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The Guinness Book of World Records says the fastest reader can read as much as 25000 words per minute. See Marlon give it a try. #GlobeSlipstream
Who else envies this girl in front of Marlon? #GlobeSlipstream
Do you know why @marlonstockinger is called the Prince of Speed? He just shared us how fast he has driven. A staggering 340kmph! Impressive! Catch him this Aug. 30 at #GlobeSlipstream.
Get to know @marlonstockinger! Marlon is the first Filipino to win a formula race in Europe. He became a member of the Lotus WSR Team in february 2013, serving as one of seven junior team drivers. See him in action at #GlobeSlipstream on Aug. 30!
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Who's watching @mars_gmanewstv right now? Here's @marlonstockinger sharing how fitness plays a big role on his racing career. #GlobeSlipstream
Airing tonight at 7pm, the Prince of Speed, @marlonstockinger, is all charming as he talks about #GlobeSlipstream on @mars_gmanewstv. Don't miss!
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The Prince of Speed, @marlonstockinger, showing another side as he shares how to cook his fave, Chicken Adobo. Airing tomorrow night at @mars_gmanewstv, Aug. 4 at 7pm. Watch out! #GlobeSlipstream
Ka-Globe finds love at the finish line! Engr. CS Gacoscosim of Globe Network Group proposes to girlfriend Kat after #CobraIronman703! Sweet! #GlobePowersIronman
From #BehindTheWheels to #BehindTheScenes: Here's @marlonstockinger promoting #GlobeSlipstream @ BGC on August 30. Another video out soon! #BeFastBeGlobe
Choose one: @marlonstockinger or that chocolate cake? #GlobeSlipstream: Speed Baking video is out!
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Let @marlonstockinger tell you a story about speed. Video out soon! #GlobeSlipstream
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Globe Chief Operating Advisor Peter Bithos discusses network transformation results with #GlobeCommunity super fans.
Can't get enough of @marlonstockinger? Catch him this Aug. 30 at #GlobeSlipstream!
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This guy is not a fan. He a super-dooper-mega-uber fan! Check out his shirt! #GlobeSlipstream #BeFastBeGlobe
Group photo with @marlonstockinger and his super happy fans. #GlobeSlipstream #BeFastBeGlobe
It's your lucky day, @marlonstockinger fans! Here's a smile that'll make your heart race. #BeFastBeGlobe #GlobeSlipstream
Up close and personal with @marlonstockinger. Marlon sits with fans for a Q&A. Cool guy! #GlobeSlipstream #BeFastBeGlobe
One @marlonstockinger fan showcasing his talent! One brave fan we have here! Haha
Happening now: Speed Meet with Marlon. #GlobeSlipstream #BeFastBeGlobe @marlonstockinger
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3.. 2.. 1! Here we go! The Prince of Speed @marlonstockinger is all geared up for the shoot! #GlobeSlipstream
Fueling up for another shoot! The drive and energy in the room do not run out! #GlobeSlipstream
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Globe sets up Libreng Tawag, Charging, and Wi-Fi Stations in Legazpi City, Muntinlupa, and Paranaque
Globe Telecom: Mobile Services Up in Affected Areas #GlendaPH #StaySafePH
Look who visited us in the office today! What a wonderful surprise! @marlonstockinger
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Globe sets up Libreng Tawag and Charging Stations in Daet, Camarines Norte #StaySafePH #GlendaPH
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Emergency hotlines for #GlendaPH: Red Cross - 143, (02)5270000, (02)5278385 to 95. PAGASA - (02)4338526, (02)9272877, 9264258, (02)9271335.
MMDA hotlines for #GlendaPH: 136, (02) 8820925 (Flood Control), (02) 8824150 to 77 loc. 337 (Rescue), 255, 8820860 (Metrobase). Stay safe!
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