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Sydney Leroux
Watching Pulp Fiction for the first time with @sydneyleroux. Better late than never.
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@USATODAYsports: Cris Carter's speech on Adrian Peterson and parenting is a must-see:” TRUTH
We all have that one friend who chews like this though...
That look you give when you're at dinner and someone orders a salad
@ESPNNFL: Amazing story of @Dev_Still71 & his daughter.” Leah is in my thoughts & I just bought my STILL jersey.
@TamraWiel: Did this just happen!? 😍⚽️🇺” Hahah! Sandi is a gem! Hope you guys had fun :)
When you think you break your nose and your spine at the same time...
@Dd_schwartz18: @alexmorgan13 what're you doin 2 @sydneyleroux in this pic?” Wiping off grass like good friends do!
Congratulations @hopesolo for the new shutout record! I'm just glad I'm on your team. Many more to come! #seventytwo
It's about that time!! Gameday vs. Mexico...check us out on at 7:30pmMST!! #leggooo
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Hoping for a speedy recovery for @Giancarlo818!
Look at those quads.....
@TheFunnyVine: Fake friends be like... telling me to run for a through ball...
I'm only buying the iPhone 6 if it comes with new emojis built in to the phone.
I don't trust people who have reptiles as pets.
I missed this girl too much! @kmewis19 #lemew
Welcome to camp! The eight players who played in the NWSL Final arrived today...and got right to work. #USAvMEX
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Yes, Ray Rice needs to be banned from the NFL but can we please get his wife some help for marrying him after the fact?
And to play soccer too... #USWNT
Goodbye LA, @laurenholiday12 and I are heading to Utah so we can continue our beauty regimens with these girls...
Did that guy get decapitated...?
Tom Brady has no chill.
The before anything else's @natalizer @llmaster! #fightfightfight
Once a Bruin, always a Bruin.
Probably the worst cheerleader in the world @llmaster @natalizer. #donttemptme
'You have gotta lose your mind Just to find your peace of mind You have got to trust the signs Everything will turn out fine'
I knew I would still hate it. There's something about profusely sweating with hairy men in spandex that doesn't appeal to me. #hotyoga #why
In love with Jhene Aiko's Souled Out album. #stayonrepeat
Don't worry, I have mophies on mophies.
If you don't have to unbutton your pants every time you eat you're basic.
Mugshots in Mexico @llmaster?
Here kitty, kitty, kitty........
I'm a strong woman. I respect myself. Like, if a guy's shitty to me, I'll only give him twenty - MAYBE thirty - more chances.
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We are twelve @llmaster.
Insert emotional quote.
Nachooooo Libre! @llmaster
Happy Birthday to my onscreen lover @magee9! #youreold
Beach soccer tournament with the some of the locals in Cabo!
I got to play beach futbol with some locals today!
@BDrago1: Gonna miss these two legends...Great players, better people. @kimlittle16 @JessFishlock” Agreed
Some local just asked me if I want to swim with sharks in the ocean for fun. How do you say, 'not a chance in hell' in Spanish?