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@Copyrite1981 @StevieSoFetch_ @TamiRoman In my opinion Tami has always and always will slay! Hands down no debate!
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You can't force honesty, trust, loyalty... either a person gives it or they don't #simpletruth #eyeswideopen
That epiphany moment when you realize some shit is what it is and it ain't gonna change just cuz you want it to...oh well
Too much beauty in one picture @charlibaltimore @tracysteele photo credit:@treadavenport
@styledbyudi @tony_jfaces @star4makeup welp...I'm just me!
OKC!!! Stand Up! Come hang with me FRIDAY 19th - it's my first time in the city so let's #turnup
We Def in the building #teamturnup "@TEONOKC: Ill have a bottle waitn when u walk in bro, for getn my BOO to OKC @MrOklahomaCity @TamiRoman"
Life is what you make it. Happiness is a choice. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh, smile and feel good. Happy Saturday!
True and we love her "@MrOklahomaCity: @TamiRoman πŸ˜‚πŸ˜§πŸ˜§πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ naw Salease would kill me"
You ain't in bed...or you might be wit a thot LOL "@MrOklahomaCity: @TamiRoman go to bed"
It's my dermatologist birthday!!! Happy birthday @prettiboyyfloyd #turnup He keeps my face together! Go say happy birthday to Landon
Oh my @gwilliams65 chiiillleee we a mess together!
#Hennessy&coke type of night I just wanna have fun!!!
Ya heard me... #nothotzone
Me and @bcstarr TORE UP! Bumping @4everbrandy
See u 2mor fam! "@rodneyperry: #femalehiphophonors goes down tomorrow -- honoring the women that make hip hop"
I have just found the key to happiness! @erndukes this is the best EVER!
Some of us need a little push, a little change, a little shakeup in our lives to cause us to jump into action. It's just God keeping you on your A-game.
Made it to LA, get to see all the talented ladies tomorrow at the Female Hip Hop Honors. Honoring Michele, DaBrat, Adina Howard - wanna see Musiq Soulchild perform #funtimes #itsaHenessey&Coketypeofweekend
Sometimes the ones you think rock with you are the mains ones throwing rocks AT you. Check YOUR circle AND if people fall by the wayside...let them
#Random fact about me...
Sending hugs to my lovebugs @MrOklahomaCity and @only1jjones scared to fly, pray for me LOL
New items at @hollywoodglamconsign
Boop... #tamiafterdark #thisaintforthekids #thisformyrealones #hollaifyoufeelme
Fall Fashion. Black is: Modest & Arrogant. Shop the collection. 2 for 20 savings going on this…
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I'm catching up on Braxton FV, oh Lord my heart can't take this...#fixitJesus my sisters got 2stick together #honoraryBraxtontweet
My booski @therealtashad bought me these beauties...oh the love is a wonderful feeling. Thanks sis! #myhairstylistisbetterthanyours #perfectgift # ILOVEshoes #classyflow #KurtGeiger #getintoit
I need a hairstylist and makeup artist on September 20th...tag your faves and please make sure their profile isn't private :)
#rp @naterobinson feeling this...
This is the biggest piece of chicken fried steak I have ever seen! I'll be eating this forever! Brunch date @gwilliams65
Remember 9/11...many lost their lives & families were destroyed. U R blessed 2still B here, stop complaining #DontForget 2mor isn't promised
#dead #rp #timetolaugh GN Instagram fam!
I love surprises!!! Especially when they have a red sole LOL. Thank you @eljefeyb Muah!
Getting my share of greens with a lil smoked salmon on the side. Dinner date @lyricchanel
This cause is close to my heart as you have all recently found out. Since being diagnosed in 2010, I've had to make drastic changes, but it was either LIVE or die. My girl @isparklei needs your support in this walk, Sept 21st. CHI-TOWN STAND UP!!!! Go join Sparkles team and walk for a good cause. #
I been on pause, but I clap when necessary "@MrAnTwon: @TamiRoman girrrrrrrrrrrrL. I didn't think you still had it in you."
In the words of @TamiRoman , my clap back game is lethal!! Don't mess with me!!
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These computer thugs kill me...I don't mess with anybody until they mess with me and trust my "clap back" game is lethal!
Bwahahahaha @oliviabosschick kills me everytime! #ivethoughtthisbefore #youhavetoo #belikeDAMNnicca #thatswhoUwanted #sheaintevencute #notmycurrentsituationtho #ijs #timetolaugh
@therealtashad made me another custom unit. Thanks sis! #bighairdontcare #heraddictions #therealtashad # tamiromanhair
How @lyricchanel and @jazzanderson be looking after I pop off and then ask them if they wanna go get something to eat...they be HEATED and I done moved on LMAO! #youdontpaynobills #Uhaventearnedtheright2bmad #mommashouse #mommasrules #longasslectures #theyhatethem #idontcare
Sometimes you don't even have to fall out...they'll still be smiling, laughing, acting cool while cursing you in their minds. #thedevilisaliar #coveredbyGod #mydestinyispredetermined #noweapons
Only a few days left to get tix! "@thefemalehonors: 3rd Female Hip Hop Honor Awards in L.A."