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The Daily Show
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#TDSBreakingNews Most Americans doubt the Big Bang Theory. Stubborn theory responds by continuing to be true.
Tonight! Putin continues his long Andy-Kaufman-esque bit where he pretends to be a crazy person.
#TDSBreakingNews Kraft recalls 96,000 lbs of Oscar Mayer wieners. Apparently contaminated with actual beef.
#TDSBreakingNews Regulators approve powdered alcohol. Parties on the International Space Station just got a lot less lame. #WhoSpikedTheTang
Tonight: Jon welcomes EPA Administrator @GinaEPA.
#TDSBreakingNews Daycare costs more than college in 31 states. So severe, people are literally selling their babies to pay for daycare.
The #DailyShow returns this week! 11/10c on @ComedyCentral.
#TDSBreakingNews Sebelius not running for Senate. Tells Kansans "If you like your current senator, you can keep him." #FoolMeOnce
#TDSBreakingNews Chelsea Clinton is pregnant. CNN declares baby early frontrunner for 2052 elections.
#TDSBreakingNews Ireland first country to convict reckless bankers, b/c chasing them out with a flute didn't work. #NiceTryStPatrick
#TDSBreakingNews Scientists clone cells from two adult men. It's not Adam and Steve, it's Adam and Adam and Steve and Steve. #GodsWay
#TDSBreakingNews Putin: Obama would save me if I were drowning. He added, "That is why I am unable to respect him." #Coward #LetMeDie
Certain guests do a great job of reminding Jon Stewart how short he is. #TDSExclusive
#TDSBreakingNews Study finds brain changes in pot smokers. Study then forgets what it was about to say. #StudysGottaCutBack
The Best F#@king News Team returns Monday with all new episodes!
Behind the Spotlight: @aasif Mandvi recalls witnessing a Republican say the N-word on TV.
#TDSBreakingNews Astronauts will grow lettuce in space with NASA veggie farm. Moonmen urged to start buying local.
.@almadrigal uncovers a liberal propaganda scheme aimed at Latinos.
#TDSBreakingNews NYPD disbands Muslim spying unit. Chief urges unit to never forget the great times they had. #RacismIsWastedOnTheYoung
#TDSBreakingNews Collapse of cupcake fad sends Crumbs into supermarkets, raising hopes among supermarket rats for cronuts #RatFingersCrossed
#TDSBreakingNews Google Glass go on sale. It's like a chastity belt for your face! #ActualSlogan