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Mastin Kipp
Allow your mind to be like a child, to be brand new and see things in a new way. This is the way of Transformation. #TDL
"The problems of the mind are solved with the solutions of the heart." @MastinKipp #TDL
The Uni-verse is a kind and compassionate place unified by the Energy of Love. #TDL
When you embrace your weirdness you'll see it's actually your genius. #TDL
Unexpected change is the Uni-verse's way of nudging you towards your destiny. #FlowWithIt #TDL
It always gets better if you let it. #TDL
Instead of trying to fix a massively broken relationship, create one that works from the beginning. #TDL
Daily Share: "How Do I Let Go Of Him Once And For All?" by a #TDL Reader
Are you ready to let go of what other people think? This weeks episode of #DailyLoveTV is for you!
I hold the basic belief that I am on a journey and things always workout for the best... #TDL
Embrace your feelings rather than running from them. Solutions to your deepest question are in there. Be still & listen. #TDL
Ask, and it is given, if you're willing to meet The Uni-verse half way. Show up, work hard towards your dreams & let the magic happen! #TDL
Reminder: a break-up is an opportunity to trade up. #TDL
The eyes of Love see nothing to judge. Only greater Love to be shared and revealed. #TDL
"Bust through the opinions of others" (DailyLoveTV) by @MastinKipp #TDL
Joyful thought, joyful action, joyful life. #TDL
"The best is yet to be." -Robert Browning #TDL
You do not need to be fixed, but revealed. #TDL
Time stops for no one. Cherish the moment, it is passing by at the speed of life. #TDL
If you want to be great, let yourself make mistakes! #TDL
Spiritual practice is the capacity to offer your love even when u feel hurt, closed down, tense, angry, misunderstood or hated. - Deida #TDL
Realize your potential. #TDL
"Your life becomes the sum total of all your thoughts. What's on your mind?" @MastinKipp #TDL
Today @MastinKipp shares why waiting for the right time costs us SO much! Check out it out here:
It's not rejection, it's an outcome. You can only truly be rejected when you reject yourself & your emotions. #TDL
Let no doubts cast you from your purpose & path. Walk forward today in faith & watch the miracles unfold. #TDL
Once you love and accept yourself you will see the great love out there waiting to be let in. #TDL
Reminder: breakdowns are actually breakthrough's if you learn from them. #TDL
"Are you waiting for life to happen to you?" by @MastinKipp #TDL
Do not hate your brothers & sisters because they call their Higher Power a different many. Many names, One Power. #Celebrate #TDL
Let Love guide your ways and obstacles will be removed from your path. #TDL
"Your life becomes the sum total of all your thoughts. What's on your mind?" @MastinKipp #TDL
Dreams are The Uni-verse showing you what's possible for you. #TDL
Learn from your past hurts, don't let them shut you down. Stay open to Love or it will surely pass you by. #TDL
There is Magic in in the stuff you didn't see coming. #TDL
Forgive it & you don't have to re-live it :) #TDL
Well done is always a better choice than well said. #TDL
"If there is no struggle, there is no progress." -Frederick Douglass #TDL
Today @MastinKipp shares how to make powerful choices! Check out it out here:
You've only failed when you stop trying. Every new attempt brings you closer to success. #TDL
You will be surrounded by love the moment you make peace with the enemy within. Love has been there the whole time. #TDL
Don't judge a situation as bad. Be still, be present and see the Grace that is present right now. #TDL
Reminder: what you put up with, you end up with. #TDL
"Are you caught up in what other people think about you?" by @MastinKipp #TDL
Don't mind the haters, while they are hating, just keep on creating! In the end you'll see the fruits of your labor. #TDL
Love you have to chase & chase isn't love. It's poison. Let it go and #LoveYourself instead. #TDL :)
"If there is no struggle, there is no progress." -Frederick Douglass #TDL
You already have all the inner resources you need to create the life of your dreams. #TDL
Question: What will your life look like in 10 years if you DON't change? (Be honest) #TDL
A big enough WHY can inspire any HOW! #TDL