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Mastin Kipp
Live a #SelfApproved life - don't mind what other ppl say, think or do! Just keep goin bein' fabulous YOU! #TDL
For things to change, Life musn't change, I must! #TDL
.@MastinKipp shares how to give into Love and unleash the feminine in his #TDL blog! Check it out:
"If you lift someone else, you shall be lifted" --Yogi Bhajan #TDL
Daily Share: "I Just Want To Be Happy" by a #TDL Reader
One who fears failure limits his activities. Failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again. -Henry Ford #TDL
Today @MastinKipp shares how to unleash the feminine in his latest #TDL blog!
Love has a way of finding you when you stop seeking it and start being it. #TDLlovesYOU
Don't tolerate ANYTHING that takes away from your joy! If it's not helping you THRIVE, TOSS IT! :o) #TDL
There is no end, there is only a constant and brand new beginning! #TDL
Re: your dreams. Stay when others walk away... Be an example.
Instead of fighting against what u don't believe in - be FOR what u want to happen. Subtle difference w/ huge a effect. #TDL
"An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind." - Gandhi #TDL
Sometimes a little S P A C E is all you need to let love happen naturally... #TDL
Remember - vulnerability is strength & builds the strongest bonds of love and empire. #TDL
"When I feel fear, it's a sign that I'm stepping into uncertainty and it's time to grow." @MastinKipp #TDL
Even if the entire world says you can't, if u decide you can and take consistent action - you will. #TDLlovesYOU
You'll find the right one for you when you're the right one for you. #SelfApproved #TDL
Promise yourself to give so much time to improving yourself that you have no time to criticize others. - Larson #TDLlovesYOU
The talents of your Heart are worth more than all the gold in the world, bring them forth fearlessly! #TDLlovesYOU
Your feelings, when expressed, always bring insight, understanding and healing into your life. #TDL
The Uni-verse can only lift you up once you take yourself LIGHTLY. #TDL
An ego in check is an ego well kept. #TDL
Daily Share: "Do You Follow Your Head Or Your Heart?" by a #TDL Reader