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This tenacious squirrel attempts to climb a greased pole to raid a garden's precious loot. Humans - 1, Squirrel - 0
The Science & Biological Basis of Depression
This is the cold-hearted reaction of Shanghai subway passengers when someone faints right in front of them...
Is god real? If you ask this motorcyclist in a heinous-accident-turned-miracle, he'd say "PRAISE THE LORD!!"
The #ALSIceBucketChallenge Fail Compilation...when watching people do the right thing just goes completely wrong!
Could the worst commercial ever produced turn out to be the greatest marketing device ever?
A baby tortoise vs. a remote control truck...the pure amount of adorableness will leave you sick!!
Celebrate the "Mars Curiosity Rover's" exploratory mission w/ amazing photos & narration by @neiltyson & @feliciaday
Crazy footage of a Killer Whale stalking a hiding sea lion as it throws him 20 feet in the air...
The 10 Most Dumb 911 Calls Ever Recorded...
Weird Things You Do When You Have A Crush
In an EPIC & outrageously bloody battle the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fight the Cookie Monster from @sesamestreet!
Soon-to-be-teased-for-life-kid is devastated that dad took off his ear & nose. THANKS MOM & DAD FOR POSTING THIS!
Watching a Jellyfish Stinging in MICROSCOPIC SLOW MOTION
Negligent parents let their child run around an active mountain bike course...yep, the worst possible thing happens
Insane footage of a crocodile chasing a swimmer in Mexico...thankfully, a well-placed distraction saved his life!
"First-World Problems" the Public Service Announcement you need to show your whiner friends
Shark-Cat Rides A Roomba While Shark-Baby Watches It All Unfold...
This is the "kitty sad face." This is the face that will melt your cold-hearted soul into mush...
When we think of space, we see stars. But most of space doesn't have any stars. So what does SPACE really look like?
Man lights a powerful firecracker in his pocket for a £10 dare...this is what happens to idiots...
In an apparent attempt to "dine-&-ditch" this elephant tries to escape from a restaurant but ends up rampaging!
This is what a $2 million pool-at-home looks like...
A grown man gets himself stuck in a baby's high chair yet his dignity remains, or so he'd like you to think!