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Now on @netflix! @ComicBookMenAMC Season 3:… Watch Walt! Binge Bry! Meet Ming & Mike! Season 4 starts October 12! #CBM
CANADA! @tuskthemovie happens to the Great White North THIS FRIDAY in TORONTO! MONTREAL! WINNIPEG! And VANCOUVER!
Snootchie Bootchies Baby! Congrats to @jaymewes & @JordanMonsanto - who just found out they're having a girl!
I must share with all my friends out there in twitter world @JordanMonsanto and I are having a baby girl! Papamewes
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Via @NerdRepository "you’re a pretty hot @reddit topic today on r/movies" Here is my contribution to the discussion:…
BABBLE is back! @RalphGarman & I talk @tuskthemovie and what it means for CLERKS III on the brand new BABBLE-ON:…
On October 12th, @ComicBookMenAMC returns with Season 4! But you can binge-watch Season 3 on @netflix RIGHT NOW:…
SEE THE FLICK that nobody saw last weekend! @tuskthemovie is still gasping for air at a theater near you! #WalrusYes
SEE THE MOVIE nobody else saw last weekend! @tuskthemovie is still gasping for air at a theater near you! #WalrusYes 4-EVER!
LOS ANGELES! The BABBLE-ON at 10pm is sold out, but there are still some tix left for the 8pm COMIC-ON THEATER show:…
When interstellar archaeologists find this eons from now, I'm okay with them concluding that Homer was 1 of our gods.
When interstellar archaeologists find this bronze bust eons from now, I'm okay with them concluding that Homer was one of our gods.
LOS ANGELES! Tomorrow's 10pm BABBLE is SOLD OUT! But @RalphGarman & I perform our Bat book for COMIC-ON THEATER at 8:…
The always frank & funny @ThatKevinSmith kicks off our new interview series, Things We’ve Always Wondered: #TWAW
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NOW on @TalkIsJericho- @ThatKevinSmith! We talk hockey, #DeGrassi, Clerks, Canada, Tarantino, Tusk, #Rikishi stink face & the Winnipeg Jets!
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Had one of the greatest days of my life today, spent beside the Devastating Mic Controller - @DMCMakesComics!
One of the greatest days of my life today, spent beside the Devastating Mic Controller - @DMCMakesComics!
Tomorrow, I get to meet a living legend from music who's been a hero and role model to me since 1984. It's corny but... I've got goosebumps.
The @ComicBookMenAMC just got schooled by The Professor himself, the legendary Denny O'Neil! The show returns Oct 12!
The #ComicBookMen just got schooled by The Professor himself - the legendary Denny O'Neil!
Look at Bryan, his makeup lyin'. On our 2nd to last day of the #ComicBookMen Season 4 shoot. Show returns Oct 12th!
Only price I pay for being me is, every once in awhile, total strangers tell me I'm a failure and I'm doing it all wrong. For 20 years now.
Via @Wpark83 "industry saying @tuskthemovie was a failure" With only a $3mil budget? Nah. The failure would've been not making it at all...
In @iTunes: My Q&A for @tuskthemovie w/ writer/director @ThatKevinSmith! His passion for writing is infectious! Hear:
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CONFIRMED: @ThatKevinSmith's @mmadnesstiff rompTUSK to waddle onto major city Canadian screens on October 3rd…
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Monday morn finds me back to work at my other gig, wrapping Season 4 with the Men! @ComicBookMenAMC returns Oct 12th!
Monday morning finds me back to work at my other gig, back home with my boys. #ComicBookMen returns Oct 12th
Hear @smosier & I discuss the theatrical release & box office of @tuskthemovie on the brand new SMODCAST:… #WalrusYes
@tuskthemovie was a beautiful crafted and well shot horror film. The reveal of the Mr. Tusk still gives me goosebumps. Bravo @ThatKevinSmith
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Via @BunchDbunch77 "a fighter even through this…" I adore Gordie Howe. His love story with his wife Colleen is epic.
Aww... Thanks for the kind words, @WIRED:… See @tuskthemovie - now playing in many empty theaters near you! #WalrusYes
There's a feeling some movies give me. Evil Dead gave it to me. The Fly. Shining. Now Tusk. Thanks for giving me feelings @ThatKevinSmith
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At the moment Tusk is my favorite film of the year. I haven't enjoyed myself like that in a theatre in a long time. Congrats @ThatKevinSmith
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Thank you @JayMewes & @ThatKevinSmith for joining me on "Riggle's Picks" @NFLonFOX today! U guys are the best!
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. @tuskthemovie wasn't big at the box office, but our $3mil budget means we're okay! Delighted any of you said #WalrusYes! Thanks for going!
My @ThatKevinSmith freak of a GF insisted that we go see #tusk. Still shaking off the heebees. I barely slept for fear of brown recluses TY
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@tuskthemovie is a midnight movie love letter from @ThatKevinSmith! A fantastic challenging comical horror freakfest of the highest order!
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@ThatKevinSmith Went to see Tusk with some friends, one of which had no idea what the film was about. His reaction was glorious. #WalrusYes
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.@ThatKevinSmith’s #Tusk is beyond fucked up in all the best ways possible. I went full walrus, and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you, sir!
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@justinlong @ThatKevinSmith I'm probably the only one who thought the Walrus was actually adorable. It just needed some fur. #WalrusYes
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I just saw Tusk, the new @ThatKevinSmith movie. Totally fucked up. Wholly original. Brilliantly acted. I has no idea if I liked it. Art.
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LOS ANGELES! Here's tonight's @tuskthemovie Q&A schedule: after AMC Century City 4:10 show, and after Arclight 7:30 & 9pm shows! #WalrusYes
@ThatKevinSmith Early numbers look. Everyone will make their money back on @tuskthemovie. Thats what counts right? #WalrusYes #ProudOfYou
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It took big ol balls to put this movie out. You are a huge inspiration for taking a sketch and creating a finished product @ThatKevinSmith
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#WalrusYes a masterful story about stories! Never a dull moment! Thank you @ThatKevinSmith for not retiring!
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I'm seeing @tuskthemovie tonight @ArcLightCinemas in Hollywood with my @TDOSLWH crew, with @ThatKevinSmith in person!!! I can't wait!!!
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Seeing @ThatKevinSmith @tuskthemovie in a few hours... super excited that some bananas cray shit is being released in theatres #original
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I just wanted to thank @ThatKevinSmith for making Tusk. It was fucked up, it was funny, and it was brilliant. Hats off to you, good sir.
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