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Team Coco
Scientists discovered fossil evidence of the first swimming dinosaur, and @kingsthings hasn’t thanked me for not making a joke about it.
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Next week on #CONAN: #GeorgeHarrison week featuring #Beck, #PaulSimon, #DhaniHarrison and #NorahJones. #Music #TeamCoco
.@hannibalburess will now look to become an author, reveals new book deal on Conan -
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.@hannibalburess' landlord was monster, so he paid her in change. -> #CONAN
#CONAN Audiencey Awards: Honoring excellence in the art of sitting & looking for over 75 years
.@HankAzaria belts out "Let It Go" in the voice of Chief Wiggum. -> #CONAN #TheSimpsons
The funniest thing you'll see today: Conan thinks Apple could do more to help U2 haters by @JacobSiegal
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Big thanks to @choirchoirchoir for all their help with tonight's special I Was A Fool performance on @ConanOBrien! Beautiful arrangement!
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Search, share, & save 1000s of #CONAN mono jokes & @ConanOBrien tweets @
If @teganandsara's performance on #Conan didn't give you goosebumps...I'm not sure we can be friends. See it again:…
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.@teganandsara along with #GrandArtsHighSchool perform "I Was A Fool." -> #CONAN Summer Music Presented by @ATT
This is how @ConanOBrien would help you remove U2's free album
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ICYMI: "I don't think it's going to work out with us." @hannibalburess on his relationship with Scarlett Johansson:
One of my favorite comedians @hannibalburess on #CONAN right now. So much greatness in one place!
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NOW on #CONAN: @HankAzaria is singing "Let It Go" in Chief Wiggum's voice #TheSimpsons
Can't wait! @HankAzaria is coming up on #TeamCoco #Conan BE PREPARED FOR VOICES, stories and hilarity as-they-say ENSUING! @TeamCoco
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#TeamCoco Playlist: Watch every #CONAN Audiencey Awards ceremony since 1958 ->
RT if you can't help but boogie while watching #CONAN
#Apple Spoofs: Designed by #CONAN in California. See them all @
The three branches of government: Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe. #Conan
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#CONAN Highlight: If just deleting the new @U2 album on your iPhone isn't enough for you, Apple has JUST the answer ->
@teganandsara backstage. #CONAN Summer Music presented by @att. #TeganAndSara #Heartthrob
ICYMI: We're celebrating the music of @GeorgeHarrison all next week on #CONAN. Learn more @
"No one's thought to leak them." - @jimjefferies is disappointed that no one's leaked his nude photos. -> #CONAN
The couple who is #toohot to laugh is joined by their perspiring puppy -> #CONAN
Set those DVRs, people! Tonight we're performing I Was A Fool on @ConanOBrien with some talented kids from Grand Arts High School in LA!!
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iTunes is getting too invasive. Last night I woke up at 3am to find the new U2 album raiding my fridge.
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#Conan talks #StarWars, #LukeSkywalker and #Yoda in last night's monologue.
#Conan hit up a strip club to prove that $40,000 CAN fit in a bra -> #FanCorrection #OlSwitcheroo
If you missed last night's performance on #CONAN you can watch it here:
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Old @crowmedicine Show lock it down tight, playing "Brushy Mountain Conjugal Trailer." -> #CONAN
ICYMI: "As much as I wanted to talk to you, I really wanted to meet Jack White." - @jimjefferies, to
"It turns out Sir @PaulMcCartney loves a good anal sex joke." - @jimjefferies on #CONAN