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steven yeun
If you haven’t seen the big Walking Dead program, season the fourth, it preems on the Netflixes September 29th. Do stream some.
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@steveyeun my Glenn/The Walking Dead T-shirt :) my all time favorite T-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sorry folks in Richmond. Will make the next one. Love you guys.
Hmmmm…nah. RT @ImpaledIllyrian: @steveyeun cut ur dick off and eat it.
and don’t worry I’ll film myself something even more ridiculous soon. just for fun.
thanks to everyone who sent me an ALS ice bucket challenge. I’ve decided to donate. I challenge everyone. Donate
great game Korea and Chicago. proud to be Korean. proud to be American. 🇺🇸�#llwsllws
dj butler is a stud. #llws
these Chicago kids are definitely some gamers. #llws
Lord Richard Attenborough, film director, actor and winner of eight Oscars and brother to naturalist David, dies aged 90 #c4news
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these Chicago kids are gamers. gonna be a good game. #llws
pretty sad when an amazing international youth game brings out racism. shit is so weak.
please support this film!
Haaaaaaa!! RT @Snoodit: Here’s @steveyeun’s #TheWalkingDead Glenn Pop figure, from Funko
I posted a new photo to Facebook
As Ferguson protests turn violent, CNN and MSNBC air live coverage & Fox News sticks with regular programming
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Really? Heh.. “@zcorrigan: @steveyeun there's no breaking news going on now why would they cover it”
how is ferguson coverage all over everywhere and foxnews is showing a rerun of an interview? what is happening?
thank you monster mania. love you guys.
how does this exist? RT @fart_robot: RT @steveyeun if you fart on a plane once, excusable. four times? war crimes. FART ROBOT APPROVES.
I'm sick of these muthafuckin farts on this muthafuckin plane RT @steveyeun: if you fart on a plane once, excusable. four times? war crimes.
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if you fart on a plane once, excusable. four times? war crimes.
the reason the film made money is because it was good. duh.
There's not enough love in the world man.
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Watch “@katespencer: This livestream of what’s happening in #Ferguson right now is unreal:…
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