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Lauren Moccio
Group Behind Planned Parenthood Attack Videos Sees Scrutiny From California Attorney General… #twibnation #ether
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Seriously. Lila Rose is not only a monstrous little sociopath, she's not even good at it. #TissueForLessThan100 #BlackMarketDiscounts #moron
Yo @AngryBlackLady is going off and I feel like I should apologize to her for shit I ain't even do. #TWiBNation
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Anyone who believes you can buy human tissue on the black market for less than $100? You are a special kind of stupid. #StandwithPP #p2
Re: #CecilTheLion, worth pointing out that they're talking about extraditing the guy to Zimbabwe now, so what he did was definitely illegal.
ATTN: Canada! 🇨🇦 #Regram @cocksureladsmovie: Spotted on the streets of #Toronto! A #CocksurePremiere poster! Do you have your tix? Going fast! Link in profile. #staycocksure #yyz #CdnFilm #CocksureLads #cocksureladsmovie #thecocksureladsmovie #murrayfoster #indiefilm #carlton #walkofftheearth #ala
I'm still posting DMs for #TheEmptyChair but there is a space that does nothing but this. @NotesFromBigSib. You can DM them w/ your stories.
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Whatever demon recently gave up its stranglehold on Salon has now possessed The Guardian. @chezpazienza @bobcesca_go…
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis would have been 86 years old today:
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Sorry, @SarahPalinUSA, #PlannedParenthood saves lives and de-funding it will cause more abortions, not fewer.… #p2
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Meet #Scientology’s favorite GOP governor: Why #GregAbbott is more dangerous than George W. Bush & Rick Perry #health
Thank God. Whitney fixed the trust so her ex can't take her money. #RIPBK #RIPBobbiKristina…
I'm going to close my DMs temporarily so I can get through messages. Please remember as an established safe space.
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How a licensed attorney could fix his mouth to say that marital rape is not against the law… Man, turn in your bar card & delete your life.
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Sadly true. Say what you want about Truman Capote, but he made writing hip for a time. #writers #literature #values…
I don't understand this man's life... 😂…l
.@Snarkaroni That was my literal reaction, like--the combination of the photo & headline. Just...dude. Pull yourself together, man.
Seriously. If you think anyone needs any excuse, that's a sign of why it happens... #BadExcusesForBlockingSomeone…
This is EXACTLY how I feel about blocking. I don't need a reason or an excuse. My life, my dictatorship, my say.…
Here are the top turn-offs for women when it comes to men: dirty fingernails, being rude to service people,...
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Um, this is amazing. 😂😂😂 #Regram @jillkargman: @vinegarhillhouse shitter signage is geen #regramapp #funny #lol #hilarity #hilarious #restaurants #Brooklyn #NYC #NY #humor #clever #AwesomePeople
We'll look back fondly on these days in 2019, when the early presidential polls give a commanding lead to Joey Buttafuoco.
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I really like @kaitlynbristowe and I hope she's really happy. She doesn't take shit from anybody & I love that. #TheBachelorette
Donald Trump's lawyer is very wrong; marital rape is rape, and it's illegal as hell
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I mean. Tell that to Ryan Gosling's acting coach. #TheBachelorette…
Big win for Delaware small businesses-proud to have helped pass this bill and send it to the President #netde…
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Shooting range in Columbus, Georgia uses pictures of black teenagers as target practice, refuses to change.
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Just a note: The stories sent to me were sent for me to share. I asked if folks wanted to anonymously share they could send me them via DMs.
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If you can bear it: @elonjames is kindly helping #rape victims tell their stories anonymously. A sobering read. #TheEmptyChair #violence
Our site is still down but you can listen to 2 women's testimony about Cosby on Instagram +
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Nick Denton's like a guy who builds a moon-landing-conspiracy club and then ten years in tells the members they can no longer be odd.
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Shoutout today to my pal @chezpazienza, who I met when he wrote a piece critical of Salon & me. Bc criticism doesn't have to be garbage.
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