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Stanford University
High and dry: White Memorial Fountain remains without water as part of a campus conservation effort. #farmphoto
A paper by Prof. Neil Malhotra and colleagues details the magnitude of publication bias in the social sciences:
.@StanfordFball opens the 2014 season against the @UCDavisAggies at 1 p.m. on Saturday: #gostanford
Hacking the #DNA of yeast, a team of #bioengineers led by Professor Christina Smolke has come "very close" to replicating the entire opioid production process in a way that eliminates the need to grow #poppies. Soon, morphine and other painkillers could be produced via a sophisticated extension of t
How insecure is the American family? @Clayman_Inst researcher Marianne Cooper on @BloombergTV:
A new school brings scholars to Stanford to learn about the latest in laser technology:
Christina Smolke turned yeast into a "veritable drug factory" by modifying it with poppy and soil bacterium genes:
The new Siegman International School on #Lasers brought graduate students from around the world to #Stanford for an intensive week-long colloquium on the latest technology. Credit: Norbert von der Groeben
The likelihood of a major space junk collision is low but on the rise, writes Prof. Lawrence Wein:
Next on @Philosophy_Talk, with Profs. Ken Taylor & John Perry: Is intuition a guide to truth?
"It's really exciting. It's a little surreal." Medical students dive into life on the Farm:
Biodesign fellows prototype an under-mattress device to sense how deeply a child is sleeping, prevent night terrors:
Jordan Morris, '17, will join the #USMNT in its Sept. 3 match against the Czech Republic:
What do people cured of blindness see? Neuroscience PhD candidate Patrick House writes in the @NewYorker:
"So many people do things for the sake of glory, and she did things despite the glory." @DaphneKoller on Sally Ride:
.@HooverInst's Michael Spence: Universal access to high-quality public services crucial as income inequality rises.
Professor Mariano-Florentino Cuellar has been confirmed to the California Supreme Court:
In @WIRED: A "free-living" @SUMedicine study is testing the effect of low-carb and low-fat diets on weight loss.
PhD student Laura Kwong enjoys the Brahmaputra River in #Bangladesh, where she's working on urban sanitation solutions with #Stanford School of Medicine Professor Steve Luby. #StanfordSummer
On Sept. 14, @StanfordCDDRL's #humanrights program co-hosts a panel discussion on modern-day slavery:
New research details for the first time that there are limitations on how adaptable the brain is during learning:
New @SUMedicine students began their journey at the school's annual stethoscope and white coat ceremony on Friday.
.@alexkarpenko developed the algorithm behind @instagram's #Hyperlapse app as a Stanford PhD student, @WIRED writes:
Former Stanford president Gerhard Casper joined @KQEDForum to discuss the challenges facing #highered:
Natasha von Kaeppler checks old her older sister Ericka, a first-year #Stanford #Medicine student, after the school's White Coat and Stethoscope Ceremony on Friday. Credit: Norbert von der Groeben
Adele Hayutin, scholar at the Stanford @longevitycenter, talks to @Forbes about the 50+ job market:
Prof. Sklansky: Militarization can undercut another, more beneficial trend in law enforcement: community policing.
A renovated and refurbished Lathrop #Library will open its doors on Sept. 15, a week before classes begin for #Stanford's 2014-15 academic year. The four-story building is the new home of a maker space and a 24-hour study area, as well as the expanded East Asia Library -- all formerly located in Mey
The new Lathrop Library opens on Sept. 15, a week before classes begin for the academic year:
PhD student Laura Kwong enjoys the Brahmaputra in Bangladesh, where she's studying urban sanitation. #StanfordSummer
If it could, should the U.S. military genetically match soldiers to roles? Prof. Cho addresses ethical complications:
On the @ScopeMedBlog: Our aging immune systems are still in business, but increasingly thrown out of balance.
A new course covers the history, literature, art, politics and environmental challenges of the American West:
"I'm one of the few people to become expert on the things I don't really like." @KenCaldeira on geoengineering:
Graduate student Alessandra Santiago, ’14, sends this #StanfordSummer postcard from the New Horizon, a Scripps Institution of Oceanography research vessel making its way from San Diego to Honolulu. Santiago and team are measuring nitrogen content at various depths in the water column to take stock o
Alessandra Santiago, '14, is sailing from San Diego to Honolulu on a @Scripps_Ocean research vessel. #StanfordSummer
A @StanfordEarth summer program encourages diversity in geoscience and engineering:
.@google's @ericschmidt at cybersecurity boot camp: Technology, rather than law, is more likely to reinstate privacy.
Frederick Goddard and Phil Salazar are helping to provide safe drinking water in Dhaka, Bangladesh. #StanfordSummer
A close call in the Loma Prieta quake inspired Pratap Malik to make turns and take chances:
"These #paintings are like a catalyst that can take you where you want your mind to fly.” Four large #abstract works, created by the late Nathan Oliveira, are at the heart of the new Windhover Contemplative Center, which will open to the #Stanford community in mid-September. Credit: Aaron Kehoe
"Sleep drunkenness" may be more prevalent than previously thought, according to @SUMedicine researchers:
The @WSJ profiles two Stanford alumnae who are designing toys to inspire girls to study engineering:
#Stanford Men’s #Soccer warmed up for the 2014 season last week with two exhibition-game wins. The team opens its regular season in Nebraska on Friday and faces San Jose State at home on Sept. 6. Credit: David Bernal #gostanford
Prof. Jurafsky in @FT: The language we use around food offers a window into our psyche, our finances and our society.
With the ability to crowdsource complex and creative tasks, entire organizations could exist for just an afternoon:
Bioengineers are close to brewing morphine and other opiates in a way that eliminates the need to grow poppies:
A tiny implant could enable hourly at-home measurements of eye pressure in patients with glaucoma: