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The Killers
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Help us feel like weiners and rock the vote. Winners! Help us feel like winners!Damned smart phones... To vote go to
Row row row yer boat! Support our sea-faring brothers.
Phase 2: Operation Killers Hiatus 2014
We are performing at this year's @sfoutsidelands Aug 8-10 in SF. Tix onsale Thursday at 10AM PT #OL2014 #OutsideLands
We're gonna be on tv! 2014 NCAA March Madness, in between the two Final Four games today (6PM PST/9 PM EST) live on all Turner Networks.
Haiti still needs your help, and a little goes a long way. Help us make a difference @aidstillreqd
The Killers are pleased to announce a headline performance at the 2014 Hangout Music Fest in Gulf Shores, AL....
Ladies and gents and whoever else watches X Factor. See us touch the hearts of millions of people when we slay, I mean play live saturday.
Dawes & @thekillers' "Christmas in L.A." is on iTunes, but to learn how to win a white label copy on vinyl, visit
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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas In LA! Watch our new video…
Another year, another dollar...For goodness sake, see video, buy song, help people!
To the talented and beautiful @DiannaAgron : we luv ya. And @warrenjfu , you're cute too, bud. THANK YOU!
Not just another video. This one is for the victims. Thank you, thank you.
US @SamsungMobileUS users: In the blink of an eye. Get a peek of the last ten or so years courtesy of Giorgio Testi.
Thank you for all of your questions. Sorry we couldn't answer all of them.
RT "@kjk62289 if you each had to choose someone to play yourself in a movie about yalls career, who would it be?" Paul Giamatti. RV
RT "@hotfuss_TK what's your favourite dance move?" The running man. BF
RT "@djjazzy Favorite ice cream flavor?" Coconut. RV
Cont... Lou's unexpected, ice-breaking humor. Lou's presence. BF
RT "@killermuses Favorite memory working with Lou Reed???" Lou doing Tai Chi with Ron. Lou admonishing me to write more...
RT "@Lisamarie087896 Would the killers ever do a duet with a girl?" We have. Toni Halliday. A Great Big Sled. BF
Cont... After Ryan Pardey, . . . Eddie Murphy. RV
RT: @AnsteyBray you've made singles with @ryanpardey, M83 (@m83news) & Lou Reed. Who is your dream artist to make a single with?" After
Cont... but hearing ZZ Top on the radio was a close second. RV
RT "@LxMeza who or what inspired each one of you to join a band and make music?" Inspiration is everywhere...
RT "@maybe___no Dave: what type of shampoo do you use? I really want to know lol" I just use whatever they have at the hotel. DK
RT "@KatEmilleSabio Do you guys ever plan to play in small venues in the US again like you did in Europe this year?" Certainly. RV
RT "@MissAndreaDavis is there a band or album that people would be surprised to know you really like?" NOFX. Punk in Drublic. BF
RT "@DJHarleyQuinn Do you see Wembley as closing a chapter or starting a new tradition?" Just the beginning. RV
RT "@SilvitaG67 From Battle Born, which of the songs took you more time to get finished and ready for the album?" Runaways was a doosie. RV
RT "@mmStarkbucks if you could choose one song to play for the Queen, what would it be?" Caribbean Queen. Mix things up a bit. RV
RT "@ShimmyAndShake2 how is the decision made on what songs will be made singles? You guys, or the label?" Us. BF
RT "@Nim_Nim11 what can you not live without when you go on tour? However small or big?" Cereal. The small ones. RV
RT "@g0ldandglitz what does it feel like when you hear your fans singing along to YOUR songs at concerts?" Like a good dream. RV
RT "@arabbutt where were you guys most surprised you had a fan base? (as in countries)" China. BF
RT "@_Ju_Liette If you weren't in The Killers, what would be your job?" Valet parker. BF
RT "@hotfuss_TK who had the idea of calling your fans "victims"?" They did. BF
RT "@hadar_makdasi Where in the world you want to perform and you still haven't?" Caesar's Palace. BF
RT "@Neon_Tiger2015 What was your favorite subject in school?" Home Ec. Finding a girl who could cook was easier. RV
RT "@AndreaRoseH What's the worse musical advice you've ever been given?" To shelve Miss Atomic Bomb. RV
RT "@KillersForever Where was the oddest place you've been recognized?" Giving blood. I passed out and ruined my shirt with a sharpie. RV
We are about to start our twitterview use #AskTheKIllers to ask us your questions.
We will be answering YOUR questions today 11.11 @ 6PM EST. Submit Qs @thekillers & use #AskTheKillers
Ladies and gentleman, introducing the best record in 20 years. Get it? Get it! #DirectHits
UK: Maida Vale session tonight w @zanelowe - funny name, serious radio show. @BBCR1 #DirectHits 11.11
Behold "the sizzler". No, not the gourmet steak house, but almost as good. #DirectHits 11.11
Want to hear a song from our direct hits record? Ok. #DirectHits 11.11