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great questions Ozzy and that’s why u have mixed feelings on it — if you use P/E and forward P/E should be higher $AAPL @ozzyissuccess1
very funny ..don’t think that would even help the action & fundies probably not @ozzyissuccess1
$110-$105 i would not hesitate to add to my $AAPL position - in meantime been collecting that small dividend too so no stress @MarketFried
good points Mark — just read your earlier tweets @MarketFried I will definitely look to re-add back more $AAPL as it bases out
they did a few last year and they usually don’t wait to drain funds .. they also borrow but chart at good risk-reward area @riabuzz1
$RGR made a nice recovery off lows today — still like to see this over $60 but next time it does I'll lock up profits on it .. been patient
what a boring weak market today ..
I already have $TWTR shares @michaelbrom so if I did do a play as suggested if we hit over key $30 then will be options play only
I did have room to add a bit more to $TWTR swing position to get it to full size but haven’t decided-leaning to options $TWTR @michaelbrom
that was a huge bounce on $AAC from the $15 support post halt to $24+ Now dipped a bit $21.81
$MGM leading the casinos to upside today +7% & over 200day sma $LVS into 200day too $MPEL up 3% $WYNN the lagger of group still
$AAC continues dropping .. i think its halted now since no trades going thru that i can see .. $18.27 last
geez $TREE up 40% today — I still remember this at $5-$10 ranges .. It really has grown tall just like a TREE ..incredible
lot of 10% + or - movers today on the previous list i posted .. unlike yesterday's action
$MOS moving higher today . sector really been hurting along with $DOW $MON $AGU $POT but bit of green on all of them today .. on watch list
$GOGO been interesting & holding very well at 200day sma past week + .. almost sold some in June into $23 resistance but wanted $25+
looks like $S had some trouble at that 20day sma area $3.65+ & dipped back to $3.54 now but off the recent lows @MarketFried
#futures bounced up a bit off the lows but into some key resistance points here past 10amEST ..
$AAPL continues its slide sub 200day sma — 2nd day sub 200day now & into days lows at $115.35
not many #afterhours movers . up $DPLO $THC $CAR $CTRP down $TNET $DENNY .. I’ll try to do recap later if changes much from this list
we did base out past 1-2pmEST that mentioned earlier and bouncing higher the past 5min —very weak start to Aug
$PYPL one of the few green positions that are holding up well .. up almost 2% & tested almost $40 earlier today
looks like $AAPL on track to close sub 200day sma today which it has not done since Sept 2013 .. pretty significant day for Apple close
$TWTR back over $29 now but $29.50-$30 will be our key resistance levels to watch on any push back up ..
there u go $VIX now nearing intraday highs — good inverse play on VIX spikes is $XIV but need much much higher VIX @kenr0966 @BigMoneyUp
#futures #markets $SPY $IWM still dipping to intraday lows thru lunch — see if any bounce or support 1-2pmEST
yup that was very fast fail under $29.50 $TWTR -see if wants $29 / very important how it closes today but OUCH @Jsharks23 @ozzyissuccess1
$AAPL not crashing its only down 1% $1.38 but testing sub 200day sma which is critical support to watch @kenr0966…
Once has a closing day over $30 can try some call options but i’m still (unhappily) holding my shares longer term $TWTR @ozzyissuccess1
you were just a bit soon on your analysis $TWTR $30 fail @ozzyissuccess1 May7th last yr low was 29.51 so next level to watch
probably why dipped back but if can hold /base 3.40+ then would not mind to see push to last offering price $ONVO - we’ll see @BigMoneyUp
so was more of a sympathy pop $ONVO-still risky biotech but we’ve done well on it @BigMoneyUp FDA 3D Epilepsy story…
thanks didn’t see that news —$ONVO I noticed the volume push earlier then faded back but held the $3.40 support…
yup was still holding that $30+ earlier past 10amST then it failed fast .. this is a concern if doesn’t recover quick $TWTR @ozzyissuccess1
#futures V-Shaped bounce and $IWM $SPY but fading back a bit again and still sub Friday’s closing # s
Aug3 Movers ( %) Up $LXRX $FOMX $HTCH $VTL $CAS $XCO $NTP Down $GCVRZ $ABGB $LINE $LGCY $LNCO $PVA $HK $CVEO $TREX $NRP etc Not many 10%+
someone just let me know $SAM that had dropped back the past few months is back over 20day sma & its the first time since early June
$ONVO pop on volume past 5minutes back over $3.50 .. did test almost into that 20day SMA which is $3.67 ( hit 1 penny below on that spike)
$ITEK finally gave a decent drop last week .. holding up today at the $13+ area — area to watch would be this $13-$11 for support
weak #markets & #futures so far today but we had bumped up last week into lower key resistance again ( lower highs)
. @Uncle_Ric I’d say wait a bit.. @ Sat webinar said to watch this key resistance we hit……
Canadian Stock Markets closed today due to Holiday ( long weekend )
most of positions and watch lists in the RED today — #futures and #Markets dipping back further past 10amEST… #MissionImpossibleRogueNation made $121M worldwide ( $56M domestic & $65 overseas) on the weekend -
I think #JackMa extends $BABA Hollywood investment & eventually remakes his favorite movie - Forrest Gump 2 :The Shrimp Awakening in 3D
went to see #MissionImpossibleRogueNation over weekend & it was $BABA Pictures 1st big hollywood investment…
good morning — #oil smack in the middle of that range we discussed of $48-$44 ( $46.09 today ) — now also under Friday’s lows
Sat Webinar was uploaded earlier - Recapped Markets & Why YOU NEED a Trading Plan - 2 hour webinar Enjoy !!!…

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