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Team Coco
#CONAN Highlight: Watch @nottjmiller bring the crazy to local news shows from Omaha to New York. ->
Tonight on #CONAN: #JenniferGarner, #TJMiller (@teenagemillionaire) and @shakeygraves. #TBS 11pm/10c.
Tonight on #CONAN: Jennifer Garner from #AlexanderMovie, @nottjmiller, & Musical Guest @ShakeyGraves . TBS 11p/10c
.@nottjmiller is coming to Team Coco #TwitchTwednesday. Tweet your questions for the #BigHero6 & #SiliconValley star using #AskTJ
"Thank god he was not wearing the suit." - @daxshepard1 challenged Iron Man to a wrestling match: #CONAN
From last night's #CONAN monologue.
"I kept thinking 'you're in good hands.'" - Rosemarie DeWitt on her sex scene with @Allstate's @HaysbertDennis #CONAN
.@DSGermain talks breakups, Honda Civics, and having fun with death on 'Conan'…
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Search, share, & save 1000s of #CONAN mono jokes & @ConanOBrien tweets @
.@DSGermain eats what he eats for a reason. Mostly sadness & loneliness, but reasons nonetheless. -> #CONAN
Team Coco Podcast: Former #CONAN production assistant @DSGermain sits down for a chat with @BigBley ->
ICYMI: "In a movie you'll never see them chase a bad guy because they can't" - @daxshepard1 on The Expendables #CONAN
I'm on Conan tonight, snuggled up to my pal @AndyRichter. @TeamCoco
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"I would get the upper hand and I would get kinda lost in his eyes." - @DaxShepard on wrestling @RobertDowneyJr
RT if you're watching #CONAN while enjoying a pint.
" #AntiquesRoadShow -grandma's last ditch effort to avoid the nursing home goes down in flames" #Conan
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Thanks for the fun, @ConanOBrien. You might have cleansed my palette of David Bowie's codpiece. #conan
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David Bowie, George Michael....and #Conan. Now THAT'S a trio of crush-worthy guys.
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"It's stroke night on CONAN." - @ConanOBrien
#CONAN Starts NOW: @daxshepard1, Rosemarie DeWitt from @MWCMovie, and comedian @DSGermain
@daxshepard backstage at #CONAN. #Parenthood #TheJudge
#CONAN Highlight: @daxshepard1 got @IMKristenBell to trim his butt crack. If that's not true love, then nothing is. ->
Thnx 4 having me @TeamCoco ! Here's a pic of me looking disgusting w/ the beautiful and talented Rosemarie Dewitt!
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On This Day In #CONAN History: On October 13, 2010, @ConanOBrien drove a car off a cliff. ->
Tonight on #CONAN: @daxshepard1 from #TheJudge, Rosemarie DeWitt from @MWCMovie, & Comedian @DSGermain. TBS 11p/10c
#WhatsSoFunny: @AMCTalkingDead asks, would @ConanOBrien survive the zombie apocalypse? Signs point to meh. ->
IRL Conan knows nothing about video games, but LEGO Conan is your guide to Gotham in #LEGOBatman3 ->
My lifelong dream of having interlocking feet and claw hands is finally coming true: #LEGOBatman3
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Tonight I'm on @TeamCoco at 11/10c on TBS! I close with a killer Hoda impression! Tune in!
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"America's never gonna know!" - #Conan & Ethan Hawke try to pull a fast one, but their secret is out now. -> #Scraps
Coco Moca Spotlight: "Rise Of The Cocobots" by Miss Anni (@sleepyotter) ->
#Conan on #TalkingDead. #Repost from @nerdist with @repostapp --- "Conan was gingerly delicious." #ChrisHardwick
Log on to Story Sync during #TheWalkingDeadPremiere for a two-screen experience with special guest @ConanOBrien:
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Tonight I’m on #TheTalkingDead, which makes up for never getting to be on #TheWalkingDead (I was up for the part of Carl).
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TONIGHT! Don't miss #Conan on #AMC's #TalkingDead with #ChrisHardwick. @nerdist #WalkingDead #TeamCoco
When the freeway lanes leaving LA are blocked, and the lanes going into town are empty, then, yes, I do scan the horizon for monsters.
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TGIF: Watch @PaulSimonMusic cover @GeorgeHarrison's classic, "Here Comes The Sun" -> #CONAN
Earthquakes seem to know when my dog is about to freak out.
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Next week: All new episodes of #CONAN. #TBS 11pm/10c. Original artwork by Kevin Frank.