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The Big Bang Theory
#BigBangTheory fans, this article will make u immediately start saving up to go to next year's #ComicCom:
ICYMI: Kate Micucci & Riki Lindhome kicked off the panel, singing "If I Didn't Have You." Watch the full panel: #SDCC
You can own one of the awesome #BigBangTheory toys and games that debuted at #ComicCon.
Here's everything you need to know about #BigBangTheory's #ComicCon panel:
That's it for the #BigBangTheory #WBSDCC panel. Thanks for following along! #SDCC
.@CraigyFerg and the writers thank the fans for joining! "We really appreciate you guys." -@SteveMolaro #WBSDCC #BigBangTheory
Stewart does make a move living with Mrs Wolowitz, and when we come back he will still be there. @SteveMolaro #WBSDCC #BigBangTheory
Will they reveal Penny's last name?: We've come so far and it's a bit of a superstition for us. @SteveMolaro #WBSDCC #BigBangTheory
On Penny/Leonard Wedding: They are engaged, but the wedding is somewhere off in the future. @SteveMolaro #WBSDCC #BigBangTheory
When you look at the growth of the guys on the show, you can look to the ladies for that growth. @SteveMolaro #WBSDCC #BigBangTheory
There will be a comic book store in the future. The show will not go on without a comic book store. @SteveMolaro #WBSDCC #BigBangTheory
.@CraigyFerg eats crow! After claiming to hate Aquaman, the fan asking questions reveals she's the grand-daughter of the creator! #WBSDCC
I'm not a writer on the show, but I actually like Aquaman. #WillWheaton #WBSDCC #BigBangTheory
Sheldon is a hypochondriac. If he says diagnosed, that may have been by himself. You can't take him at his word. @billprady #SDCC #WBSDCC
I'm not as evil as evil Will Wheaton started out. That character started 2shift to who I am in my life. #WillWheaton #WBSDCC #BigBangTheory
After a hilarious preview to spoof "The Serial Ape-ist 2 Monkey-See Monkey-Kill" special guest #WillWheaton joins the stage! #WBSDCC
A fan challenges the writers asking why they had them "refresh" when trying to buy #SDCC tix, "that's the last thing you should do." #WBSDCC
I think we spend 1500 hours together a season. -Dave Goetsch on the writers #WBSDCC #bigbangtheory #SDCC
The amazing thing about these two characters is that Sheldon will not move at all, and Amy will not let Sheldon not move.@billprady #WBSDCC
There is a completely different ver of the kiss scene that no one has ever seen cuz we were so stressed about gettin it right.@SteveMolaro
There was no grand plan 2 add Bernadette & Amy. We loved them in their auditions. They're great & that's how it happened. @SteveMolaro #SDCC
Are you going to fix the elevator: I think those stairs are the only exercise those guys get. -@SteveMolaro #WBSDCC
It's time for questions from the fans! #WBSDCC
We make sure we don't exceed a certain level, but we don't drop below either. -Eric Kaplan commenting on all Eric Kaplans #WBSDCC #SDCC