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The Thai military has banned the Cartoon Network...apparently out of fear that the Powerpuff Girls could lead a counter-revolutionary force.
Amazes me that Facebook lists "People You May Know" for an account I setup for my deceased pet turtle.
I vote for all NBA owners to shut up. #MarcCuban #DonaldSterling
Referring to this thing as a phone is like calling a PC a typewriter.
"An audit revealed that Judith Oakes had embezzled $3.1 million in lunch money from the schools over 14 years."… #wtf
Does a Pop-Tart count as a snack or a meal?
Their are just to many terrible spellors on Twitter!
Suggested to manager at IKEA near me that they have a Triple Crown party the day of the Belmont. He knew I was just horsing around with him.
I suppose Randy California didn't sue Led Zeppelin because he knew he'd taken it from Davey Graham. #justsaying
But "Stairway to Heaven" riff can also be heard in Davey Graham's "Cry Me a River," this long before Spirit's song:
Trying to make some funny arm jestures... but flailing miserably.
"You say 'murderous dictator' like it's a bad thing." ~ Dennis Rodman #quotes
BREAKING NEWS: Google Maps to begin mapping our brains.
RT if you are asleep right now.
"There's considerable evidence which implicates Justin Bieber in the death of Pop Music." ~ Alan Dershowitz #quotes
This coffee is super hot. #WhatILearnedToday
Never shy away from the easy classes. #FreshmanAdvice
Saturday Night Live Spoofs Jay Z and Solange's Elevator Fight, Maya Rudolph Returns to Play Beyoncé…
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It's all just part of Alec Baldwin's master plan to become Mayor of Rikers Island.
We sea what we want to sea.
Currently obsessed by the fact that the guillotine was last used in France in 1977.
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