives become beautiful not because we are perfect. Our lives become beautiful because we put our heart into whatever we do.
To Translate the New Vision of India @HTPunjab: #India needs a positive #Indian writes @thekiranbedi #htpunjab
(After positive-energetic leader in @narendramodi ) INDIA NOW NEEDS POSITIVE INDIANS-- Hindustan Times via @ShareThis
"U all have given me so much love:I will replay this debt by making India of your dreams".I commit to do this! Bharat Mata ki jai"@PMOIndia
"PIO card holders will now get a visa for life!" Those who stay for long period in India will not have to report to police".++ @PMOIndia
"I have dream for India that when india is 75 years old let India ensure that let there be no one without his own roof!" @PMOIndia
Gandhi Ji gave us independence! What did we give him? Gandhiji never compromised on sanitation! Can we in 2019 give Gandhiji clean India?
"I am small man. Therefore I feel for the small man the most. And I am determined to think big for the same small man!" @PMOIndia
"Connect with me on " says @PMOIndia Exhorts all NRIs to test his governance!
"We need two types of skills development: one which creates jobs.The other one who does a good job"! @PMOIndia "Invite u to Make in India"
We need to make every duty we do as a part of social revolution! Whatever it be! Vikas in India must also be made a Jan Andolan!@PMOIndia
Govt's make schemes:Development happens only when there is partnership in development! V will follow the track of partnerships @PMOIndia
India has 3 strengths which no one has! * Democracy * Demographic Dividend * Demand --all three no other country has all three! Yes We Will!
"Winning an election is not a position but a responsibility! Assure u, none of u will ever get a single instance that will embarrass u" NaMo
: @narendramodi from Modi'Sun! Fully made in India! Grateful to his mother who gave India a son of the soil!
Takes India to its rightful heights.Where we all belonged & will belong! Here is our very own @narendramodi
It's celebration of India in USA! With Modi'Sun-Rise! At Modi'Son Square Garden! Jai Hind! Loving India....
Madison Square has become Modi'Son!
After people hear @narendramodi spk at Madison Square there will b two categories.Those NRIs/Others who saw him directly & those thru Media!
Super: @MEAIndia: Support first from neighbours for PM @narendramodi initiative for @UN to designate a Intnl Yoga Day
Message coming from frds around the world is: leadership of @narendramodi is bringing back the SPRING in the feet of millions of Indians!
We now know how the country can remove entrenched corrupt persons in power.Secure credible evidence,file complaint & pursue with patience!
Rd d World @narendramodi: @PMOIndia by being who he is: The way he is representing/leading India he is bringing back love of being an Indian
(I shared here with joy) At Balaji Society Alumni. Txs @mmdvv…
(Worth an examination) @ibnlive: Indian diaspora requests Prime Minister Narendra Modi to grant voting rights to NRIs
Toon)President Obama tells @PMOIndia,"I have super power status+. @narendramodi replies, "Mere Paas MOM HAI"
(+Signal for ALL others) @Bhartiyavk: @EconomicTimes 4 year prison-term for Jayalalitha 'Amma'. *evil laugh* Mayawati should be fearing now