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Netflix is real af
The only important school supply this year
my morning breakfast
the worst part about summer ending 😒w
When your white friend making kool aid & only put one scoop of sugar
Rihanna would slay this hair color
hands down, the best parking space idea I've ever seen
I need friends like this
You don't know what pain until you get this done
"Do you miss me?"
OHMYGOD accurate 😭�xh
Oh my god 😂�km
Rihanna gets it
Kris still trying to find those $75,000 earrings that Kim lost in the ocean
back to school, which means another year of this
being a student:
Sister Jude said it best
his movie breaks my heart 😭�oU
Another reason to love Taylor Swift 👏�Ub
do you ever see pictures of your ex and think "damn love really is blind u a solid 3"
Someone make it happen
Whoever photoshopped this is not to be messed with
when you receive something nasty but you're around people
when ducks are having a better summer than you
"I'm only buying one box so you all best agree on something or we leave the store right now and no one gets anything"
Find someone who looks at you the way Rihanna looks at weed
i'd never leave the shower if i had this🚿r
When bae going off on you but they right so you just gotta take it like
do you ever just look at yourself in snapchat front camera and just stare and thats it
the truth behind "i'm okay"
man documents his life as the third wheel for three years through selfies... me af 😂�cV
Voicemails in the 90s be like LOL!😂�qB
This is so messed up!!😂😭😂😭😂😭😂�.co/lu0wpShSZ5
#GrowingUpWithStrictParents when you're on your phone past your bedtime and you hear that door click
#GrowingUpWithStrictParents when someone texts you at 11 pm asking if you can hang out
this is a smiling Kanye,it only appears once in 20,000 Kanye pics.This is a very rare Kanye.RT in 20 secs or bad luck
#TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow the struggle of abc texting, hitting a key 3 times just to get 1 letter
When you see bae for the first time in a while
The best fruit ever 😩🍍5Zx
Bitch I thought you knew magic 😂😆�etNy
When your friend compliments someone that they were just talking shit about a few days ago
Is the wendys alright?😂�1e
when your therapist asks you to draw how you feel
Disney pronounced from different languages
My god 🙇🏽🙇�OftZ7G
father of the year award goes to this gentleman who was taking a very excited little boy to the movies
a brief glimpse into my future

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