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Gerald Weber
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Check out the top 10 most liked Facebook pages in the world! #Facebookmarketing
RT @BuzzEdition: ►How Etsy Changed the Rules & What It Means for Indie Designers
RT @MichDe: Marijuana Money Is Still A Pot Of Trouble For Banks
RT @LoriMoreno: What was the best thing before sliced bread? ~ George Carlin RT @YogaArmy LOL
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RT @NealSchaffer: A5 My latest book @MaxYourSocial was about all of my experience in consulting to help empower others. #vcbuzz
Time flys! RT @NealSchaffer: @viralcontentbuz THAT was a quick hour! Where'd the time go ?!?!? #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: RT @seosmarty: RT @milguy23: @NealSchaffer A5 What format do you use to write book? Tech-thing. #vcbuzz
RT @NealSchaffer: A5 ............. copy blog posts you've already written, fill in the gaps with new posts! #easypeasy #vcbuzz
RT @NealSchaffer: A5 Start by writing your table of contents....... #vcbuzz
RT @NealSchaffer: A5 ........... so if u blog 1,000 word posts twice a week, u could "blog" ur book in 1/2 year! #vcbuzz
RT @NealSchaffer: A5 A book only needs to have 50,000 words..... #vcbuzz
RT @NealSchaffer: A5 A book definitely requires a commitment of time – but it’s also important to establish credibility. #vcbuzz
Q5 Among lots of other things, U are also a book author… How do U organize yourself to write a book? That’s a huge commitment! #vcbuzz
RT @seosmarty: RT @NealSchaffer: A4 u need a platform w/ relevant content and tool to help u facilitate discovery & sharing. #vcbuzz
RT @NealSchaffer: A4 By the way, @viralcontentbuz has paid me nothing nor given me any incentive to say these things ;-) #disclaimer #vcbuzz
RT @NealSchaffer: A4 The other important thing is, as a tool, ViralContentBuzz makes it easy to share across multiple platforms. #vcbuzz
RT @NealSchaffer: A4 What I like about ViralContentBuzz is that I can find great content to curate – written by content creators. #vcbuzz
RT @NealSchaffer: A4 I even included @viralcontentbuz in my post on social media productivity tools here: #vcbuzz
RT @NealSchaffer: A4 I actually forgot how I found out about ViralContentBuzz, but I started using it as a content curation tool. #vcbuzz
RT @NealSchaffer: A3 We have become the media - so the question for you all is, what unique media do YOU have to share? #vcbuzz
RT @NealSchaffer: A3 The net-net is: When you tweet, you are really front and center on the world stage – take advantage of it!!! #vcbuzz
Q4 ViralContentBuzz is honored enough to have you as our community member. What’s your experience with the platform? #vcbuzz
RT @NealSchaffer: A3 .... because content often hidden behind privacy settings. #vcbuzz
RT @YoavEzer: RT @seosmarty: What? No secret sauce? Just hard work??? :) RT @NealSchaffer: A3 I actually don’t know! #vcbuzz
RT @NealSchaffer: A3 I actually don’t know! I just continue doing what I do: Blogging, Writing, Speaking & Engaging in social. #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Q3 ........ Seriously, how did you do that? #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Q3 You are a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer two years in a row… #vcbuzz
RT @NealSchaffer: A2 Also please understand that building "influence" doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time & consistency! #vcbuzz
On that note of influencing to take action @NealSchaffer What's your view on pitching a product or service via social media? #vcbuzz
Yes! RT @NealSchaffer: A2 If you're trying to influence people, you must also act like - and engage like - a person, right? #vcbuzz
RT @NealSchaffer A2 if we look inside social media – where we spend 25% of our online time – some entities can yield “influence.” #vcbuzz
RT @seosmarty: This tool makes it easier, ninja ;) RT @boggles: @seosmarty trying to catch up good chat :) #vcbuzz
RT @NealSchaffer: A2 Let’s first point out that true influence has existed before social media – and still exists outside of social. #vcbuzz
RT @viralcontentbuz: Q2 What is social media influence and how do you build it? #vcbuzz
Will do! RT @NealSchaffer: @the_gman I'm REALLY close to publishing a free ebook on LinkedIn to help everyone ... Stay tuned! #vcbuzz
RT @NealSchaffer: A1 .... which led to launching a blog @MSocialBusiness same year. #vcbuzz