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In 1983, I came to L.A. to see the giant Bullwinkle statue on Sunset. Now it has a new home inside the @paleycenter:…
HAPPY FRIDAY, FOLKS! The weekend is almost upon us! Spend the next 48 hours around people you dig! And make sure to cum lots! Even if alone!
NEW COMIC: Kevin Smith ‘It costs nothing to encourage an artist’
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Just in time for Walt Flanagan's birthday, it's a brand new FAT MAN ON BATMAN!… Hear the @LEGOBatmanGame #NYCC panel!
We shoot green screen for @YogaHosers on Monday. Gonna be buried in makeup for it, so I have to shave off all facial hair. Pubes get to stay
Via @SMLNTHNMCK "it's 8am, appropriate hour for Super Groovy Cartoon Movie right?" YES! Wake & bake with Jay & Bob:
Day 17 of no added or processed sugar. Down 20 pounds. Feeling so good, I'm hiking the hills with my wiener out.
NYC! Come be the first to stand on @GeorgeCarlinWay when it's officially dedicated TODAY AT 1, on corner of MORNINGSIDE DR. & W.121st!
OTTAWA! Sending postive vibes. Stay away from rooftops and windows in downtown. Shooter still in Parliament Hill:…
While watching a @ComicBookMenAMC rough cut, I realized that I started hanging out with Bry & Walt 25 years ago. #QuarterCenturyWellSpent
Sad to hear that Ben Bradlee died. I've always had a man-crush on the legendary editor, since the first time I saw ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN.
Dammit... The @NHLDevils lost a 2 goal lead and then got smoked in OT by the @NYRangers. Gonna watch some SLAP SHOT to make it all better...
The @NYRangers even the score against the @NHLDevils, making it 3 - 3 after the 3rd. We're into OT, folks!
The @NHLDevils score again, making it 3-1! @NYRangers have less than 18 mins to even it up. FRIDAY is #CelebratingChico Night at @PruCenter.
The @NHLDevils are currently leading the @NYRangers 2 - 1 on #CelebratingChico night! Devs will be on Power Play at start of the 3rd period.
ORLANDO! I'm coming to see my Mom! So while I'm there, I'm doing a Q&A at the @ImprovOrlando! Saturday, NOVEMBER 8:…
Hear me read from my CLERKS pre-pro diary & spend an hour at #NYCC with the @ComicBookMenAMC on a brand new SMODCAST:…
Wanna know some cool shit? Get super smart along with me & @EdumacationAndy on a brand new EDUMACATION:…
The best way to endure a Monday morning is with the mouth magic of @RalphGarman and a brand new HOLLYWOOD BABBLE-ON:…
Darn. That's the end. Thanks for asking me stuff during this week's new @ComicBookMenAMC! @The_SecretStash is now closed for the night! #CBM
Walt was particularly fun to watch on this week's @ComicBookMenAMC. You can tell he was having a good time and was genuinely laughing. #CBM
Via @WoodBuzz "me & my hetero lifemate are blazed watching @ComicBookMenAMC" Me too! But my hetero lifemate is my dick. #CBM is almost over!
Via @mSP8i9c3mkCKRFr "what's your email and password?" No password, just say "My voice is my passport." #CBM
Via @menefeescorner "What's your favorite comic book based movie of all time & why?" Might be IRON MAN. It's a damn near perfect flick. #CBM
Now that I look at the TREEHOUSE on @ComicBookMenAMC? I'm so glad I never guilted my lower middle class parents into buying it for me. #CBM
Via @Taolishao "We had you, @JayMewes & your daughter on. Will we ever see your wife on #CBM?" Only if you bug @JenSchwalbach into doing it.
It's time! @ComicBookMenAMC begins NOW, as does my Live-Tweet of tonight's episode! @The_SecretStash is where the Buddy Christ lives. #CBM
WEST COAST! @ComicBookMenAMC is on in 5 minutes! Tweet me your #CBM questions about tonight's episode and I will try to provide answers!
It's mostly Monday, so let's BABBLE on!… And in 1 hour, I'll Live-Tweet the west coast airing of @ComicBookMenAMC.
My review of me in this @ComicBookMenAMC: I look like a big, fat happy kid. Look at me: I'm baked like a cake & giggling with my boys. #CBM
Kids today have Pixar, but my generation had RANKIN BASS & all their holiday specials. Even made a Baby Jesus in NESTER. #CBM = almost over
As asked just now on @ComicBookMenAMC: What is YOUR favorite flick in the original PLANET OF THE APES franchise? I'm an ESCAPE man. #CBM
On #CBM: Look at the boy on the PLANEToftheAPES TREEHOUSE box. That's the face of pure joy. Where is he now? @ComicBookMenAMC wants to know!
This @ComicBookMenAMC ep is porn for 70's toy lovers with all these money shots of the Mego PLANET OF THE APES TREEHOUSE. #CBM external pop!
Yay for the ladies who've come to @The_SecretStash looking for a copy of Dark Knight Returns. Bigger YAY for their accents! #CBM is on kids!
HEY KIDS! @ComicBookMenAMC is on NOW! I'm Live-Tweeting it (along with @mingchen37) under the hash #CBM. Up first: Bry's Frustrated Batman.
CLERKS was released in theaters 20 yrs ago. Here are some never-before-peeped behind-the-scenes pics. #HappyClerksDay
CLERKS was released in theaters 20 years ago. Here are some never-before-peeped behind-the-scenes pics. #HappyClerksDay
From my CLERKS pre-pro journal, an entry dated 3/4/93 - less than 2 weeks before we started shooting at Quick Stop.
From my CLERKS pre-production journal, an entry dated 3/4/93 - less than 2 weeks before we started shooting at Quick Stop. #HappyClerksDay
Happy ClerksDay! 20 years ago today, my first (and some say only good) film came out in theaters! @bustle recalls:…
In Heaven, everyone has a BatMobile. I'll be Live-Tweeting @ComicBookMenAMC on SUNDAY at 12am, under the hash #CBM!
In Heaven, everyone has a BatMobile. I'll be Live-Tweeting #ComicBookMen on SUNDAY at 12am, after the Dead Walk & Talk!
Sunday is the 20th anniversary of the theatrical release of CLERKS! @YahooMovies put an ASKEWNIVERSE guide together:…
"Dear five day work week: YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS THE BALL-LICKER!!!" It's Friday, folks! LET THE WEEKEND BEGIN!
We are SOLD OUT for Hollywood Babble-On with @ThatKevinSmith & @RalphGarman at 10PM! Still tickets left for 8PM Babble-On Comic Con Theater!
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