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David Carrico
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The world is as you are.
Don't like clickbait? Don't click…
Digital Detox: Reboot or Die Trying
Services that repeatedly ask for passwords on mobile devices encourage weak passwords.
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Unsubscribe from unwanted emails & combine the rest into a single daily digest with @Unrollme.
Between Godliness and Godlessness
Art recontextualising the world - so we might notice the wonder of the damned thing. Olafur Eliasson, Riverbed.
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We're bringing back the #MINGA - and you can be a part of it. Watch this trailer, retweet, & stay tuned for more:
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Astronauts Just Found Life In Outer Space @zakcheneyrice via @micnews
Judy Estrin, author Closing the Innovation Gap, is 2014 #TEDxOC speaker: Join us in September:
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Unlock exclusive music from the #musiciancoalition and support @Invisible
"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be." - Kurt Vonnegut
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"Sit as little as possible, do not believe any idea that was not born in open air and of free movement" Nietzsche
Humin app wants to help you organize your contacts by how you know them
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The best kind of diet to follow: having something more fun lined up than continuing to eat.
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Eternity is in love with the creations of time
Unlike Flappy Bird, YO, or iBeer, Craaave is an app that solves problems… via @ThumpCanada
I wonder if any of the Congresspeople who want to tear down the EPA are willing to drink a glass of water from a tap in Toledo?
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Capitalism reimagined through a utopian lens
Memo to music business: stop scrounging for change and build more value…
A Shaman, an Exile, and a Rapper Are Bringing a Hallucinogenic Heroin Cure to #Afghanistan @VICE @keegan_hamilton
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“Everything’s work now. Relationships; hobbies; exercise. Even love.” —@umairh…
Tablelist collects $1.5 million, with visions of becoming the OpenTable of after dark… via @ScottKirsner
Jean-Paul Sartre wants you to face the anguish of your life - and make a change:…
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Wrap Genius: a personal journey into better food labeling. See what happens when food data becomes more transparent
Humans produce 300M tons of plastic each year, this 19-year-old has a way to clean it out of our oceans
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"What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end"
Will be releasing app where all you can say is Oye.
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Just created a bitcoin wallet on Coinbase after listening to @michaelterpin at #tedxhollywood2014…
Bitcoin allows Hollywood to charge micropayments of less than a cent for content #TEDxHollywood2014
Bitcoin can peacefully coexist with the US dollar just like BitTorrent coexists with iTunes #TEDxHollywood2014
What if concert promoters focused on earning a little bit less but with more happy customers? #TEDxHollywood2014
When we live from a place of "must" and not "should" or "should nots" we help to repair the world #TEDxHollywood2014
No one has to greenlight your idea - we are all participants in our pop culture #TEDxHollywood2014
Global empathy can be enhanced through expansion of human sensory networks as a result of mobile technology #TEDxHollywood2014
The "dronie" will be the next selfie #TEDxHollywood2014
Meditation Resource Calm Raises Another $500,000+ For An App That Helps You Focus, De-stress And ... by @sarahintampa
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GameOn = WhatsApp for Dedicated Sports Fans…