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Starbucks Coffee
To the girl next to me @Starbucks who complimented me on my suit: thanks! You made my day and eased the pain of missing casual Friday!
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Like your coffee? Check its origin—coffees from that region have similar aromas and flavors.
A crisp fall day, and Rwanda Rift Valley #SingleOriginCoffee—we love the elegant flavor it delivers to your cup and the promising future it brings to Rwanda’s coffee growers.
In Hong Kong, reinventing the band starts with reinventing how you get to know each other. #atStarbucks
Best friends since birth. 💚 #atStarbucks #Regram: @lana.babiy
#Verismo coconut mocha: dip mug in plate of mocha sauce, then coconut. Freeze 5 min. Add 1 oz mocha sauce to latte.
For a coconut rim: before you make your mocha, dip your mug in a plate of mocha sauce, then a plate of coconut, and freeze for 3-5min. #Verismo #Coconut #StarbucksMochaSauce
Dedicated to a cleaner Amsterdam, one local group's actions inspired efforts across the globe. #atStarbucks
Pour-over, Pour-over — let flavor come over. #StarbucksReserve #Coffee ☕️
#Teavana loose leaf teas are available in store. Be sure to check the package for the perfect steeping time and temp.
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Passionately arguing the complexities of patty cake #atStarbucks. #regram: @secondcitymom
Morning with fluffy socks, sunrise and fresh air. By: @mylovebar #regram #morning #light #metime ☀☕☺
My Starbucks Rewards members can now redeem Birthday & Lucky Dozen rewards @Target! Double stars on purchases this *weekend* to celebrate ⭐⭐
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This store's exterior is a geometric glass dome structure inviting customers to enjoy an urban coffee forest within the city. #WhereInTheWorld
Connecting with one another, connecting with the world—one postcard at a time. #atStarbucks
A man at @Starbucks gave us ice for a girl who hurt her knee, even though it was 15 min after closing! #kindness
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The patterns in this store were inspired by jali, a local architectural element used for sun shading and breezeway structures. #WhereInTheWorld
"And to me it was like the heavens had opened. That was the day that changed my life." A young woman discovers a newfound sense of belonging—thanks to a new friend and a meetup for the deaf community #atStarbucks.
Found a friend, found community, found herself. #atStarbucks
You've helped raise nearly $2 million to date for youth education charities. #TeavanaOprahChai
Just keep swimming. 📷 by @morgmeinert #regram #mugmonday #siren #starbucks
We met each other in Santa Marta. We were both on holiday and had a friend in common, my cousin, and he introduced us" / "And in that moment—he fell in love with me." / "We're still just friends. She hasn't said yes to me yet. We're still in this. Six years. I'm not in a hurry."#HowWeMet #Bogota
"I've known him for two weeks. We met in a karaoke bar." #HowWeMet #Shanghai #China
“We work together. My first impression of him was that he was a little sassy.” “I liked her style. Very dark. She was wearing layers of black.” “He was wearing a suit. Navy blue or black… always.” “I’ve learned never to get as drunk as Bridget.” “I’ve learned from Will how to get stuff for free.” #H
Starbucks presents #HowWeMet: a photo series exploring relationships and the stories about how they began. 💚
Chris: “15 years ago in a nightclub in Cardiff... I know it sounds daft, but it was like the whole room went back and there she was.” Sian: “I thought he was gay!” (Both break into laughter.) #HowWeMet #Cardiff
That one time 43 years ago when Starbucks first opened in Pike Place Market. #Seattle #tbt
"We met 53 years ago in a restaurant called El Cisne. I came from school with some friends to drink coffee and he was there with his Spanish friends also drinking coffee. He sent me a card with a waitress, which said… what did the little card say?" "Mide y media de mi existencia por una caricia de a
🐲 @jaelynboycee: The guy at Starbucks had a good sense of humor �"
Gareth: “We met each other through a mutual friend. I never usually do coffee with a mate, but Wayne got me into it.” “My group of mates say, 'men don’t do coffee!' —but I say: 'well, Wayne does.'” “We’re modern men—who do coffee!” #HowWeMet #Cardiff #Wales
Iced coffee in October. ~You do you~
A fellow nerd saw me playing super smash in Starbucks and gave me a silent nod of approval. I feel so alive
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15 yrs ago today @charliesteffens and I met and fell in love @Starbucks in Santa Monica over a venti bold and a grande soy cap. ❤️
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"He didn't hit on me. It worked. Smart guy." #HowWeMet #nyc
The perfect fall day—that calls for whoo? Fall Blend, in grocery, and your favorite mug too. #MugMonday
We gave ourselves a little photo assignment: Capture the stories and unique relationships of people in cafes from around the world. All this week, we'll show you what we found—and invite you to join. #HowWeMet
Eavesdropping on two adults discussing harry potter , I love @Starbucks
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That moment when the barista at starbucks already knows your name. You the real MVP 🙌❤️
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There's this father and son that come to Starbucks every morning, get their morning coffee, and just sit & read for a while. I love it!
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I want to be the type of person who goes to Starbucks alone and then walks out with a new friend.
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