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Jay Zee Zaabri
writing art fashion music 26,964 followers
Boat, pool or stay in bed?
I can tell you what you can't comprehend in less than 140 characters. Don't call me genius, I am worthless.
My glass is overflowing bullshit.. Lets just hope that justice prevails, otherwise.. Allow us to become immoral.
If my tears would grow forests, I'd cry more... But they are like tears in the rain.. Or more appropriately, tears in a hurricane.
Give me butterflies in my stomach.. Love me just a little.
I want goosebumps, let the hair on my back stand, allow me to feel again.. Make me Human.
Evidently.. The time has come
I am not looking to make any new friends. Please leave me alone
Wow. Just got some tragic news. RIP @mattbendik - He was a great dude and will be missed.
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Your eyes, they did flutter again.. And my mouth, it did hang wide.. When, you told me every little thing is going to be alright..
lol. break records germany~
I feel bad for Brazil and all Brazilian Fans, please accept my condolences. RIP Brazil~
Funny how my tweets drastically differ depending what part of the world I'm in.. Different cities, different frequencies.
You're Darling, but please don't waste your emotions on me.
Walk drunk into the water And get some secret solace from another.
Pretty things should go out of there way to build character, that's when you ascend to the Angelic realms.
Why do Mosquitos love me so much..
We've come too far to give up, who we are
Just kicking it with @DanBilzerian on big island.. But he's such an asshole, he keeps deleting his pix
Dear Sun, please show yourself... Unfaithfully Yours.