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Jay Zee Zaabri
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Yes. You should fear me, if you fear death ... Cuz, I don't
Death I don't fear.. I don't seek, but I do welcome
I'd love to exit this realm with honor... Please
I'll die happily for my betchs.. Honorable exit
Show me something like me... And I'll finally give up
The devil and his demons in hell. Waddup 😈
We so spoiled. Fack, baddest betchs just be loving us.
I'm always going to do what makes me happy, and I will always do that unconditionally.
This babe. Baddest betch in minneapolis
Dedicating this to all the special people I know.. Too many to list. But you all bring out the best in me.
Just pick a fantasy.. And let me work it out...
Nothing is too much.. Words that I live by...
... Try to build character, you take that to the grave.. And if we're lucky maybe it helps expand our souls.
Don't let it get to your head.. Yes you're attractive.. But that's just a result of good fortune and fades away with time.. #Truth
Act on impulses, learn to tame them when needed.. That's how you conquer your emotions 😄😉😍😘😝😶
If you have somebody you feel 💯✔ please don't ever let them go.. Nobody like that will ever come again... Trust me
Santa and his reindeer are coming to town 🎅🎄🎁�
...Gotta stay high all my life to forget I'm missing you...
High all the time to keep you off my mind, ooh ooh Spend my days locked in a haze Trying to forget you babe, I fall back down...
Everything seems like a city of dreams.. I never know why but I still miss you..
... And, yeah.. I feel fackin amazing.
Yes. I like to have fun. Yalp, I don't give a fack if people judge me. Yep, I've never done anything that hurts other peeps directly..
If you wanna hang out with me, please be ready for my magic carpet ride. ✨🌟💫
I just a got a text; "I love it when I venture with to different dimensions.. I've never felt so alive!" Pretty facKing dope. 👌
When you listen to something and you immediately get goose bumps 😱😍😇
She said I love your Innocent arrogance .. Legit
Yes yes. Just come sit here, I'll show you how it's done. Yalp, just sit on my face ...
I mean, I like you.. But if your not gonna sit on my face at this hour, then please leave me alone ~
Do you like the way I flick my tongue or nah? That's all I need to know right now ... 👅👅👅💦💦💦
Babe. Just come in here and close the door behind you, I'll show you how much of animal I am. Good bye
Oh why why why why why
I'm addicted to pain, I keep my wounds without a bandage.
I came to get hurt... Might as well do your worst to me.
Please take my heart and shatter it.. it just has become too heavy that I am not sure anyone can carry it.
Think not what your interests could do for you, but what your cock could do for the crew. 😂
#TeamNoSleep; I don't hang out with people that sleep. Legit..
Throwback to when he was still cute.. But on a positive note; he still got style.
I just want to constantly feel weak in my knees.
I hope as I evolve, I learn to give even less facks.
I continue to tell myself that I will never shave again, yet I still allow for humans to influence my decision..
I'm afraid I will chase that moment for the rest of time.. Something I know is no longer possible..
I will say what I want when I want. Always~
Stay away from my young sissy @MODSUN @RulaZaabri 👊👋✌️😂
Sorry. But I am not sorry... #MyDickIsATrophy