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Bethanne Patrick
Thank you all for sharing the #FridayReads #book love again this week.
Happy Birthday, Joseph Mitchell! (1908) #FridayReads
Which book do you remember most clearly from your childhood? #FridayReads
Happy Birthday, Elias Canetti! (1905) #FridayReads
Pssst: It's perfectly all right if this week's #FridayReads is the same as last week's #FridayReads. #nofitbitrequired
When I can't sleep, I read Wodehouse. You? #FridayReads
I often share lit links here. But why haven't I asked this already: What was YOUR fave lit story/link/image this week? #FridayReads
If you could be reading any book in the world, what would it be? (Let's see how many #GoT/#GeorgeRRMartin picks there are!) #FridayReads
#FridayReads is all about serendipity--the serendipity of finding a book someone else loved that you also might.
Happy Birthday, Alexandre Dumas! (1802) #FridayReads
Perhaps you saw #FridayReads in @Salon this week? Thanks, @readandbreathe, for the mention!
Happy Birthday, John D. MacDonald! (1916) #FridayReads
The weeks fly by--all the better to greet your latest #FridayReads...
RT @TueNight: This week's backlist title? Wallace Stegner's "Crossing to Safety". See the whole list here
Delighted to announce that I'll be interviewing @Piper live @smithcollege on October 2nd. Time, venue, more deets to come. #OITNB #books
My latest for @TueNight: Three Novels About Friendship (includes FRIENDSHIP, CUTTING TEETH, and CROSSING TO SAFETY)
Enjoy every minute of your reading time until next week... #FridayReads
A superb list from @DawnRaffel of contemporary authors you should read right now: in @readersdigest #FridayReads
Tell us what you're reading as you eat that sandwich. #FridayReads
Yes, All Women Part II: A Reading List of Stories Written By Women | Longreads #FridayReads (via @marykvalle)
Happy Birthday, Hunter S. Thompson! (1937) #FridayReads
Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Gilbert! (1969) #FridayReads