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Tero Pollanen
How an #FBI informant orchestrated the Stratfor hack:
Before #Snowden: 7 unknown whistleblowers who changed history:
Chinese military group linked to hacks of US and European satellite companies:
China deems Windows 8 a threat to national security:
It just got a lot harder for the #NSA to spy on your Web activity:
How to throw a CryptoParty like Edward Snowden: #CryptoParty #Snowden #CyberSecurity
NSA releases email in dispute over Snowden 'internal whistleblowing': #NSA #Snowden
Meet the Man Hired to Make Sure the #Snowden Docs Aren't Hacked:
RT @guardian: Edward #Snowden's NBC interview: 'I know I've done the right thing' - video
RT @guardian: An essay on #Snowden, the #NSA and democracy under threat by Columbia law professor Eben Moglen
LulzSec hacker helps FBI stop over 300 cyber attacks: #LulzSec #FBI
Pentagon Report Calls Scope Of Snowden Leaks “Staggering,” Their Impact “Grave”:
RT @EFF: BREAKING: USA FREEDOM Act passes the House. It's a weak attempt at NSA reform. We're working for a stronger version in the Senate.
Stopping the #NSA from reading your email just got a whole lot easier:
The real reason the U.S. is indicting Chinese hackers:
Edward #Snowden gets his own graphic biography:
Nosey Smurf, Gumfish and Foggybottom: The snooping tools that may have got #GCHQ in hot water:
FBI arrests 100 hackers over #Blackshades malware:
Obama asked to curb #NSA surveillance:
US justice department charges Chinese with hacking:
RT @guardian: Man denies cyber-attack on Home Office website in court @GdnPolitics #cybersecurity
5 key takeaways from Glenn Greenwald's new book about the #NSA:
Edward #Snowden, the Movie? Sony Options Glenn Greenwald Book:
Tor plans to lift the cover on #DeepWeb hidden services: