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should probably start packing considering i'll be in LA in less than 24 hours
don't criticize how i'm living my life just because you're not satisfied with yours
anthony just informed me of the full facial reconstruction booth at the airport in boston i can't wait to be accepted by my peers in LA :)
had to get myself a pair of all blacks
@harry_cherrypie: @thats0jack just added you.. wait does this mean we're friends?” i made it so everyone can just view my story!
so since LA is TOMORROWW i figured i would share my experience w you guys via snapchat so go add me "jackmtthw"😈
good morning i'm still single
goodnight let's hope i wake up not single
don't judge my maturity based on my age, it doesn't work like that
.@HunterMarch just watched the daily report and nigel might be my new best friend just saying
anyone who has a hook up for coachella tickets weekend 1 PLEEEEASE help the less fortunate
my mom: "i need information about LA" me: "like what?" my mom: "where you're staying and anthony's last name. lohan?" @LOHANTHONY
downloading tons of new albums is so refreshing it's like beginning a new chapter in your life
goodnight, love you guys sooooo much❤️ promise
i'll daydream us into reality
i just tried to take a picture of myself at the gym bc of how tan i look and the flash went off i'm ending my membership and switching gyms
BAHAAH...GUYS. @HunterMarch is getting owned by A BIRD on @awesomenesstv. i can't right now you gotta watch...
right before i go away i always convince myself i don't have enough clothes and wind up 2 day shipping an entire store to my doorstep
just met this little cutie skylar💕
people who know how to dress themselves give me hope
i was stalking models on instagram and one of them said "i love my job" like you literally get paid to look good no shit you love your job
NEW VIDEO! i uploaded it yesterday -… hope you guys enjoyed! make sure to give it a thumbs up for me ;)
i just ordered a pizza to my house online i hate myself but at the same time i love myself