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The wartime diaries of Margot Asquith reveal an astute woman who relishes political argument
International creditors remain sceptical about Greece's ability to reform without close supervision
The conquering jihadists of ISIS are evicting or killing Mosul's last Christians
America and Canada now have levels of tea consumption that rival Britain, China, and India
The State Department has added Turkmenistan to a list of nations that America sees as violators of religious liberty
Today's #Dailychart shows that the current ebola outbreak is the worst on record
The Economist explains the legal puzzle of flight MH17
Modern parents see risks that their own parents never considered
GM babies? "There is no consensus" on the moral question, we warned last year
Iraqis celebrated Eid al-Fitr yesterday, after a Ramadan month that was both hot and bloody
Chinese business has been slow to embrace the internet. As it does, productivity should soar
Some Democrats in America haven't noticed that the next election is this year, not 2016
In recent years China's soft power efforts have both expanded in scope and become more sophisticated in delivery
China has been given a glowing report for its lowering of infant and maternal mortality rates
How can the desire to give schools more autonomy be squared with the desire to enforce liberal values?
Bill Ackman, the boss of Pershing Square, has raised new questions about the legality of Herbalife's business
How long might California's exceptional drought last? A decade or more, say scientists
Remembrance: a chart of #WWI casualties on the centenary of the outbreak
Why Britons gave the name "Great" to the conflict that began in 1914 remains something of a mystery
A huge study shows cognitive differences between men and women are not largely down to genes
Europe's commemorations may perhaps end a 100-year haunting of the first world war
Today's #Dailychart looks at how the first world war changed the world
The Economist explains why professional women's sport is less popular than men's
Rather than pushing out jobs, London increasingly sucks them in
There is a large class divide in how Americans raise their children