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Have you heard about the #PSL? Why the UK is about to go crazy for pumpkin spice lattes
College footballer wins $10,000 tuition fees in ultimate basketball challenge
“Who’s the predator? I’ve just kicked an owl butt.”
Which The Worst Witch character are you? Take @TelegraphBooks' quiz (Puffin Books/J. Murphy)
The first film that scared me witless was... (Pic: Moviestore Collection/Rex)
Incredible amateur footage has emerged of the Antares rocket explosion
Apple's Tim Cook has publicly come out as gay
Mass grave with 150 bodies found in Iraq
MP claims Balotelli was watching a drugs policy debate. It was actually a 55-year-old dancer
"The British establishment is hooked on Saudi Arabia," writes @OborneTweets
Burkina Faso protesters set fire to parliament (Photo: AFP/Getty)
Did you see the woman being catcalled 108 times in New York? Here's the male version:
The 20 fiercest rivalries in English football via @TeleFootball (Pic: Getty)
Struggle to sleep in economy? This headband gadget could be the answer:
The countries that dominate the Premier League's biggest derby games
Queuing at Calais: the British hauliers on frontline against illegal immigrants
Five signs that your twenties are over
Chinese girl offering sex to pay for travels is a hoax (Pic: Europics)
Drug laws around the world - does anyone get it right?
Tim Cook comes out as 'proud to be gay' (Pic: Reuters)
A third of Sure Start children's centres could be at risk of closure by @cathynewman
Rumble in the Jungle: What made Muhammad Ali the finest boxer of all time
Satellite images of New York City buildings turned into typeface (Pic: Y. Ozawa/Medavia)
The most affordable city for young people to live? It's certainly not London...
Police investigating the 1972 abduction and murder of Jean McConville arrest a 73-year-old man in Northern Ireland
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.@Sparkes rounds up the worst predictions in the history of technology
The 10 highest-paid jobs you can do from home
.@robbiewilliams names baby son Charlton Valentine
The inventor of the board game Operation needs to raise money for his own operation
The most affordable city for young people to live? It's not London... by @laurendavidson
This garage in Chelsea has sold for the asking price of an average London home (Pic: SWNS)
More than 100 gene mutations which could cause autism have been identified by scientists by @sarahknapton
Amnesty International report says the world is “turning a blind eye” to the chaos in Libya by @RichardJSpencer
"What Young Fathers are doing is very of the moment, in the sense that anything goes." - @neil_mccormick
Paris is the most affordable city for a young person to live in (Pic: AP)
Malala Yousafzai donates $50,000 award to help rebuild schools in Gaza
Young Fathers win the Mercury Prize 2014 (Pic: PA)
Trafficking gang offered 'a la carte' routes to the UK (Pic: Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty)
Report finds that decriminalising drugs would have little effect on the number of people abusing illegal substances
Interstellar cast reveal they're 'rubbish' at physics
Ted Bishop affair and month of bloodletting show that the US still does not 'get' the Ryder Cup
Autism screening closer as 100 genes linked to disorder are identified
"The allied air strikes have not been as effective as we expected"