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Video: Our correspondents discuss the IPCC on mitigating climate change, the big data backlash and reusable rockets
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Obituary: Eleanor Drew (née Nellie Darlison), star of "Salad Days", died on March 31st, aged 91
Another week, another IPCC report: options for limiting climate change are narrowing
For the world's sake, and its own, China needs to change the way it builds and runs its cities
The trial of Oscar Pistorius may teach South Africans a bit about themselves
Obituary: Gabriel García Márquez, Colombian novelist, died on April 17th, aged 87
Hopes that an accord struck on April 17th would lead to a resolution of the Ukrainian crisis have been dashed
Russia would find holding territory in Ukraine harder than taking it
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Today's live #Dailychart shows that after four difficult years, Greece's debt woes are easing
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Pope Francis has galvanised one of the world's stodgiest outfits by grasping three management principles
The cost of stopping the Russian bear now is high-but it will only get higher
A court has ruled that Silvio Berlusconi should serve his sentence for tax fraud by helping in an old people's home
The growing Chinese middle class is changing the global tourism industry
Trending: This paper microscope costs under $1 and can magnify objects up to 2,100 times
SpaceX's latest launch, scheduled today, could revolutionise the economics of going into orbit
The known unknowns of Donald Rumsfeld's taxes: "I have absolutely no idea whether our tax returns ... are accurate"
Astronomers have today unveiled the most Earth-like planet ever discovered outside our solar system
The Muslim Brotherhood is capable of evolving in unpredictable ways
Today's #Dailychart looks at the monetary savings made from abstaining over Lent
The Economist explains how to contain an ebola outbreak
NATO Article 5 --an attack on one is an attack on all-- is no longer a credible deterrent