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Kiran Bedi
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My 'Real Salute' on eve of Aug 15th before I may lose internet, while on way to Mt Kailash, Thxs to @ishafoundation…
Self reflection? Is there a diff between Karmic substance & r own being? May Like to c this as stated by @SadhguruJV
"The rocky steeps truly test/(ed) not only the/r lungs and legs but (r) mental resolve" @SadhguruJV: Divine Calling!
Blessed by @SadhguruJV before our journey to Mt Kailash. Wish u all Happy Independence Day in case no connectivity!
Empowering life! @SadhguruJV -A whole new way of experiencing inner life! One which has no uniform on it! Just being!
After Pashupatinath,v fly to Nepalgunj-Simikot.Trek to Dharapani-Kermi-Yalbang-Tumkot-Yari-!Jeep>Hilsa>Tibet-Manasarovar.Trek to Mt Kailash+
View of clouds covering Himalayan range, Mt Everest & Annapurna Peaks! Trek to Mt Kailash begins Tom @ishafoundation
U get what u ask for!I had wanted to be on a spiritual journey! & Here it came! Txs to @SadhguruJV: @ishafoundation:
On my way to Mt Kailash.It was time to dive within! To experience & explore. Txs to @SadhguruJV: @ishafoundation:
Am away to Mt Kailash.It was time to take a break and dive within! To experience and explore. Shall pray for India/U
(Very useful watch) Watch: National Herald 'Prima Facie A Strong Case, Income Tax Inquiry On' - Arun Jaitley @ndtv…
Packing 'myself' to go here... ..Guess what is it? And have u been there? More tomorrow...and the morrow!
WOW @manishmisra1980: The #Monsoon magic. Another one from the @RailMinIndia tracks. good morning to @thekiranbedi ji
(Reminding ourselves) "purpose of learning is growth & r minds,unlike r bodies,can continue growing as long as we live." - Mortimer Adler”
Police in the West cannot afford to run d risk of damages for false arrests under the Law of Torts!Therefore Court discharge is independent!
Police is bound by law to arrest if situation warrants.It may not succeed in the Court- It does not mean arrests were wrong,unless malicious
Onus on Scottish Police to explain the evidence!Its not always that Courts accept police version! But that does not mean an arrest was wrong
Lack of suffi evidence does not always mean innocent at the time of arrest! Arrest can be as per evidence on grd but not enuf for Courts?
(Wait till I tell u the day-after! It's out of this world) “@TheMaheshBhat: Mam, any blissful experiences of August (shravan)?
(This is exquisite. Thanku) @manishmisra1980: yesterday's evening seen from the train near Bhopal
(Yes getting ready for a long journey ahead.Will share the dayafter) @mmdvv: I think u r too busy these days. That's why tweeting very less!
Being shared: Nature in its full splendour and beauty! The August morning!
(Of Inner Gold of discipline+will power) @pruthvisena: #GoldMedals aren't really made of gold. They're made of Sweat,hard to find alloys..++
'HIT'=Highways, Information Ways, Transways--Between India and Nepal--One day @PMOIndia @narendramodi will create a Common Market of SARCC..
"Borders are not Barriers but Bridges" our @PMOIndia inspiring Elected Reps of Nepal..