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America's House of Representatives has authorised its speaker to sue Barack Obama
Half of the 8 hours per week saved on household chores since 1965 in America go into parenting
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Today's #Dailychart shows that Latin American countries are the most likely to default
A "death tax" can be both efficient and fair if it is implemented correctly.
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Argentina's president must act fast or face perceptions that she runs a financial rogue state
Business confidence in Brazil has sunk to levels not seen since the depths of the global recession in 2009
The number of clinical trials approved in Britain dropped by 14% between 2005 and 2013. This is a big problem
Doctors, hospitals and health systems are seeking to turn the trend of using review sites to their advantage
Restricting companies from moving abroad is no substitute for corporate-tax reform in America
How a countrywide scheme in Colombia fought the pernicious effects of the "coffee rust" fungus
A court in Australia has challenged the country's hardline policy against asylum-seekers
Bores, chores and bedtime stories: today's live #Dailychart looks at how parenting has changed in half a century
The Economist explains why Argentina may default on its debts
Of the more than 900 people California has sentenced to death since 1978, only 13 have been executed
Investors regard Russian assets with suspicion. As a result, Russian stocks trade on a huge discount
One trillion dollars. That may be the cost to Russian investors of Vladimir Putin's rule
Money-market funds: America has set new rules for a common short-term investment
"GM babies"? We explain how mitochondrial transfer works and how a baby can have three parents
If Tesla is hoping for mass appeal, the real breakthrough will be its third product line, the "Model 3"
The wartime diaries of Margot Asquith reveal an astute woman who relishes political argument
International creditors remain sceptical about Greece's ability to reform without close supervision
The conquering jihadists of ISIS are evicting or killing Mosul's last Christians