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Mastin Kipp
The struggle of doing what u Love far outweighs the comfort of settling for anything less. #TDL
When u can see the beauty in the imperfection of yourself, others & the world you've found the Love within. #TDL
Even though it might not look like it, you accomplish far more by letting go with love than holding on to fear. #TDL
What would it feel like to give your dream your ALL. Not just half of you, but ALL of you. That's what it requires to come true! #TDL
"I know the power of one is equal to any number I could conjure." @chelquist #TDL
Room to breathe is how love grows... #TDL
A vision or intention without action will never come to pass. Take as much action as you do in your imagination. #TDL
If you want a hand out, look at the end of your arm... :o) #TDL
Daily Share – "How Do You Put Self-Love Above Fear" by a TDL reader
The Uni-verse will never do for you, what you need to do for yourself. BUT - It WILL do for you what you cannot do for yourself. #TDL
"Every day – every second – is so monumentally important." @Kristimb #TDL
Right Intention + Massive Action = Big Results... One without the other is a dead end.... #TDL
Try long enough and you will succeed. #TDL
"â€ĶI want her deep devotional heart." @bryishere #TDL
Don't run to them to be filled. Stay a while and let yourself be nourished from within... #TDL
If they like you, they'll find you... #TDL
Sex is best expressed once you've decided to be together... #TDL
If you can't let go, then you must... What's what we call Trust. #TDL
To get what u want accept the present moment totally - this gives u the power to change it. #TDL
"A Man's Evolution In Intimacy With Women" by @bryishere #TDL
A power thought: I need no approval from you, I have my own. #TDL #SelfApproved
"The fastest way to succeed is to double your rate of failure." -Thomas Watson #TDL
If you want to rise you gotta get over yourself. #TDL