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The Economist
Today's #Dailychart looks at the results of the Scottish referendum
As Nicolas Sarkozy announces his return to French politics, the race for the presidency in 2017 begins
The Economist explains the benefits of getting rid of cash. View video via:
The narrowing of the tax base is partly the natural consequence of widening inequality
Airlines think there is further scope for cramming more bodies into economy. Meanwhile, business class gets comfier
By shifting the debate to the West Lothian Question, David Cameron cannily puts Labour in a very sticky position
SABMiller may be swallowed up by its main rival, the beer behemoth AB InBev
China is trying to build a new world order, starting in Asia
After a sharp slowdown, stimulus is back on the agenda in China
Abolishing notes and coins would bring huge economic benefits
Who torpedoed Scottish independence? George Osborne-and he did it by mistake
Once again, Latin America has a growth problem. The immediate reasons for this are not hard to divine
The British nation state has survived; yet it remains on life support #ScotlandDecides
Scotland votes No to independence. Unionists are celebrating, but soon recriminations will fly
Argentina's 2014 inflation rate is bound to be far higher than the 10.9% announced for last year
Two economists argue that debt forgiveness is the answer to the problem of recurrent financial crises
Peru's new finance minister faces a less enjoyable sojourn in the role than his predecessor
The National Football League (NFL) has found itself mired in many divisive debates
Health-care inflation is one of the main reasons why pay for the average American has stagnated
Obamacare is not to blame for America's health mess, and it could point the way forward @chowardchoward
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Today's #Dailychart shows how kids compare against their parents' level of schooling
The Federal Reserve: still patient on raising interest rates, but for how long?
Growth rates across the emerging world have slipped back toward those in advanced economies
The Netherlands is ready to defend the international order. Unfortunately, it sold all its tanks
The Economist explains how the wording of the Scottish referendum could affect the outcome
This week's cover preview: Xi who must be obeyed September 20th – 26th 2014 Read via:
Lobbying for the freedom of all faiths works better, politically, than religious nativism
America is considering allowing airlines to strip out tax from their advertised fares
The recent growth of the Green Party of England and Wales is impressive. Why the surge?
In Seamus Heaney's best-known poems you can hear with perfect clarity the sounds of his childhood
The way investors choose fund managers may cause anomalies that undermine belief in the efficiency of markets
Syria's war: Is the regime of Bashar Assad rattled?
John Key, New Zealand's prime minister, looks to be heading for a third term
The European Central Bank's plan for economic revival in the euro-zone is underwhelming
Surveillance is the advertising industry's new business model. Privacy needs better protections
A series of incidents seem to signal a new effort to suppress the political autonomy of Tatars in Crimea
Illiberal governments are restricting the freedom of NGOs to raise funds abroad
Companies are spending record amounts on buying back their own shares. Investors should be worried
Bonanza, a town in Nicaragua, has attracted gold miners since 1880. But it is dangerous
Tracking the trackers: our video explains how advertisers use the data you generate online with every click you make
Mountains, skyscrapers, rain: 28 charts show who gets what if Scotland goes solo #Indyref
Scotland's future: Will the staid yet sensible arguments of the No campaign be enough to save the union? #Indyref
Today's live #Dailychart looks at changes in advertising spending over the years
New evidence suggests consuming artificial sweeteners might, ironically, be linked to obesity
The fun and the challenge of mileage running, to accumulate the cheapest frequent flyer miles, may soon be diminished
Over the past 30 years Santander has grown from a minnow to the euro zone's biggest bank
In 2012 there were over 168 million child labourers. How best to get this huge number down?
Sarah Waters spins a rich and engrossing tale in her sixth novel, "The Paying Guests"