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Danny Worsnop
Spent last night with an hour and a half erection. Y'all rocked! Wonder what Newcastle has in store for me! P.s... Hangover. Got one.
About to meet and greet you Nottingham! I'm gonna touch your hands with my hand. Hope y'all are ready for the show tonight, trying to plan something special for you!
Nottingham! Let's get a little loose tonight, let's let the music course through our bones light our souls on fire! Let's live a little.
First UK show went down like a atom bomb. Some sweet breastases out there in the crowd too. See you tomorrow Nottingham, I'm gonna caress you so good!
Y'all ready to get down tonight Norwich? I wanna watch you swing those hips out there ladies.
Norwich, your time has come. I wanna breathe you in! You best dress to impress tonight!
.@DallasStars I would be honored to write you a goal song. Let's give this season our all! #gostars!
I'm so happy, don't you see me smiling? I've got razors behind my eyes. I'm just monkey with a velvet suit on that hits his cymbals and eats the sky.
Who cares if I'm on tour in Europe? Game Center, bitch! Fuck sleep. #GoStars
Drink, say "why not" to drugs, drop out of school, condoms are a myth.
One of or finer Dsnop @holleyweird cousin moments. #drunkinpublic #shutuplady #heymaybeyoushouldputachrisweinerinyourmouthorbuttorboth
Girl wouldn't shut up about a guy she liked with a sweet Eagle chest tattoo, so cousin Chris took his shirt off.
Day off in Norwich, what y'all got in store for me?
When I have to share a room on tour I walk around naked as much as possible and refuse to go to the bathroom to masturbate. #TMIwithDsnop
BUY ANY 3 PIECES AND GET A SIGNED POSTCARD FROM ME! DANNY! DSNOP! THE SNOP. THE POON SLAYER HIMSELF! THE MAVERICK! You guys rock! What would you think if I brought this stuff on tour to sell? Would you buy these at shows? See the full collection here:
Let make a deal. I will answer all questions you have tomorrow at 10pm during the show. Anything goes. See ya then.
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My artist and very talented friend, @ArtofClint, is killing it on his show #TattooNighmaresMiami. Go show all the love and support you have!
Can't even come up with a caption worthy of this video.
Early night to be awake at 6am to get over to England. Don't miss me too much Luxembourg! I'll be back before you know it.
Sushi dinner with the cousin, @holleyweird, whom y'all should go follow. He keeps touring fun and makes sure our shit works so you guys get the best show we can give you! He also makes me drink booze.
Our wonderful @annbuster is out on the road with us for the next 3 weeks so y'all can enjoy lots of fresh an beautiful pictures of me doing my work job profession. Tonight, Luxembourg, let's let our bodies become one in sweat drenched passionate climax. I'm up here waiting for y'all! See you in 6 h
Show's ruined. Sorry Luxembourg.
Sometimes I flex my penis to the beat of songs I like in public, people (unsuccessfully) try not to watch my pants dance. #TMIwithDsnop
I also have these smaller (though still large) ones too if you need them for any self defense purposes @SteveCarell.
In possession of an oversized rubix cube for reasons unbeknownst to me. @SteveCarell, you would solve this so fast!
Forced myself to stay asleep to find out what drug @TimmyCarhart gave me before a show... Turns out it just made me get a boner and drool...
I made a Keynote speech at MI. You can listen to my words of wisdom by following this link!
In Cologne, a very nice fan gave me this wonderful hat during the show. It made it on the bus and is still with us today! #itsboobs
I was the Keynote speaker at MI. Check this video for my words of wisdom!
I hate when my dad makes me sleep with his work friends
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@James_Cassells: Ok just found out @dannyworsnop started working with my Dad. Shit!” Don't worry buddy, I'll spit on it first.
Wrote a special song with the crowd here in Wiesbaden! Y'all were fucking CRAZY!
Big Ann is disturbed with the bond Little Ann and I have made over these last few moments.
Oranges, kiwi, Apple, banana, plum, pineapple, green pepper, carrot, cucumber, tomato, turkey, cheese... The lunch of a champion! Y'all ready to be loved on tonight Weisbaden?
I've been thus far unable to find a trimmer on tour. My dick is now progressively starting to resemble a cyclops lion. #TMIwithDsnop
I refuse to accept that this is comfortable. Pictures from home make me miss my dogchild.
Sometimes I test the limits of my bladder to the point of pain because it's somehow less bothersome than getting out of bed. #TMIwithDsnop
I'm adding some new segments to the Dsnop Twitter world tomorrow... Get excited. Until then, I'm going to sleep. 👉�
Absolutely in love with the show tonight here in Munich. Every second was just pure gold. Love y'all, now on to the next one!
Sometimes I wake up and I'm feeling kinda crazy. Sometimes I lose it, all control and I just wanna live a little. Sugar let's fall in some kind of love tonight, loving living on the edge till the stars fade away to make room for the light. Let's fall in some kinda love tonight. Who's ready to touch
Well I just won $100... Fuck yeah, #GOSTARS