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Good Morning #PreMarket Up $gyoin $hyus19 $wokyg $5689 $gedn& Down $inrpn7 $arplw! $qaubd $aqpob Enjoy the Trading day!
I was out during lunch and doesn’t look like much happened .. not many alerts triggered for me , only 2 or 3
#futures pretty choppy thru lunch time but we did have a reversal at 11:30amEST today .. see as we head into 3pmEST what happens
there is $52 $SCTY ..nice when the levels hit so well over key resistance areas.. now if can close over this today or hold most of gains
nice on $NATH and up a bit today… at least now u know how special div’s work.. see told you not to worry too much @Speakupnowgirl
$GMAN been trading the past few weeks like a crazy parabolic #biotech but they are a department store —very impressive strength
this $GMAN chart been so powerful past 9 days only been down once.. $8.10 today .. has almost doubled in less than 2 weeks
Top % movers last day of M/Q Up $HKTV $CNDO $GENE $IMGN $SORL $RiGL $MOV $DANG Down $SNTA $NXTD $ANY $CRNT $EGY $TCK
$SCTY $51.50 again & into the 50day sma which has been key resistance point .. a close over $51.50 or $52 would be great today
#futures bounced well off the morning lows — and into 11amEST #ESM5 #YMM5 #TFM5 #NQM5 / #ES_F #YM_F #TF_F #NQ_F
$TSLA $192 alert — had dipped back from the premarket levels & opening pop but moving back up a bit here
$SCTY moving .. just got the 51.60 alert test
$TSLA holding yesterday night’s #afterhours gains so far tested back over $193 this morning
Have a great evening Everyone! #AfterHours Movers Up $BAMM $TSLA Down $GV $EGY $INSM $ARGS $ICON
without opposing views trading would be boring & unprofitable.. I've researched it & took long side. Nice chatting w/u $TSLA @mrjongullett
if you don't think $TSLA owning their own supply chain for batteries is not vertical integration then not sure what u mean @mrjongullett
you know that’s a 2 yr old article that tells us nothing we don't already know .. need to read new stuff @mrjongullett @mrjongullett $TSLA
There will be many technological improvements/lower cost of batteries & efficiencies that will wipe out subsidizes IMO $TSLA @mrjongullett
well just my opinion $TSLA .. i've done very well trading dips on can easily short or buy puts if you think they fail @mrjongullett
most car companies have subscontracted out most of manufacturing via OEM’s to save costs @mrjongullett $TSLA positioning for that IMO
I’ve heard similar arguments when pundits thought 1 car would not out the assembly line.. $TSLA @mrjongullett memories are short
are you serious or joking ? you don't see the gigafactory once complete as major advantage @mrjongullett
Been trading $TSLA since the #IPO .. i missed a few big moves by selling soon but now positioned bigger bet longer term @mrjongullett
+ if you’re going to have a CEO at the helm of disrupting an industry = @elonmusk best suited & done it before @mrjongullett @DanielFitz4
also as technology improves for the batteries, $TSLA will be best positioned to benefit along with charging station advantage @DanielFitz4
from the research i did, i think the gigafactory will give them competitive advantage over future $TSLA competitors @DanielFitz4
check chart i tweeted earlier today.. if stays under 200day SMA the bounces may be weaker till pops back over 200day $TSLA DanielFitz4
$TSLA #afterhours chart & gain…nice if holds gains tomorrow or follows thru over $195 — Key areas to watch from here
I'm back .. $TSLA pushed a bit higher #afterhours .. chart i posted earlier said next key support $195 — it hit a/h…
-no lunch time dips today/ #futures & markets impressively strong into 2pmEST.. even #NQ_F bounced & near highs-
Crazy Fakes on TaoBao -- Android one has a camera ..why didn't $AAPL think of that ?..$37-$46 #AppleWatch
$SCTY & $TSLA similar charts- both under 200day sma w/weak bounces & resistance at 50day sma zones but good r/r
need to see $SCTY push and close over $51.50-$52+ ..that’s resistance over the 20day sma zone .. same as last week @MMASSASSIN
I also own $SCTY which I would not mind to see into $55-$60 zone again .. still a way to go but pushed over $51 & holding well @MMASSASSIN
yup definitely helped..I went from being up $11k early last week to being down $4k Friday back in green / volatile $TSLA @MMASSASSIN
$SCTY also pushed here $50+ alert .. wonder if new product is combo with SCTY ? $TSLA ..
$TSLA spike on volume .. 187+ alert .. not bad tweezers now formed on the daily chart .. cc; @MMASSASSIN
we’re keeping an eye on $SNDK today .. seems to be finding some support today after the big gap down last Thurs & held well Fri/today
$XLNX looking interesting into this 200day sma almost $43 .. off the $ALTR $INTC sympathy action
$BABA not looking too bad on the daily chart .. been basing at this 20day sma for the past few weeks and flatlining rangebound
$BABA alert back to sub $84 and the 20day sma .. was holding well last week but $1 intraday + fade today
..RT @AP: MORE: FBI says shooting at NSA gate at Fort Meade not believed to be related to terrorism; Scene contained:
@MarketFried I don’t like to discuss details publicly on twitter but it has positively shaped how I live my life & who I am !
@MarketFried I went thru personal serious health situation as well so I understand.. i celebrate separate 2nd b’day w/family each yr lol
glad to hear that Mark .. definitely tough for family, friends etc. when you go through struggles like that in life @MarketFried
I lost a few long time friends recently —1 before Xmas holidays, one after = affects us all one way or other @MarketFried @60Minutes
$ALTR moving up on volume back over $43 now — $INTC also pushed towards $32
RT @60Minutes: For more info on Duke University polio trial or brain cancer trials, or call 919-684-5301 —> amazing
RT @60Minutes: bold experiment uses polio virus to treat brain cancer —>great story yest.

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