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The Spanish government is fretting about foreign hands on the nation's olive-presses
A Georgia bill could help America's private probation firms turn a single traffic ticket into a lifetime of fees
Today's live #Dailychart shows that Chinese tourists are spending a lot
US Airways handled a recent mistake on the company's Twitter account with grace
The Economist explains how speech-recognition software got so good
The trick in European politics is to appeal to some religious and cultural constituencies without alienating others
How computer programs are helping US states decide whom to release from prison
Meet the new losers of China, the Diaosi-a term that literally translates as "male pubic hair"
From "city of the 21st century" to a city in steep decline. Can Eric Garcetti fix Los Angeles?
As the drums of war beat louder a strange lull has descended on Ukraine's eastern region of Donbas
The problem with British MPs is not that they are too rowdy, but that they are too tame
"What are they smoking out there?" Vancouver war on doorknobs will help old folk, bears and... velociraptors
Highways to Hell: America spends $91 billion every year on its roads. That's not enough.
Crowd-funding is improving journalism in China
A 20-minute reduction in travel time between Manchester and Leeds could add £6.7 billion to Britain's economy
Investors have unfriended some high-tech stars
For the first time in history, the rich have begun to work longer hours than the poor
These guys aren't playing to win, they are playing not to lose: Private equity hits middle age
Today's #Dailychart shows that diabetes is a growing problem, especially among Arabs
Crimean museum that lent its most precious objects to the Netherlands may never get them back
Trending: Why have Brazil's workers not grown any more productive in the past 50 years?
The Economist explains why sanitation should be sacred
Barack Obama is bound to disappoint on his tour of Asia
Iceland's Harpa building encapsulates the recent re-energising of the country's cultural scene
Local rivalries are sapping the competitiveness of the UK's industrial heartland