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Tarra Layne
Tarra Layne | Makeup (Official Video) via @YouTube
🎤Recording stomps in size 13s late at night in a parking garage with Ted Wulfers. Love my weekends. 👊🏻 #tarralayne #waittilyouhearthis
🔥🎤🎸Ahh! Can't wait to share some new happenings. #tarralayne
Tarra Layne - "I Thought That Bitch Moved" (Acoustic) [VIDEO] via @YouTube
Sliders are beautiful 🍔☺️
I wonder what it'd b like living in a place where u could c what those who hallucinate could see. I feel like it'd b a lot like RogerRabbit.
Reached 75,000 plays of my cover of Miranda Lambert's Little Red Wagon! So exciting! Keep 'em comin'! #retweet #np…
Tarra Layne on Business Rockstars via @YouTube
I think it's a fried chicken kind of day! Yes I'm a dirty carnivore.
Ready to rock the house with the amazing @dorothyfshawauthor, author of The Donnelys series. #happyhalloween2015 #tarralayne #setlist
So here's me, sometimes missing the fall leaves and peace of PA, especially on my favorite holiday. Then, my mother texts me this beautiful pic from home coupled with the caption: "Shit. Traffic is horrible." Perspective really is everything. Haha. Happy Halloween! The beginning of the hectic holid
So nice of my sister to touch up my photo.
Finishing up shooting my spots for "Visions of You" by @realdealpgh. I did a lil sangin' on it, ya know! Download his record, The Mountains and Molehills, on @itunes NOW I SAY! #realdeal #tarralayne #goingdown
Sometimes I feel like maybe I want to be the underdog.
Tarra Layne | Makeup (Official Video)
Had such a great time hanging @dash_radio with Tastemakers tonight. :) OMG what a riot these guys are! Download the app, check it out.
Is it a full moon cuz
Have you heard ‘Tarra Layne x Miranda Lambert - "Little Red Wagon"’ by @TarraLayne on #SoundCloud? #np…
Have you heard ‘I Thought That Bitch Moved (Acoustic)’ by @TarraLayne on #SoundCloud? #np…
‘Tarra Layne x Stevie Ray Vaughn - "Life by the Drop"’ on #SoundCloud #np…
Crossing boundaries is different than violating them.
It's hard to shake off something that's already under your skin.
I'm sitting in this waiting room and I'm like, what does this picture remind me of? Dude - the "redheads ascend from felines" theory. I mean.. Yeah... Lol #tarralayne #beinweird #cherrymoonshine
I love when I find something so funny online that I'm literally fa real lol-ing. It's been that kinda night!
#tarralayne #smoochedmerch 💋🍒
I wonder what people would think if they judged me by my @netflix queue.
"Cherry Moonshine" by Tarra Layne ~ @TarraLayne #Pop/Southern Rock ► #LoveIt
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Love this cover! :) Tarra Layne x Miranda Lambert - "Little Red Wagon" via @YouTube @TarraLayne #Girlsarebadasses
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raunchy+raw! THX 4 share of @TarraLayne "I Thought That Bitch Moved Back to #arkansas" gotta love the lyrics #video…
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"I Thought That Bitch Moved" (Acoustic) by @TarraLayne off the EP "Once You Go Red..." #acoustic #music #video
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So my buddy Ted Wulfers and I have interesting conversations while recording. Last night, he told me that Mark Twain ventured to declare that humans derived from apes, but redheads ascended from felines. The ancient Greeks also believed that redheads became vampires after death. If true, I'm stoked.
My heart is aching, it's out of control, Cherry Moonshine so choose me because I just have a sweet tooth for you @TarraLayne :P KeepROCKIN
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May just be me, but I still relate all life circumstances to 'Little Rascals' & @FootlooseMovie.
Yes. This is a studio in North Hollywood I visited today where some legendary artists have recorded. (You wouldn't believe me.) No. I didn't meet Mic Jagger ...yet. 😉 Yes. It's designed like a majestic temple. No. I am not lying. Yes! I will be recording here! I'm an beyond amazed and feeling so fo
🎤 OMG! This is gonna be hot! Recorded on a 1950s RCA mic last night. Crazy feeling making music with something that's older than you. All that energy! #losangelesmusic #tarralayne
All you lil pop princesses.... Remember who your mama is... @Madonna #forever
"Cherry Moonshine" by Tarra Layne ~ @TarraLayne #Pop/Southern Rock ► #Listen
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It's like... #LaborDay weekend, man. #tarralayne #losangelesmusic
Good morning, Twitter. What's going on out there? Any plans for Labor Day?

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