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yo i'm eating at panera bread for the first time in 2 months this is so important
jenn taking an instagram of the sunset while driving
looking for the right way to do the wrong things
i haven't tweeted in almost a day, hello twitter😋
@latte_latanya: @thats0jack what theme are you going for?” black & white, modern / sleek minimalist look, lots of white and light💡
haha don't worry i'm not actually growing up, i'm still 17😊 just having some grown up responsibilities
just toured some apartments and i'm in love, i can't wait to have my own place and design my room and go to ikea ahhhhhh :) i'm so grown up
"the shadow covers me, the sky above ablaze that lonley lovers see" - amy winehouse, rest in peace💜
good morning☀️ hope you all slept well😇 i'm trying to wake up early so i can have a productive day but i just wanna sleeeep..
it's 1 am and i just ordered 12 lava cakes from dominos, i'm pretty happy right now
do you ever really want to talk to someone but don't know what to do about it
.@Love_Lauren_E don't hate because i'm high fashion
"are you one of those people who only eats chicken nuggets?" yes what's your point
hi😊 i hope everyone has a wonderful day💖
@thats0jack I love you so much. Just seeing your smile in this picture made me smile.
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today kinda sucked
new video from yesterday if ya missed it! YOUTUBER WHISPERS GAME -… has a bunch of special guests😈 thumbs up for me?!
if you keep a conversation going with me for more than 10 minutes i'll probably just assume you're ready to get married
i've been waking up and falling back asleep for the past 3 hours
disaster by jojo is probably one of the greatest songs ever
NEW VIDEO from earlier -… make sure to give it a thumbs up if you haven't😋
✨✨✨✨ @thats0jack Please follow me I love you I LIKED AND RTED!! 🙈🙋 ✨✨✨✨
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