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$FB hit new all-time highs this week. Its market cap is $210 billion. What a run since its IPO
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IPHONE GROWTH 2011: 72.3 million units sold 2012: 125.04 million 2013: 150.26 million 2014: 169.22 million -> $AAPL
My favorite Saturday leisure activity- reading @abnormalreturns Saturday links @StockTwits
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If you came across an amazingly insightful post this week worthy of further study, please share on StockTwits with cashtag $STUDY
Saturday $STUDY Session: Using New High & New Low Data to Spot Market Tops via @cperruna
Saturday $STUDY Session: Lessons from the best investor you never heard of via @NovelInvestor
Saturday $STUDY Session: Are you sweating a position? Step out of it for objective analysis via @BrattleStCap
Saturday $STUDY Session: What helps you be a better thinker and investor? @jessefelder shares his secret weapon:
Saturday $STUDY Session: How @howardlindzon minimizes his risk of missing big trends -- his bread & butter.
Saturday $STUDY Session: An often overlooked but essential personal characteristic in trading -- GRIT via @stockBEE
Saturday $STUDY Session: The 10 Scariest Things in Trading via Daily Speculations
Saturday $STUDY Session: Things Worth Avoiding -- Guidelines that have served @The_Real_Fly well
Saturday $STUDY Session: How Moods and Motivations Impact Trading Performance via @steenbab
Saturday $STUDY Session: "Bears almost never get a top where they want it." A lesson from 2007 via @mikeharrisNY
Saturday $STUDY Session: "go with the flow...keep your options open" via @embracethetrend interviews Mike Melissinos
Saturday $STUDY Session: Futures Traders -- Use COT Data To Identify Turning Points In The Market via @AndrewThrasher
Saturday $STUDY Session: A Probabilistic framework (good) vs Relying on Certainty (bad) via @awealthofcs
StockTwits Saturday $STUDY Session: Sharing some great links from the past week that discuss Process, Mindset & Strategy....
Stop by #Stocktoberfest and hear Shoefitr CEO, @mattTwilk, talk about mass customization and future of ecommerce. @StockTwits
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.@Ford Thanks! Love that $F CFO Bob Shanks is using @StockTwits to answer questions from individual traders & reporters. Good stuff.
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$AMZN's balance sheet since 2004: Operating expenses +2488% Revenue +1245% Share price +645% Operating income -595%
Pandemics rarely infect stock markets [sponsored]
205 companies in the S&P 500 have reported earnings. And 70% of them have beat expectations -> $SPX $SPY
Last year, these 3 stocks were removed from the Dow. Here's what they've done since: $AA +97% $HPQ +64% $BAC +15%
If you're on Twitter and interested in investing you should check out @StockTwits
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@StockTwits @QuoththeRavenSA I am not sure. He would be able to expand his reach if he is not. Traffic/reach increase through stocktwits.
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Pandora is taking a beating today on concerns of slowing growth. It's down 15%, making new YTD lows -> $P
$SODA is up 14% on news of a limited partnership with Pepsi. This time, it's not just a rumor ->
Alibaba is hitting its highest levels since its IPO. It's also up an astounding 10% this week -> $BABA
Our sponsor @DraftKings is hosting a huge fantasy football contest. Win $1 million. Buy 4 entries, get the 5th free:
Ford Investors: Don't forget to submit your questions to CFO Bob Shanks by 1pm ET today! $F
80 years of market cycle data went into this chart and it shows why the S&P 500 is heading higher -> $SPX
I'll be at #stocktoberfest in San Diego on Monday. See you there @StockTwits.
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Someone used the StockTwits mobile app to take this picture of an NYC subway: "No #Ebola masks here" ->
On this day, 85 years ago, the biggest crash in stock market history happened $SPY
Proctor & Gamble announced this morning it's going to spin-off Duracell -> $PG
.@Ford is providing excellent live updates about their Q3 earnings right here -> $F
Ford is the top trending ticker on StockTwits at 7:30 AM ET. They just reported earnings. Join the convo here -> $F
At 8:30 PM ET, news broke that a doctor tested positive for Ebola in NYC. Futures since: $ES_F -10 $NQ_F -23
Hear this portfolio manager's defensive short selling strategy [sponsored]
$F Tomorrow @Ford will report Q3 #FordEarnings at 7AM ET. Ask questions on @StockTwits using $F & CFO Shanks will address tomorrow @ 4PM.
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Facebook closed at $80.04/share today. It's now worth $208 billion. An all-time high. $FB
"@Ford: Tomorrow @Ford will report Q3 #FordEarnings at 7AM ET. Ask questions on @StockTwits using $F & CFO Shanks will address @ 4PM."
This just happened to Amazon. It's the top trending ticker on StockTwits -> $AMZN