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Steve Letarte
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β€œ@DaleJr: John Madden was the king. But @ESPNMondayNight football & Jon Gruden are a perfect fit. Him and @miketirico get it right.” Agreed
Dinner on the stove. Cold drink in a cup. Relaxing Monday night in the Letarte household. Let the chaos resume @NHMS on Friday #Chasetime
Great effort by @DaleJr and the whole team. Way to battle and improve form sat to Raceday. πŸ‘Š proud to race with this group!
Good car. Good pit stops. Disappointing finish! Some days are like this. 11th will work for round 1. βœ”οΈ @ChicagolndSpdwy off the list.
Times running out guys! Benefits go to Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC. #WKND88S
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β€œ@graygaulding: Having some fun with @SteveLetarte @GoProMotorplex !” Yea that was a good time!
So tomorrow the @NASCAR Chase begins. This one will be my last. Proud to say I'm 9for9 making the chase as a crew chief. Time to win one! πŸ†
β€œ@RickAllenracing: Thanks for the wake up call.... oh wait, I DIDN'T ASK FOR A WAKE UP CALL! #NOTCOOL Helping make the productive #RingRing
Everyone may not like you, but not everyone matters. #LifeLessonsByLopes
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β€œ@EarnhardtKelley: There must be some mistake. I got @JimmieJohnson. Go to to take the #MyChaseNation Me too😳
Congrats to my sister for completing the Wisconsin @IronmanTri Yesterday. Her drive & determination is unbelievable. #ProudBrother
Regular season in the books. Proud to be in the #Chase w @DaleJr and this group. These playoffs will be different than they have ever been
RIR FANS: RT @HenricoPolice: Heat indices may be around 105 today. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water!
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HOT Raceday jog @RIRInsider Awesome to see all these fans here and ready. #CantBeatTailgating #AintNoPartyLikeAParkingLotParty
The fact that @PeteCarroll has been with @Seahawks for 5 yrs makes me feel old.
Ok summer is not over in NC evening run with my son was Toasty. Good thing Tyler set pace or dinner might have left me. πŸ™Š
It's fantasy draft day for the 88 team *cough* Luckily, I have teammates that only picks plyrs from their favorite team #notmentioningnames
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Lots of great energy around @TeamHendrick this morning. #ChasePrep is underway. Now with all 4 cars. πŸ‘πŸ‘
One yr ago today, on my birthday, I was in the hospital waiting to receive a stem cell transplant. I am cancer free today. Thx #HUP
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The 88 team appreciates the support each week regardless of the result. It motivates/inspires us. 11th don't cut it, we strive for more.
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β€œ@PettyFan42: @SteveLetarte @kaseykahne @TeamHendrick don't you mean all 6 Hendrick teams??” U lost me
Super pumped for @kaseykahne Kenny and all the 5 team. Welcome to the chase!!! All four @TeamHendrick cars in the Chase. Great work!!
Hard fought battle tonight Proud of @DaleJr and the 88 team. Never quit and just kept at it. #ThatsHowWeRoll
Excited for racing @amsupdates Roll the top. Patient on the line. Straddle paving seams in the middle. SO many options to run. #greatracing
Another 3 miles in books today. Little slower pace though. Steamy hot
5k Run this AM @amsupdates Man it's toasty out. #pushedthru #getSome
Testing!!! #ChasePrep @MartinsvilleSwy
Up and rolling early today. Off to @MartinsvilleSwy to run some laps and find some speed. #ChasePrep #ChaseBound
β€œ@jback21: @adamwjordan I thought the BB car looked kinda sporty!” πŸ”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Never really had any intention to run a whole lot after crash. Even @BMSupdates is a little to quick to run beat up with nothing to gain
For the ones asking... We just fixed our car tonight for a little Chase practice. Guys did awesome. Lucky to work with such great guys
Thought we had a car that could have run at the front tonight @BMSupdates To Bad we got caught in someone else's wreck. #ThatsBristol
Best of luck to my #1 driver Tyler Letarte @GoProMotorplex karting challenge today. Thx @gen4karting for taking him out. #ProudDad Have Fun
Hard not to get pumped up for racing @BMSupdates #nightracing Who out there is with me???
Gonna be an early morning. Tyler's first day of 5th grade then the shop. #sleep #whatsleep
Everyone knows I'm a Pats fan but those @Redskins and Mr Dan Snyder are some incredible hosts and great people. Thank you. #New2ndFavorite
These guys here, I like these guys. These guys know how to call a game. #Gruden
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Just got to say to @miketirico and #JonGruden Who doesn't love #MNF
Chilling on sidelines @Redskins #MNF With @DaleJr & @Amy_Reimann This is great!!
Sidelines at #MNF. Thanks for the invite @Dalejr
My family went to @RR_Birkdale today and look who made the menu. My son says it was good. Thanks!!
Solid day at the office even with a little pit road bumpers cars. Congrats to @JeffGordonWeb and the whole 24 group. They are flying.
β€œ@Amy_Reimann: Here's the link for anyone to donate to the #ALSIceBucketChallenge…” Thx. Ice is fun but $$ counts
Fun day of practice @MISpeedway then got a little ice water over the head. Time to call it a night. Looking forward to the race tomorrow