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Subramanian Swamy
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Dr @Swamy39 Arnab's rant on @thenewshour with photoshopped pics of so called chinese are fake.
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China may agree to my two year old suggestion to open a new route from Sikkim border to Shigatse to Kailash. We can then go by car
When four semi literates of the Nehru Maino family have no security or customs or baggage check and drive to aircraft by their govt car...
I am on my way to Lonavla to address a meting on How to fight Corruption and then Pune for two meetings
@hariharannaidu @Swamy39 we have more pressures than to worry about being called anti tamil from alpa buddhis like you
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Will after all be on Times Now at 9 pm
@Swamy39 I'm not sure what DIVINE RETRIBUTION is in store for that lady but Aval nahasmai ponum!!
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Heading for IBN 7 Hindi for discussion on China
Left for Rajya Sabha TV for 6 pm interview
BJP is sending tomorrow two Central Office bearers to Colombo to participate in a conference to be inaugurated by President Rajapaksa
BJP workers of Nilgiris met me today and gave me a list of properties of JJ / SKN in Kodaganad. Another disprop assets case on the cards.
Vigorous Hindutva campaign was on in 3 in Muzaffnagar and Silchar. BJP won but governance in Rajasthan and 8 seats of UP did not work
Form a committee of five persons in your city first.
@Swamy39 Dear Swamy ji, We saw your speech made last Sunday in Delhi. My friend and I from TN are eager to join your new organization.
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We will form a Virat Hindustan Sangham following the success of the Patriotic Social Media Meet 14/9. Will begin first with state committees
@Swamy39 on the way back home a chennai autodriver said that srilanka isn't as big an issue as politicians make it out to be.
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JJ has got so scared of my pro-Eli charge that she considers it a defamation!! Run Eli Run
I have sent a letter to HM asking the Immigration put Sam Pitroda on an airport watch list for the NH case
JJ has stuck her hand into a beehive by filing these idiotic defamation complaints through the public prosecutor. In the end I will sue her.
Decriminalizing Defamation – Are Sections 499/500 of the IPC constitutional?… via @SpicyIP
On News X at 9 pm today
Subramanian Swamy at #PTDelhi2014 calls for an Indian resurgence - #GoogleAlerts
Subramanian Swamy asks Manmohan Singh to explain his duty as PM to India ,…
Priests of Kalkaji Temple, Delhi, were overjoyed by presence of @Swamy39 . I agree UPA acted more like a Chrisian missionary than Ind Govt.
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@Swamy39 Jihadi Malabar Moplah Porkis Benefits a Lot from Cochin Port. Ancient Times Calicut Port was Thriving. Need one Harbour/Port there
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The betrayal of Bharat Mata by the low life creatures of the Eli/ISI fraternity has shocked the sympathizers of the "Tamil" cause. Backlash!
@Swamy39 @jagdishshetty @nviswam Narayan - Do you agree with the "Top 9 list" of Dr. Swamy-jee??…
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This is why .@Swamy39 is right in saying that J&K needs President's rule else every effort of the Govt will be hijacked by these Separatists
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Will be on News X at 9.30 pm on the Tamil Traitors stooging for ISI
Dr @Swamy39 at the Brahman Mahasabha function at Sai Auditorium, New Delhi
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Today's The Hindu has JJ criticizing Namo for his silence on her letters on the fishermen. Time to fix her for her poor governance in TN
@Swamy39 Today, in NY, on Sunday since morning watching all videos available thanks to @YuvaiTV and @rameshnswamy - everyone is great
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Wonderful to see such a large number of PTs assemble making their own arrangements to attend the conference &self-disciplined!!. Renaissance
Every speech of Dr @Swamy39 gives us energy, hope and confidence says @Phirmi_Bodo #PTDelhi2014
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@Swamy39 Enjoying your laughter during Dr Vaidhya's speech!
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#PTDelhi2014 Web cast available at & I shall be again speaking to PTs at 4:15 pm
@Swamy39 They "Hindu stooge" of ISI are sickularist.Its wrong to call them Hindu.They r mutated pea brain Jaichand type breed
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@Swamy39 JJ is doing great disservice 2 India. She can just take care of her ppl in TN & leave LTTE to SL. LTTE is a terrorist organisation
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Has any porki , Eli or DD denounced the Hindu stooge of ISI? No!! Why? Because they are all complicit in wanting to dismember India.
SL Tamil Hindu, a servant of ISI, to kill Hindus in 26/11 type perfidy in Chennai. But for NIA backed by Israeli intelligence...Shame on JJ
Today is the Patriotic Social Media conference to prepare a new virat Hindustani.