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Bethanne Patrick
Tomorrow @ShadowTeams and I will put #ebookchat on hold for a week so we can talk #bookversusmovie w/@bookversusmovie. Join us at noon EST!
Sleepers, awake! And know that if you live in Western MA, you can still buy fix at door for this:… #OITNB #piper
RT @smithcollege: So excited about Thursday's talk by @Piper Kerman '92 and @TheBookMaven. Do you have your tickets??
Over 1,000 tickets already sold for @Piper event @smithcollege, but there are still tickets available!…
Happy to say I got a perfect score… MT @TarcherBooks A little quiz to get your brain working: via @BuzzFeedBooks
RT @stevenbjohnson I'm on Reddit right now -- ask me anything!
#plnws NYT Ethicist (and Author) Chuck Klosterman On Why It's Not OK to Download Illegal eBook of A Title You ...
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Have now forgotten where I found this review of Jeanette Winterson's memoir in @LRB, but am unsettled by the TMI:…
Thanks for a lively #FridayReads, #BannedBookWeek Edition! See you in…October! #eep
See you next week, Friday, noon Eastern! #ebookchat
Any final thoughts from you, @ShadowTeams? This has been really interesting. #ebookchat
We've got five minutes left in today's chat, but I think we now have a lot of material for next week! #ebookchat
Once we've got these chats a little more organized, will start to Storify them so you can go back and gather info missed. #ebookchat
There's a lot going on in our chat re discoverability chat today. Thanks for staying with us! #ebookchat
(More of you #authors should join the lovely @joannelessner over here; bet you have her challenges, too!) #ebookchat
RT @katmeis Tactical sales important, but also need strategic building of #author brand. Both crucial for success. #ebookchat
(We've got some GREAT voices here today, including @NickRuffilo, @librarythingtim, and @katmeis. So many thanks to all!) #ebookchat
Agree that first few sales/reviews critical. So, if discoverability = awareness, how does awareness translate to sales? #ebookchat
RT @NickRuffilo The odd thing is, those first few sales/reviews are critical. Momentum is key for increasing sales #ebookchat
How about "creating awareness?" A #discoverability start? Anyone? #ebookchat
Let us all attempt at least a working definition of "discoverability" today. #ebookchat
.@ShadowTeams First, define "discoverability." ::Starts stopwatch:: #ebookchat
.@ShadowTeams But that's NOT what is is from reader's POV, which is part of @librarythingtim's point. #ebookchat
RT @ShadowTeams So, "discoverability" is a long, well-thought out arc that needs to be worked on long before an ebook goes live #ebookchat
As @librarythingtim says, you can't just post wildly; you have to know your audience. #discoverability #ebookchat
EVERYONE: He is asking for this! RT @RonCharles @JustBethanne @BethannePatrick You got me on Twitter. Now will you get me on Ello?
Reading something for #BannedBooksWeek over your lunchtime salad or sandwich? Tell us! #FridayReads
Today we're talking #discoverability. Go for it, @ShadowTeams! I know you have thoughts. #ebookchat
Welcome @ShadowTeams @GiantSweetTart @NickRuffilo and whomever else is brave enough to join... #ebookchat
It's our second week of loosey-goosey gathering here 'round the hashtag firelight... #ebookchat
Greetings, EBook Chatters! #ebookchat
(During #ebookchat you may want to Mute my account, but rest assured barrage of tweets will end at one p.m.!)
In 15 minutes, #ebookchat gathering w/@ShadowTeams. All are welcome; I hear @GiantSweetTart wants to chat about discoverability...
Keep sending those #FridayReads in! If it's a #BannedBook, all the better. #BannedBooksWeek
Best. #TBT. Ever. RT @OIF #tbt 1958 Lawrence Ferlinghetti/ @CityLightsBooks Banned Books display #FridayReads
Absolutely love these ---> 10 Gorgeous Quotes From Banned Books, via @HuffPostBooks. #BannedBooksWeek #FridayReads
RT @inkyelbows It's #BannedBooksWeek! Great resources on banned books & censorship compiled @sljournal: #FridayReads
MT @NYDNBooks “Real courage is when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway.” Harper Lee #bannedbooksweek #fridayreads