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Today's #Dailychart looks at the racial composition of America's schools
Over a quarter of China is now covered in sand. Vast tree-planting is failing to keep it out
The Economist explains why China and Taiwan are divided
From Instagram: our infographics department's #Dailychart style tea & coffee requirements grid
Bookies had chalked up Alex Salmond to win last night's #bbcindyref debate. Their hunch proved right
China may have to change the way rural teenagers are educated and how its schools are funded
For Thailand, a period of inward-looking inspection and great uncertainty lies ahead
Two significant changes in Singapore's pensions policy hint at some deeper systemic problems
By its nature, war is polarising. The situation in #Gaza is no different. But both sides consume fantasy news
An unexpected bonanza for Argentina: it has the world's second largest shale-gas reserves
In today's #Dailychart we invite you to predict when China's economy will overtake America's
The Economist explains why America refuses to pay ransoms
Company-sponsored insurance is common in America. But this form of paternalism is diminishing
Computers, smartphones and tablets are posing a new obstacle to literacy in China
Howling for a growler: in Florida, there's a bar brawl brewing over beer jugs
By 2100, Unicef predicts, almost half the children in the world will be African
Across west Africa almost half of girls under the age of 18 are thought to be wed
Robin Williams was a genie of jest. Those who met him in real life felt his magic
Depressed consumers: Japan's shrinking GDP coincides with a fall in government popularity
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In a world where there is little good environmental news, the state of tropical forests is a precious exception
Pat Metheny, a giant of jazz guitar, has assembled a typically unusual band for his tour
Sunday politics: our three minute summary of the world's political news this week
This week on Economist Radio our correspondents discuss the Christians of Iraq and Syria. Listen via Facebook