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Did the BRAND NEW iPhone 6 just leak? For the exclusive details watch it RIGHT HERE!!1!!1!!!1!!
An amazing moment captured on video as elephants literally dance to a violinist's performance of a Bach Concerto
10 Contagious Diseases That Could Wipe Out Humanity
These are early 1930's women demonstrating what was considered to be exercise equipment but really it's just torture
Willing volunteers have their reactions filmed in slow motion as they take a hit from a stun gun
You've always wanted to be a lightsaber-weilding @starwars Jedi but that just not possible...UNTIL NOW!!
In an alternate universe, the fish you catch in the ocean have a story to's 1 hilarious fish's account...
The DOG POOL PARTY. It's real, it's amazing and your head will explode with puppy treats
You probably wouldn't know it, but watching an egg getting poached under water is soothing and freaking amazing...
This just might be the most beautiful planned building implosion ever recorded...and well-executed!
That @GoPro "Oh Sh*t" Moment When That Cute Bear Cub Crosses Your Path But Mama Bear Can't Be Seen...
The Scottish version of @Disney's @aladdin...oh my, this is NOT FOR KIDS!!
A LIFE SIZE VERSION of @Marvel's "The Hulk" Interrupts A News Station's Flood Coverage
"Deny til you die!" That's what this little girl believes despite the chocolatey evidence left smeared on her face!
So what would the @DisneyPixar movie, "Up" look like if @michaelbay directed it?
13 Amazing Magic Tricks with Everyday Items in 2 Minutes!
Up close and this Whale nearly high-five a kayaker in the face!!
What It’s Like To Be A Zombie In The Office
Hey moon conspiracy's the proof we landed on the moon: It's In the Dust
Playful Beluga Whale In Captivity Trolls Some Curious Kids...
THIS is how fuel burns in space...simply amazing!
One crazy nerd had an idea to stand INSIDE a fireworks display with his very own Iron Man suit to keep him safe...
INSANE @GoPro cockpit footage from an F16 flying over Greenland
Teenage Slang Explained Again By Clueless Adults
For this unfortunate bicyclist, this is just the START of his crappy Monday morning...
Awesome video of Diesel the dog blowing bubbles in a pool, ON COMMAND!
The 10 Best Explosions Done In The Name Of Science
Would you steal a blind man's wallet? It's a social experiment that will ruin your faith in humanity (& restore it!)
Crazy Guy Runs Into Australian Outback Tornado To Take Selfie...REAL OR FAKE??
10 Places with the Weirdest Names
The Hilarious True Facts About Marsupials
This French Bulldog puppy's leap into his master's arms explodes with adorableness
Everybody knows you shouldn't pee in the pool, but is it OK to Pee in the Ocean?? Find out right here...
Optical Illusions That Look Like Magic (And How They Work)
This fisherman was excited about his 4ft. shark catch until an @$$hole Goliath Grouper fish eats it in 1 BITE!!
When a white guy attends an Indian concert, this glorious nonsense happens for all to see...
If there's 1 #ALSIceBucketChallenge you should watch, its the amazing "wisdom teeth" version that's blowing up now...
This tenacious squirrel attempts to climb a greased pole to raid a garden's precious loot. Humans - 1, Squirrel - 0
The Science & Biological Basis of Depression
This is the cold-hearted reaction of Shanghai subway passengers when someone faints right in front of them...
Is god real? If you ask this motorcyclist in a heinous-accident-turned-miracle, he'd say "PRAISE THE LORD!!"
The #ALSIceBucketChallenge Fail Compilation...when watching people do the right thing just goes completely wrong!
Could the worst commercial ever produced turn out to be the greatest marketing device ever?
A baby tortoise vs. a remote control truck...the pure amount of adorableness will leave you sick!!
Celebrate the "Mars Curiosity Rover's" exploratory mission w/ amazing photos & narration by @neiltyson & @feliciaday
Crazy footage of a Killer Whale stalking a hiding sea lion as it throws him 20 feet in the air...
The 10 Most Dumb 911 Calls Ever Recorded...
Weird Things You Do When You Have A Crush
In an EPIC & outrageously bloody battle the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fight the Cookie Monster from @sesamestreet!