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A large spider has caught a lizard and starts to eat it alive #NotSleepingTonight
A new AUTOMOTIVE RECORD has been set! Watch this souped-up ToyotaSupra go 0 - 240mph in 6 SECONDS!
Can Women Really Multitask Better Than Men?
1 man's attempted SELFIE FAIL-WHALE is gloriously captured on LIVE TV!
SO DARN CUTE! A Wrinkly Bulldog Puppy Tries Out His First Howls!
DRONE's a thing now. Watch this amazing video that echoes the Speeder Bike chase in @starwars!
Shocking footage of a Kazakhstan woman kidnapped & dragged from her home into a forced marriage
10 Things You Need To Know About ISIS. Some claim that these are the new Nazis. Are they??
What it's like to be "under the influence" at the grocery store when all you need is some eggs...
The Chainsaw Massacre Prank. 25 million views in 5 days & STILL COUNTING. Don't be the last to see this masterpiece!
Ever seen a dog pee while doing a 2-legged handstand? Here's your chance.
World's Most Asked Questions: "How Can I Get Rid of the Hiccups?"
An Oddly Appropriate Mashup Of The @WalkingDead_AMC Theme And Footage Of Drunk People
A rare shark feeding frenzy is caught on a camera in North Carolina. Dip in the ocean, anybody?
How to Draw a Perfect Circle Freehand...THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING.
You'll never enjoy a shower LIKE THIS LITTLE GUY!
Weatherman vs Dog in this hilarious LIVE News Blooper!
1 Man's Heartfelt And Totally Shocking Plea To Not Drink & Drive. If This Doesn't Make You Think Twice, Nothing Will
17-Year-Old Freestyles About Whatever (Or Whoever) Is Handed To Him...And He's Freaking Amazing
The FIRST hot air balloon flight to fly UNDERGROUND, IN A CAVE!
I think Austin, TX has angered the gods by the look at this INSANE lightning storm caught on camera
Finders-Keepers? A YACHT of all things, washes up on a popular beach
The Exploding Basketball Pyramid In All It's SLO-MO Glory!
The Texas Ebola outbreak announcement with "The Walking Dead" soundtrack
The Stealing TVs Prank is absolutely cringe-worthy!
.@NICKIMINAJ's ANACONDA Parody Compilation
Feeding People Ridiculous Smoothies And Their Reactions. Yuck.
The Japanese Cream Prank Is Swift And Brutal!
What Every Tech Commercial Is Like...Ever.
Eyes are the window to the soul. The terrifying soul - Eye Contact Can Make Anything Creepy
Cyndi Lauper's smash hit, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" gets remade into an acoustic 2 dudes.
How Well do You Remember lyrics From 15 Years Ago?
The Perfect Way To Pour A Beer
This Guy Is Having More Fun At Work Than You Thought Humanly Possible...Or He's On Drugs
The 26 Most Annoying Photos Of All Time
YOU GUYS. The Indian Superman & Indian Spiderwoman are in love...and you can't take your eyes off this train wreck!
The TOP 10 most iconic characters from fighting games
The Somali Auto Shop Prank
This little boy's naughty reaction to his cast being taken off is nothing short of adorable crassness
A Crash Course in Schizophrenia & Dissociative Disorders...this will split your mind open
Before You Start Dating vs. After You Break Up
Drinking in America vs. Drinking in Scotland
This amazing animation about the MAGIC OF VINEGAR will absolutely blow your mind...and it's freaking hilarious!
Puppy Knows There Is Nothing Better Than A Hot Shower After A Long Day
A sleeping kitty is this baby monkey's favorite toy...
The amazing struggle between a stick figure and its creator, a computer animator
This Is Exactly Why It's A Bad Idea To Get Drunk And Mess With A Bouncer
This cute girl is a living example of The Matrix "bullet-time" photography
Judging by the pieces of what's left of this stunt bike...the bike stunt was pretty brutal
The very best NEWS BLOOPERS last month!