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Colin Edwards
Ummm, I agree 😉👍 Felt like crap when I woke up this morning 😬 After my morning dose of Thrive ✊✊ I'm ready to rollalyedwards.le-vel.comvB8J
"Friday night lights" here in Montgomery Texas 😉�
Nice shot of @texastornado5 and his better half on stage at Silverstone Day of Champions 2014 😉
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Supplied @texastornado5 #BootCamp with all these goodies... And you what are you supplied with?
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Did a little riding today on the Baja bike (WR450) Just getting the wheels turning and ready for our Colorado trip next month 👍😉
Had a blast today 👍 with the hottest gal I've ever seen wrapped in Kangaroo �
@iD4VE @texastornado5 reckon CE must be branching out into new business areas. Web gangster.
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@texastornado5 This limited edition print is NOW ! READY TO ORDER approx 40_60cm please RT
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@texastornado5 Hello! I took a picture with you at Motegi yesterday. My brother and I was very happy :) Thank you so much!!
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Alrighty then, it's been fun doing circles around here 👍 ....see ya next month Japan ✈️✌️🇯🇵
Ok, for real, this is the best job eveeeer 😳✊ "Go ride the best bike in the world & tell us about it" SERIOUSLY 😳
Headed out for another day of work here at Motegi 😉✊✊✊✊
Btw: race lap record here at Motegi is 1:46.0 by @26_DaniPedrosa 😉
Alright, Day 1 testing done here at Motegi 👍 All I can say (actually not sure what I can say@YamahaMotoGPP 😁) To much fun #NoPRESSUREURE ✊✊✊
@texastornado5 - Do you have an open slot for a 9 year old on your next Baja 1000 team?
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Hmmm, for some reason... This shirt is soooo comfortable 😉 And I can't seem to wipe the smile off my face #braaapap
Whoever invented Slingbox is awesome 👍😄 I'm sitting in my hotel in Tokyo, watching Sunday night football on my IPad �#Bearsears-49ers 😉
Good job Guys @Alex__Briggs @ValeYellow46 👍#longassracee👀 I'm here in Japan sorting ur shit out for 2016 😜👍
“@KayemPhoto: spotted this guy with a @texastornado5 replica lid on trackday @krcircuit this morning” @WhyArai
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Let's play a game... 😉 It's called, "Find the Kitty Cat" (There is one in this pic)
Only just seen this Yamaha tribute vid to Colin Edwards' career. Good on them for not censoring his Honda successes…
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Thanks to @texastornado5 I have just ordered my copy of Woman 1st form @photospadovani . What a great person to deal with. Cant wait for it!
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Hayes & I chillin with some Monday Night football 🏉 and a sunset ☀️#semiretiredlifee 😄
All good Rory 👍 and thank all of u that attended Bootcamp this past weekend �
@texastornado5 I faced my fear & jumped out of a plane today! I gotta get a RT from my favorite Texas Bad Ass!
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9:30 in the PM...Bootcamp... Boys are looking a little dirty 😜�
@texastornado5 Can you help out the BloodBike charity I ride for @SERVWESSEX with a retweet and #FF? Thank you
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Good Morning from Colin Edwards - Texas Tornado we will be here all weekend so make sure to stop back to check...
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Last weekend in Silverstone..... @alycat1123 & I giving the #1 sign to @photospadovani 😜
Sooo, I'm assistant coach on Hayes' new baseball team, head coach sends me this 😜 First pitching…G
So I've done the marriage thing, the kids thing now it's time to do the @texastornado5 boot camp thing then life will be complete!!!
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Now I'm retired, this song makes more sense 😂�
Picking up Hayes at school and jammin out to this 😜�
@texastornado5 any chance of a retweet to wish my gorgeous wife Emma good luck on the impending arrival of our baby boy? Cheers!
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@texastornado5 the kids have just spotted you in there favourite programme #Friends there still in shock : )
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Thank u @texastornado5 for making my weekend! 😃😘 U r a legend & a gentleman, & u will b greatly missed
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