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i used to watch the teen choice awards religiously now i could possibly win one, life is crazy man
good morning! just found out that my video was nominated for a TEEN CHOICE AWARD?!✨ THAT'S PRETTY COOL!😋💖
at IHOP at 2 am life is great
@BtwImAmy: @thats0jack You look so young 😮” i knowwwwwww :( i always do when my hairs short!
quiff is back back back, back again
finally getting a looong overdue haircut :) excited to get that quiff back💇
i'm currently at the nicest hotel in beverly hills and i'm dressed like i should be going for a jog.. everyone's staring at me
@l0ljack: @thats0jack you're my favorite human being in the world do you feel special” yes! i'm very very lucky💖
how was everyone's day? i hope it was goood🙆 if it wasn't then smile to yourself right now. it helps, i promise😘
i'm this close 👌 to shaving my head out of frustration
i hate having nothing planned because that just results in me being unproductive and laying in bed all day
baby we both know that the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can't say tomorrow day
i'm so hungry i would eat anything right now but then again when would i not
spending the day at six flaaags :) it's soooo hot out☀️ hope everyone has a nice day👽💕
i'm so indecisive when getting dressed it's a serious problem
we literally just sat in starbucks for over an hour editing our last instagrams until the manager had to ask us to leave @ClaudiaSulewski
my hair is getting blonder👸
NEW VIDEO: "HOW TO STALK BOYBANDS" - have you seen it from yesterday?!… make sure to thumbs up😋 RT!!
i want to try surfing so bad
good morning :) having a little beach day today☀️🏊🌴
new video from earlier! i tell you my tips and tricks on how to stalk your favorite boyband😏…s give me thumbs uuuup?💖