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Stephan Bonnar
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Good to see u coming around. RT @edblackhouse: @JustinMcCully @titoortiz @StephanBonnar @BellatorMMA Man this is getting good!!!
Ok. It was funny the 1st time, now ur beating a dead horse RT @titoortiz: @titoortiz @C_GFN @JustinMcCully
#ES_F Notes for Overnight Session (posted earlier today in Monday's Recap Video) #emini #futures #trading #daytrading
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@StephanBonnar Don't let nobody tell you that you didn't do a great promo. That marble mouth messed it up. Get Tank under the mask next
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To answer u @titoortiz: 1. Im fighting u 2. No Kentucky Derby, I did promise @JustinMcCully SD Zoo & Sea World after the fight @BellatorMMA
Holy cow I'm pumped for @StephanBonnar vs. @titoortiz !!! Who was the masked man!? Tito ' s old evil henchmen? #bellator
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1 week notice.. catch weight 210. He weighed 234. I said I don't care RT @WhiteyDuvalle: @MMAHistoryToday How is 24 lbs over possible?
I @TallestDwarfJew Boat ride deep into Amazon River 2 this remote resort built up on the river to fight"The Dragon"I was in Enter the Dragon
Indiana was loose back then RT @AMillerliite: @MMAHistoryToday @robertmelara93 that's not true as the NJ formed the unif rules in 2000
No athletic comm then! RT @robertmelara93: Bonnar @MMAHistoryToday damn was he really 24 lbs over! Surprised the bout wasn't scrapped!
He came in 24lbs over! RT @MMAHistoryToday: Bonnar goes the distance 4 1st time in his when he def. Terry Martin
Sep7.2002 @StephanBonnar goes the distance for the 1st time in his Career, when he def. Terry Martin (U. Decision)
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.RT@MMAEvan: I apologize if I interpreted pro-wrestling as fake and staged We've made the (cont)
@ABonnarLV I apologize if I interpreted pro-wrestling as fake and staged. We've made the appropriate corrections in the article and headline
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.@StephanBonnar <—laser focused —my twitter has been blowin up! W/support of an awesome wife, & best fans ever. We are in for a blood match!
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4 sho RT @NCseventeen: tmrw night @ufc veteran/legend @KSOSufc is making his DJ debut on the Radio can I get a RT…
It's free on @SpikeTV! No $$$ RT @Lowkey1324: @titoortiz I don't express my disapproval by shelling out more money. But do what you want
@StephanBonnar is the new.#badguy #americanphysco the only thing that could make him any more badass is having chael sonnen in his corner
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and be sure to bring a rain coat, cuz things r gonna get bloody (2/2)
Out on the BS he's pulled on people over the years..Then by all means, go buy yourself some punishment gear, a front row ticket, (1/2)
& @JustinMcCully. If u wanna hate us 4 pulling a pro wrestling esque promo off while calling (cont)
X @titoortiz , Coker, @BellatorMMA & @SpikeTV, didn't know shit! It was all me & (cont)
Listen @Lowkey1324, @titoortiz is a self absorbed ego maniac.The world needed 2 know.Tito, Coker, (cont)
?? I fake tito?RT @Lowkey1324: @danammawhite @steveaustinBSR @sdpowell81 So u admit it was fake? Is it like some sort of "noble lie," then?
C'mon..give this guy a fight! RT @johnalessio79: Please @ScottCoker & @BellatorMMA put me on the Nov 15th card, I want to fight
How bout u go fight TUF dudes in a cage & I tell u how to act? RT @Lowkey1324 @steveaustinBSR I hate this WWE bullshit infecting the sport.
FYI @chrisalfar it was @danammawhite that tweeted it. I opened that on a plane sitting next to a mom and her little girl. God help us all!
How things ended up getting this f#@ed, I have no idea. I'm going to confession...smell u later
The world needed to know what a selfish prick tito is. And yes, I learned a lot from @steveaustinBSR:
That's actually kinda funny. RT @titoortiz: Shows how much #BitchBoy is a phony.
@StephanBonnar Can't wait to see the moment when Tito realizes that he can't hurt you and he is going to get destroyed. #AmericanPsycho
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Man I can't wait to see my favorite announcer back in the cage @StephanBonnar
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Hey @808_connor @titoortiz me too , that's how I.warm.up !
Hey @Moe4777 everyone knows when @JustinMcCully is in your corner great things happen, his coaching record is impeccable. A true OC legend
Lol!! RT @diggler_dig: @JustinMcCully u guys gettin ready for a meeting with Tito lol , where's the mask ?
RT @timhickey80: @MiddleEasy @JustinMcCully needs to be present for every interview rubbing his hands together as you cut a promo
If you think this was crazy..Wait till u see the fight. F#@$!! @titoortiz !!.…
Titos long time friend @JustinMcCully RT @Moe4777: Can u give some back story on whos w u in the cage? How he connected to @titoortiz
Nobody including Coker knew what I was going to do in there! My goal: let the MMA world know what a POS @titoortiz is