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Doyle Brunson
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Only if they make snide, shitty remarks. Everyone has a right to their opinion.#Jesus RT @transition3s @TexDolly you are blocking atheists?
Yep, BULLSHIT!!! RT @69teabagger @TexDolly any thoughts on Phil Ivys legal troubles with the Borgata for allegedly cheating?
Bubba Watson is giving away more shots than a generous drunk bartender.#choke
was delivered immediately with no withdrawal symptons.
I know all u atheists are gonna ha-ha but I saw Danny Robinson so strung out on drugs he couldn't walk. A preacher prayed with him and he
If u knew Danny, u gotta watch this. I almost fell out of my chair laughing. RT @will_shill 12m @TexDolly…
I don't have any details on Danny Robinson's funeral arrangements but I will post them later. Danny had a tough life.#drugsbuthekickedthem
@TexDolly why did you need to see the movie Noah when you were around to see it happen for real?
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Probably right, but it could be you buddy. @vegasvin 2m @TexDolly Looks like you're next. #RIPdoyle
Correct RT @Eric__Carrillo 2m @TexDolly If I'm not mistaken,the same man that Chip came to Vegas with at the start of their poker careers?
Got word Danny Robinson just died. He was Chip Reese's best friend and was instrumental in Poker development in Vegas.#myfriendtooRIP
I went to see the movie Noah expecting to see an uplifting Biblical story. Instead I watched a movie made for kids, monsters,etc.#Awful
Yeah, 100% of the time.#unfortunately RT @tysonfreitas @TexDolly im sure there was in your hoop playing days.
Sometimes I think you are right, then I count my blessings. RT @coreyburbick 20s @TexDolly your not racist your just a jinx
Go ahead and call me a racist if you wanna get blocked. That was just an observation of something extremely unusual.
Looks like Conn could beat either one of these teams.#greatguards
Never thought I would see a team in the final 4 with 5 white guys on the floor for one team.#goWhiskey… I forgot about this part of my poker career:-)
I should block u for saying that. Change your medications bro. RT @WEarly1977 18h @TexDolly John Wayne never made a good movie!!
Houston Rockets had beat the Nets 14 times in a row. I bet on them plus 4 pts. Rockets got smashed. Only @Un_lucky_Bill knows how I feel:-)
Understood. Where is John Wayne when u need him? RT @TripsTheMag @TexDolly I didn't like it one bit. Made me a bit sick to my stomach.
Watched Wolf On Wall Street. They had to set a record for using the fxxx word.#prettydisgusting
Will Rogers....why are you looking old? "I've traveled a long way and some of the roads weren't paved."...Ditto!
I'm like @Un_lucky_Bill. Why did it happen to me? Looked like Michigan plus 2 1/2 couldn't possible lose.#3POINTERATTHEBUZZER
Got it everybody. Thanks!