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Subramanian Swamy
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@Swamy39 yes!! Vadar name has been deleted.. It was on news fews weeks ago...
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As per CA Ministry, Serial 31 on the Security Check Protocol show Vadra's name has been deleted from Airports. PTs please check and confirm
India-US agree on joint & concerted efforts, including dismantling of safe havens for terrorist & criminal networks
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Cong accused lawyer was absent despite having agreed to Oct 1 date last time. No more adjournments and judgment before Nov 15
@Swamy39 our support is always there in tamilnadu for you unlike uneducated fools
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Today at 3 pm Muslim organisations are demonstrating outside my Chennai place. What for? Demanding Sharia instead of IPC to prosecute JJ?
Bail hearing postponed to Monday for JJ.
Guruji @Swamy39, Is JJ's Arrest a major setback to Evangelists ?? Even in remotes of Odisha, so many Churches organizing prayers for her.
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Demonstration of ADMK now before my ancestral house in Mullipallam in Sholavandam taluka. Getting closer to President's Rule.
My tweet on India joining anti ISIS war featured in MEA press conference in Washington DC. Question on it was asked by a TV anchor. Why?
I am going to Chennai after the NH hearings in Delhi HC, to see which porki wants to risk President's Rule in the state and land in jail.
I may ask the Supreme Court to permit me to summon JJ to the witness box in the defamation cases filed against me, to be cross examined.
Does anyone know why Modi was late coming to Madison Sq Gardens by 20 minutes?
@Swamy39: 3,000 acres marked for seizure - The Hindu…” A fearless,honest judge.
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India-US-Israel alliance against terror is on the cards. Lets us persuade China to join it.
Happy that Modi committed to Obama that India would join the anti-ISIS war. Now Indo-US good relations will reach new unprecedented heights.
Next, Sonia, Rahul will land in jail: Subramanian Swamy, Times of India…" @Swamy39
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Convict 7402's followers are using cinema dialogue phrases while tweeting Tamil. Why? Mentally retarded or like her just High School pass ?
Cry Babies Cabinet in Chennai know that if they don't maintain law&order, President's Rule is inevitable. For JJ more cases in the pipeline
3,000 acres marked for seizure - The Hindu…
Rs.66 cr x 2 (7yr- FD) =132 Cr x 2= 264 Cr + 132 cr = Becomes 396 Cr after 18yrs case period. 396-100 Cr penality = 296 cr Profit @Swamy39
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@mcoond @Swamy39 Violence in Vadodara seems like a Deliberate Intentional Orchestrated Instigation by CONGRESS to Tarnish PM's Image Abroad
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PTs be careful since TDK etc are faking my witter with using my name spelt differently in one alphabet e.g.,Subramaniam not n
@Swamy39 All English Media channels went to USA for fault finding mission of PM to debate & increase TRP rating.
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After Amma Canteen Amma Cement will there be Amma Jail?
What do Elis and Sickulars say after Modi met Rajpaksa and Netanyahu?
@Swamy39 @PMOIndia Ailing FM can't put indian economy and defence on track. 60 saal ke boode ya 75 saal ke jawan,choice z urs,country z ours
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Dr @Swamy39's 29sept TV programs: Rajya Sabha TV at 6.30 pm and India TV at 9 pm. RT @ArvindChaturved @jagdishshetty @TheShankhNaad
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On Rajya Sabha at 6.30 pm
Watch me on Zee News at 5 pm on Rajya Sabha TV at 6.30 pm and India TV at 9 pm. Also Zee Business
Saw Sardesai Video, As Lawyer my advise to NRI- 1. Lodge a assault case 2. Sue for Damages Video clear proof, NRI would WIN CASE.
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@Swamy39 @dna //gone completely off the mark, like in the case of EVM tampering. // Sir you won the case & we've VVPAT because of you !
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@Swamy39 Indo-Israel friendship is stronger than ever ! India - Israel Prime Ministers meet in New York #jaiho
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Jayalalithaa Verdict: Jayalalithaa convicted in corruption case, gets 4 yrs in jail, Rs 100 crore fine | Business Standard News:
Subramanian Swamy: The man who gets to have the last laugh via @dna: This writer knows not that SC congratulated me
Happy Namo met Rajapaksa and is meeting Netanyahu PM of Israel.
India Official Found Guilty of Corruption : NYT
Namo invited Rajapaksa to his suite & had a warm meeting. Did not raise the so-called "Tamil human rights" violation. Namo to vIsit SL soon
Spoke to Rajnath this morning about TN Law & Order and SIT on Sunanda murder. Why is TDK nervous about SIT?
Returning now to Delhi and in the morning will travel to Bareilly to address a Sangh parivar public meeting with RSS Krishna Gopal
Glad Rajnath Singh presided over a Cabinet meeting this evening and sent TN an advisory under Article 256. So elis pipe down or Central rule
@Swamy39 Guruji, today you have proved that corruption should be fought in courts and not at Ramlila maidan/Jantar Mantar. #HistoricBattle.
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When I won the 2 G case JJ claimed credit. Why not now for DA case she claim credit ?