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Doyle Brunson
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Finally adjusted my cable connection and got back on line. Amazing the things we take for granted.#lost
What was the name of the site that tells you where the different football games are on Direct TV? Thanks
Home from Montana.
Here in Montana at @ToddBrunson tournament. 32 degrees outside .
Attention: Everybody going to @ToddBrunson tournament, it will be 22 degrees Friday morming.#brrrrr
Re Poker Hall of Fame: Hard to ignore Uber Tourney Director Jack McClelland (who we all KNOW is going in sooner or later). #JackMacRules!
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Everyone on the list has merit. RT @roy_mccormack @TexDolly who do you think deserves to get in poker HOF this year?
Ditto with the nominees for this year. Be honest, very few meet everything the criteria calls for.
Yep, some people have attack dogs, I prefer my alligator! RT @Jtillathekilla2 @TexDolly Wow! You really do have an alligator!
This guy has made 3 tweets. 2 of them are about me killing some guy in Lubbuck.#wrongguypal
@TexDolly I still remember the man you murdered in Lubbock Texas 30 years ago....
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Can you imagine Obama speaking like this about Israel? If only...…
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@TexDolly ... video of flooding shot from the monorail station at Harrah's
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I feed the alligator scraps of meat from the butcher. Better stay out of my back yard! Allie doesn't like strangers.
PLS RT - Snowball - kitten saved from death row, in ICU w/ calicivirus, can't eat/breathe…
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I haven't seen it rain like this here in Vegas in the last 40 years. Flash flood alerts!
I've never explored lemon cookies and bourbon before. You should try it:-)
Thanks. I know it!! RT @BLKJK96 What really blew my mind was @TexDolly survived stage 4 cancer & wife survived too you're so blessed Sir!
Can't wait to get to Montana tomorrow to support @ToddBrunson poker tournament. Lots of fun stuff to do up there.#fishingpokershootingriding
State Dept. graphic anti-IS video Obama gives Iraq away like pocket change, and this idiot video will save the day?
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PLS RT - Snowball - kitten saved from death row, in ICU w/ calicivirus, can't eat/breathe…
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Agree RT @kimshannon So sad to hear of the untimely death of Vegas poker dealer "Elvis". He was one of the nicest guys on the planet #RIP
Happy Birthday to my daughter @Pamela_Brunson. I won't tell anybody how old you are:-). I love you!
I once talked to Joan Rivers on a radio show. She used the same language to me as she did to Annie Duke. She was simply misguided.#RIPJoan
I can't take snowball,the kitten on death row because of my wifes allergies. Please help her find a good home.@AnnieLePage
Sweetest little kitty. I can't take her. RT @lasvegaspokers - Snowball - kitten saved from death row, in ICU.…
PLS RT - Snowball - kitten saved from death row, in ICU w/ calicivirus, can't eat/breathe…
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Even though Joan Rivers made a lot of terrible comments about poker players, I always wanted to meet her and perhaps change her mind.#RIP
@TexDolly here's your local station covering it. Go to Montana! :…
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For all u Fox haters, Wolf Blitzer from CNN also just said that Las Vegas was mentioned as a target by ISIS.#byebyebefore9-11
There isn't much love for Fox news out in twitterland. I personally like Bill O'Reilly.#justsaying
It's part of the game for losers. Man up! RT @golferjosh I get accused of cheating at home and stiffed for 142k, now this
On Fox news...Terrorist chatter indicates ISIS targets are military installations and Las Vegas.#timetogetoutofDodge
I could baptize a cat easier than I can pick a football winner.
I guess Baylor is that good. Or SMU is really bad.#rout
Great info. Thanks! RT @BGarret has not only the lines, but direct tv channel # if u ever need to look one up
Thanks everybody. Got the channels.
How about the Utah State and Tenn game? Direct Tv?.....Found the Baylor game, tx everybody
What channel is the Baylor-SMU game on? Direct TV?
Can Baylor be 33 points better than SMU? I'm taking the dog and going under 75 so better get on the other side!#gonnahaveagoodyear
If you're looking for something fun Sept 12 & 13 join @PokerNightTV @TexDolly & @ToddBrunson for the Annual Brunson Family Tourney #bigfork
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Lock it up! Poker Night In America's next stop -- Todd Brunsons Montana ranch game and tourney in Sept. Wow! @ToddBrunson @PokerNightTV
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Starting good in football. Won one out of 7 plays today.#earlyretirement