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Carla Marie
Sunday too? “@_katedougherty: No makeup Saturday? Sure why not @theCarlaMarie
soo this is happening tonight...thanks @theCarlaMarie for all the pro life tips. 👍@ThuFrii#thufrii…
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#PirateNight on the #disneyfantasy was the bomb! Captain Jack asked us to bring him Rum! @disneycruisepics @disney @disneycruisers
Close up of America's drinking team - @epcot #around the world - these guys would loooove a follow #Repost from @joseph_anthony_335 with @repostapp --- Festive for Epcot 👌🇺🇸 @m_palatella @chrisstfu
We played on the same softball team in middle school! Now she's got @disney Tats! #badass @kristenpalatella
Support America's Drinking Team!!!! @Epcot #Repost from @joseph_anthony_335 with @repostapp --- This happened... And we conquered the world #USA #epcot #drinkaroundtheworld #drankaroundtheworld #comqueredtheworld #ISIScomeseeus @m_palatella @chrisstfu
Support America's Drinking Team #Repost from joseph_anthony_335 with repostapp --- Dranks with…
When you find the guys you knew when they were 6 yrs old in @disney.... Drinking!! #Repost from @joseph_anthony_335 with @repostapp --- Dranks with disney's finest AND z100's @thecarlamarie !!!! @chrisstfu @bfundyy @m_palatella @elvisduran
We had the best vacation ever! We didn't want to leave! ❤️@bfundyy First of many from our @disney cruise! @disneycruisepics @disneycruisers #DisneyFantasy
No podcast? No problem! Its still @MyDayFriday and I'm soo happy for the weekend @theCarlaMarie @WorstAnthony
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Thank you @DisneyCruise for the best vacation ever!! #disneyfantasy @bfundyy and I wanna stay forever!!
Tropical Storm Cristobal...I will find you and ruin you. The name Cristobal will forever be tainted to me.
So messed up. Me, @coasterboyjosh, @elizabeth_sage, and @andrewpug were gonna surprise @theCarlaMarie in #StMaarten. Now she's not going :(
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Just found out @DisneyCruise isn't going to St Maarten bc of a storm then found out all of my friends were flying there to surprise me. 😭
The @DisneyCruise muster drill is on my list of most fun things I've done. #notkidding #hilarious
@disney #disneyfantasy #Goofy so excited!!!! @disneycruisepics @bfundyy
The best part about our @DisneyCruise is that when @bfundyy and I stop in St. Maarten @coasterboyjosh will be there!! #party
#Downtown @disney has the coolest @Starbucks ever. This was an interactive chalkboard! #disney
Ah!!! @bebewatson and I made @thechive!! Great event! @chiveoniowa raisesd $22k for #YESS. @thechivenation thank you! #kcco #chiveon
@disney I'm hereeeeeeee ❤️ this place!!!!! #waltdisneyworld #disney
There's Uber in DISNEY! Use my Uber promo code, 4d9y5, and get $30 off your first Uber ride. Redeem it at
So excited about our mention on the radio during the @ElvisDuranShow by @theCarlaMarie this morning! Check out th...
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.@theCarlaMarie @RadioBethany in case you ladies missed it. We broke $22k. Thanks again for the support!
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AH!THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER! @theCHIVE #kcco@kegstanddm: Last weekend we raised a little $ with @ChiveOnIowa
This is the highest tweet I have ever sent!!!! Got FlyFi on @JetBlue This is the coolest!!!!
Ugh this is why I love @JetBlue just got upgraded to an #EvenMoreSpace seat for no reason!! BAM BAM.
The next time I order a @petbox for Romeo I'm skipping the snacks and getting him shampoo. Someone's scruffy.
An old lady just asked "what time does your watch say" and when I looked at my phone and told her the time she looked at me so befuddled.
@theCarlaMarie Good thinking, Carla! We've got ALL you can eat. #NomNomNom
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Heading to the airport for our @JetBlue flight to @DisneyCruise and all I can think about are @Terra_Chips #TerraBlues #nomnomnom
My friend @ScottDecarlo made it to the final round of a contest! He can open up for @ChaseRiceMusic go to to vote!
When #Post came by last week they gave us mini - mini fridges! You can keep your drink cold OR hot! I think I wanna try #postgoodnesstogo #tahitianvanilla hot!!!! #breakfast #yum
Just read the E-Newsletter & @theCarlaMarie has fav. mascaras. I JUST bought #Younique & I LOVE it. This stuff WORKS!
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ahhhhhhh Mickey and Minnie Mouse just called us to tell us they can't wait till we come play with them on the @DisneyCruise #Fantasy
Moments before I gave my best solo performance on stage #disaster #hotmessexpress #Repost from @z100newyork with @repostapp --- Guess who's not skipping out of work in the am.....@thecarlamarie @skeeryjones
This is my battle wound from #ElvisSummerBash I fell ON STAGE on @cashcash's speaker!
In love with my outfit from last night! @meachylynn scuba skirt + @designhistory leather tank + @siramara necklace + @targetstyle wedges! #ootd #style
Haha! #strugglecity@RadioBethany: .@theCarlaMarie is hungover and trying to answer phones. It's not going well.
The sister... #Repost from @ashmariemonica with @repostapp --- The Marie sisters @thecarlamarie #ElvisSummerBash #elvisduranshow
If you're calling the show tomorrow and no one is answering it's because I didn't make it... #ElvisSummerBash