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Starbucks Coffee
girl at starbucks upset because she just lost her job. stranger next to her offered to help her find a new one. people helping people :)
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☺ β€œ@IvyHildebrand Basically on a first name basis with the baristas at @Starbucks & I'm completely okay with that. Sweet souls πŸ’•β˜Ίβ€
Love is ageless β€œ@alli_esposito: Me and rach are watching this older couple on their first date @Starbucks rn. People watching at its best.”
Congrats! πŸ‘― @Skaggs755: Thanks to@Starbuckss I officially have my first bridesmaid for my wedding!”
πŸ˜‰ @brynamasarikk: when the professor in front of you orders a "double chocolaty chip frappuccino" and you can't help but laugh.”
Adorbs! β€œ@DeeGotSwaagg: These two old ladies met up at Starbucks and are knitting a scarf”
a stranger just bought me a Starbucks giftcard just for having a conversation with him: kindness is always rewarding
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Never lose your cool β€œ@meylandra Barista flipped the whipped cream dispenser like Tom Cruise in Cocktail. That old-school move made my day.”
πŸ’― @labella_mamaa: My iced coffee with milk is always perf cause my barista is also my fav guy in the whole world@Starbuckss#madewithlovee β˜Ίβ€
Love that the #U.S.marine in front of me @Starbucks was so touched that someone bought his coffee.
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Barrista remembered my name and picked up on the last conversation we had even though I haven't been there in weeks Love @Starbucks #Service
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Can't wait for the movie! β€œ@JLEE5879blogger: @Starbucks Best seat in the house!”
❀ > distance. β€œ@MaddieStanze: My mom @lstanze and I get @Starbucks at the same time even though we're two hours apart. #CoffeeBonding”
Everyone gets an A. πŸ“– @cooksey_hopee: History class at Starbucks, nbd...#seniorstatuss ✌”
Find joy in the little things. πŸ‘Ά @jessusbidynskii There is a baby walking around Starbucks!!! This day is amazing”
~you do you~ β€œ@pxrsivn This boy is knitting in starbucks and its the most cutest/different thing ever”
πŸ‘Š @zacharykolkk Congrats random guy next to me on a first date at@Starbuckss, you’re doing good and she’s definitely into you”
Drowning life's little worries with some green tea, thank you Starbucks! Figuring out the world one sip at a time!
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Mom's the best! β€œ@Neeley_Alexis1 Starbucks date with my mom make for an amazing 18th birthday surprise! @Sneeley01N β˜ΊπŸŽ‰β€
A pair of hearts ❀❀ "@emmaaungst Just watching a dad and daughter play cards while in line at Starbucks. #adorable"
Kindness goes far. ☺ "@Gingersnap19998 Made friends with the person working at Starbucks it's so nice to meet genuinely kind strangers"
Second Starbucks stranger I've befriended after they each struck up a conversation about my current book, American Gods. Gaiman is a wizard.
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πŸ‘΄πŸ‘΄οΏ½@paigeeeyyyyyyy These two old guys chillen outside starbucks just made my day 😭"
Crafting miniature kimonos in #Tokyo 28 countries filmed in one day, #atStarbucks:
Snuggles in #SanJuan 28 countries filmed in one day, #atStarbucks:
Selfies with mom. #Madrid 28 countries filmed in one day, #atStarbucks:
Sitting in @Starbucks, a stranger walking by outside smiled at me through the window. Made my day. Don't underestimate the power of a #smile
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Study buddies β˜• β€œ@pafflle: Studying at Starbucks makes it less boring βœοΈπŸ““”
Groovy baby! ✌ β€œ@AaronHartsMom: Shoutout to the Austin powers theme song playing in Starbucks right now.”
πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰οΏ½@ssantasierieri: Bought a homeless man@Starbuckscks coffee today. Always pay it forward πŸ™β€
βœŒπŸ’— RT@penninginkk I'm grading papers; wife's doing Bible study. One pays the bills, one fills the soul. We're both at Starbucks though:)
Shoutout to the Starbucks barista that saw my Doctor Who shirt and discussed our love of the actors but annoyance with Moffat #whovians
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After freaking out because I lost my debit card, then I ask my mom for money, I got a pay it forward at Starbucks :') #randomactofkindness
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Yaay! πŸ’―πŸŽ‰@MiraculousTVTV: Off to Starbucks to celebrate with my friend about her good grade in AP US History!!!β˜•β˜•β€
Nomz! πŸͺπŸͺ@cielaloonaon@Starbuckscks The lady in front of us bought my little one a big cookie. Thank you, unknown stranger:)!”
☺ β€œ@cheekyw3nch: The guy in starbucks put a smiley face on my cup and I swear it made my day so much better”
She's the best πŸ’• @itsAmandaDooeee: Starbucks date w/ my mom πŸ’œβ˜•οΈβ€
lsym! β€œ@rudes_pelusa: Everyone in this #Starbucks is greeted like a best friend. I know where I'm hanging out every day now β˜ΊοΈβ€
πŸ™Œ β˜• @norahellynn: Have decided to celebrate#NationalCoffeeDayy by heading to my local@Starbuckss patio & toasting all passerbys.#coffeee”
After a fotothantropy meeting at Starbucks, a man came up and gave us this picture he had drawn of us! #actofkindness
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🎡 They did it theiiiiiiir…o
😜 RT@Jessica_Pelss I made my Starbucks barista giggle, and therefore feel like the day's off to a pretty good start.
🎀 RT@Bahar_Ayaslii Barista singing "how sweet it is to be loved by you" at#starbuckss made my day
Beep beep! πŸš— @Sara_Solenoo: The car infront of me at starbucks bought my drink for me, my day is made πŸ˜Šβ€
The old man I helped at starbucks the other day came up and talked to me today. Pretty sure we're friends now. And I love it. πŸ‘«πŸŽˆ
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Praise everything for the glowing Starbucks woman who literally made my day even when hers wasn't going perfectly. I appreciate you 😘
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Met young lady @ Starbucks - bilingual. Family from Mexico. Applying for job to translate. She wants to help others. It's nice to be nice.
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