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In case you didn't know...I'M BLESSED! Love my tee from @faithfulchics #areyou #getyourtee
@TamiRoman Jealousy is a bad habit and if you don't have a life that's a curse... to have both is ludicrous... Don't feed into porky the pig
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Bout to watch Atlanta Exes on demand. Who is your fave? #1sttimewatching
You to D! "@mossdorthy12: @TamiRoman Fix It Jesus !!! Enjoy the rest of ur day boo !!!"
She so heated! LOL "@Red_Enough_Said: @TamiRoman that's how I do people too... Make them want to kill me with the keyboard πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚"
Lord let me stop arguing with this woman on FB...give me strength!
Bwahahahaha I can't wit yall. Thanks for this meme. It made me laugh!
Performing at the 3rd Annual Female Hip Hop Honor Awards show Sept 13th at the Warner Grand Theatre in Los Angeles. I'm excited!!!
Retweeted by IG:OfficialTamiRoman We will be honoring @Michellemuzic "MICHEL'LE" at the 2014 Female Hip Hop Honor Awards o...
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.@TamiRoman Puts Her Social Media Haters In Check After Being Criticized On Her Weight Loss…
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Sorry but this was almost 3yrs ago when God forgave it, I forgot it. Every 1 has moved on but you >> @MesmerizerPoet1 @sweetladyj419
My lovebug @only1jjones text me GM everyday. Ladies you need a dude like this! #attentive #chivalrous #hesmybrother #hesingletoo #ijs
Plenty who don't think that, but I'm thankful 4 the ones that do "@MesmerizerPoet1: @sweetladyj419 I don't think Keisha would think that"
Thank you hun "@sweetladyj419: @TamiRoman You are soooo darn beautiful inside and out! #SoBlessed"
PSA: I appreciate @TamiRoman post on Facebook. She provides so much motivation and strength. #iAppreciateYou
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Sending love back "@DaynaWeber: @TamiRoman ❀️"
I absolutely love @samsmithworld he DID that on the VMA'S #justwatching
OMG why don't I follow @TamiRoman on Instagram runs to Instagram πŸ’ƒ
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Just wanted to say thank you for being you. You are an inspiration. Really. @TamiRoman 😘
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@TamiRoman got some nice weave on her site! It's in the shopping cart ready for me to pay up, just gotta get paid first!
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Don't like what you see, don't like how you feel...don't complain about it, BE ABOUT IT. Nobody is going to give you anything, so you have to put in the work. Each day that you are blessed to wake up, you cn begin anew and are presented with an opportunity to reinvent yourself. #faithwithoutworksisd