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Trending: The Economist explains how the Islamic State is faring since it declared a caliphate
That sinking feeling (again). The euro may yet be doomed
Libya now combines all the ingredients for a protracted civil war
A cheap alternative to satellites is starting to take off
The criminalisation of American business is bad for the rule of law and for capitalism
China is in the midst of the biggest attempt in more than a decade to fix the country's brand of state capitalism
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America bombs in the hope of something better arriving. It rarely does. Why?
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Science pushes toward an Ebola cure, but the human cost is high
What do Europeans think of themselves and each other? Italians think they're least trustworthy
The Economist explains how to control crowds with non-lethal force. View video via
Google announces its own delivery drones project: Project Wing
Rail shipments of oil in Canada are increasing. Regulations need to respond to the growth
Websites which let youngsters watch each other playing video-games are turning into a force in online media
Inside the lab of Britain's Government Digital Service, who aim to make public services more humane and efficient
As the scope of the Ukrainian crisis is growing, Poland and Germany are increasingly taking diverging views
Facebook censors operate under a cloak of anonymity, with no accountability to users
A forthcoming paper up-ends the conventional history of when the dollar became the global reserve currency
Nigeria's war against Boko Haram is going from bad to worse
The WHO's experts say curbs on travel aren't needed in response to Ebola. Policymakers should take them at their word
Support for sharia law in 2012. 74% support in Egypt, 85% would execute those who leave Islam
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Afghanistan's disputed election is taking a huge toll on the country's security and economy
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Russia's incursions into the east of Ukraine have become ever more brazen
Liberal on immigration and wants to disestablish the church: #DouglasCarswell a boon for UKIP?
The Economist explains how dictionary-makers decide which words to include
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The mystery of the "pause" in global warming may have been solved thanks to new data