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Christmas cookie time is Hell on a fat man trying to be less fat...
He played a director in a movie 13 years ago and now he's a director in real life! Congrats to @ChrisRock, whose TOP FIVE is in theaters today!
Nobody expects the @DragonAge Inquisition! Their chief weapon is surprise. Surprise AND also winning Game of the Year! Chase the Dragon today! #ad
Today is my Mom's 69th Birthday! Make a dirty joke if you must, but hasn't she already been through enough birthing my fat ass? Happy Birthday, Ma!
Via @AlexRosenPOTP "Smith is the worst & nobody is going to convince me otherwise" It's my Mom's 69th Birthday today!
Me go crazy for these Bluntman & Chronic & CockKnocker dolls! Available in comic book stores or at @The_SecretStash!
Me go crazy for these Bluntman & Chronic dolls! Complete with big ol' CockKnocker! Available in comic book stores or at JayAndSilentBobDotCom!
most big movies I'll download but @ThatKevinSmith iwill always support your art sir. You defiantly went to the puck
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Throwback Thursday: An old View Askew & @GraphittiDesign Christmas Card from 2001 featuring @JayMewes & Suzanne. #TBT
Throwback Thursday: An old View Askew/Graphitti Designs Christmas Card featuring @jaymewes & Suzanne.
Protesters shut down part of the West Side Highway in NYC, photo via @CBSNewYork's chopper:
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Looked out the door in Arizona and saw this. They're called peccaries or Javelinas. Distantly related to the pig. #DesertBacon
Share this photo of @JayMewes and @ThatKevinSmith and be entered to win a set of Bluntman + Chronic Retro figures!
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Because you said #WalrusYes - I was able to buy @tuskthemovie online just now! THANK YOU! (U.S. release today, Canada in 1/20, Oz in FEB, UK way soon).
TOMORROW! See a man become a walrus in your house! Say #WalrusYes and download @tuskthemovie:
TOMORROW! You can legally download @tuskthemovie! See the most fucked up flick of 2014 on iTunes, Amazon, etc! #WalrusYes
TONIGHT on @ComicBookMenAMC! It's a big Twinkie when @Ernie_Hudson crosses the streams with @The_SecretStash crew!
TONIGHT! On the mid-season finale of #ComicBookMen - ERNIE HUDSON crosses the streams with The Secret Stash! That's a big Twinkie...
I call this picture "Darth Jayder". Even at 40, @JayMewes will always be a @ToysRUs kid.
I call this picture "Darth Jayder". Even at 40, @jaymewes will always be a Toys R Us kid.