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Tarra Layne
Check out this new favorite to Expand Your Playlist! Cherry Moonshine by @TarraLayne… on #SoundCloud
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He loved her, of course. But better than that, he chose her, day after day.
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I liked a @YouTube video from @TarraLayne Tarra Layne - "I Thought That Bitch Moved" (Acoustic) [VIDEO]
Retweeted by Tarra Layne 🍒 ...and for free because I love you anZ
🍒 🍒 ...and for free because I love you @ 😘
One of my favorite songs... #retweet if you like! And as always, enjoy!…
@CSReality Duh-AM!!! That voice!!! Just saw HEATED & CHEERY MOONSHINE videos. @TarraLayne blows me away!!!
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Smartest words I've heard all year.
"Hand goes up, mouth goes shut!" Takes me back to summer camp. Omg. @WetHot @netflix
This #tbt cuteness has no filter!! DJ Huggy (bass) as a lil one. I can't handle it. 😍
A man should never have prettier, more expensive underwear than you, ladies.
Live like you're dyin', ya'll. Live like you're dyin'....
There's also some other cool tunes over there. 😉 #tarralayneec
There's also some other cool tunes over there. #tarralayne
Who wants their own cherry moonshine jar? Lid for storing and an exclusive recipe included. 😉 🍒💋 #tarralayne #cherrymoonshine
Lighters and wine keys - a few things you should always hide from people. They WILL go missing!
Really can't get enough of home... But back to the Wild Wild West. #tarralayne
Found this gem. Some insignificant background filming at Hug's studio while we were planning the Little Red Wagon video. Dudes and drones. Lord. #tarralayne
Just sending out positive vibes to u all❤️ even when times seem rough never give up just tell yourself I got keep pushing💯
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A crazy shot between LA and Vegas. This road is mystical and full of surprises. So much more ahead of all of us. #nofilter #tarralayne
Just stumbled upon this pic from Cowboy Spring Break in Vegas... Pretty sure that bull thought that sign was bull shit and I'm pretty sure parking authority didn't bother him.
Love yourself and destiny shall find you.
My brother is an amazing chef and was on TV! Check it out!…
"When are you coming to England?" Ask me here on Twitter. :) #tarralayne
TODAY!!! Tweet ur questions my way! This week, I'll be answering u on video from my family's farm. 🌻🐴🐮🐔 Here only#Twittertt#asktarraarra
Who cares if it's not Thursday! I'm throwing it back! Opening for @gavindegraw and @vanessacarlton a while back in NYC. ☺️ Check it out on @youtube at #tbt #tarralayne
Get ur questions ready & tweet them my way! This week, I'll be answering u on video from my family's farm. ☺️🌻🐴🐮🐔 Here#Twittertt#askmeskme
Once You Go Red...[EP] now at your own price! Personally signed and kissed by yours truly.…
I can't even describe how happy I am to be home right now. Life in LA is cool, but can be a beast. This is what they call coming back down to earth. This is what they call a breath of fresh air. I feel alive again. At peace. 😌 Pictured: Nala, one of my dad's horses.
If you haven't heard @TarraLayne you need to listen to this! She is outstanding! ♫
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A must watch! Everyone should watch. I'd love to do this.
Catch my cover of "Little Red Wagon" on YouTube with the boys! You can also get it on iTunes or fo' free on SoundCloud! #tarralayne #littleredwagon
To love is to live.
Just purchased my copy of @TarraLayne new EP! As a musically inclined person I'M VERY IMPRESSED! HEATED IS A HOT RECORD!
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I'm not sure if I'm a bigger dork for being this proud of a new lamp that I purchased at Goodwill for $6 or for posting it to show it off to you guys. JUST LOOK AT IT! 😍☀️ #priceless
I wanna live like Bill Murray.
Can't start the day without hearing "Hit The Ground Running" by @TarraLayne.
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Find me on Facebook. Yeah! Just me blowing off some steam an 'at.… #tarralayne
A man sees what he sees.
Check out cool merch & Name Your Own Price! Signed & kissed CDs. Homemade mason jars! #smoochedmerch #tarralayne
Listen & DL 'Once You Go Red...' on @SoundCloud featuring 'Cherry Moonshine' and 'Difference.' Can't wait for you the hear! #tarralayne

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