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Stan Collymore
Cancers, heart problems, going from svelte to Arnold in a season. And some go on TV having the brass neck to call others out. Funny.
Weekly hair follicle, urine and blood test for any pro sportspeople. Don't partake, not allowed to compete. Ban non WADA nations today.
Another crash, more families heartbroken. Sincere condolences to all families who've lost loved ones recently, God bless them all.
Clarke Carlisle is a new Ambassador for @MindCharity. Great to see ex sportsman like him @StanCollymore & others talking about Mental Health
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It's illegal to be gay in 42 of the 53 #Commonwealth countries. Find out more about our #LGBT international work here…
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Atletico Madrid offer £10m for Fernando Torres. #talkSPORT…
My proudest day thanks to @DepressionAll . Please visit and let's support each other!
Without YOUR text money, this would not have started, so YOU have saved lives. If you struggle or know anyone, LOOK
Winter, spring or summer, Depression kills, and we want people to come to FIRST to start the support ball rolling.
So my proudest moment came when i became founder member of , a resource for ALL BRITONS to tall and help each other.
As a consequence of YOUR text money, other companies got involved and we raised ONE MILLION POUNDS to fill the NHS mental health gap.
This was for @DepressionAll , the charity that supports ALL Britons who struggle with Depresssion,whatever their background!
So i thought it would be a good idea for fans to be able to text a number and get the chance to win Gerrard, Rooney, Neymay's shirt!
2 years ago, i decided to collect match worn footie shirts up and down the land after games i covered. Soon there were 50 or 60…
Cheers @Upton_Scar, a pint in the chicken run sometime this season!
Theo Walcott will miss the season start for Arsenal. Join Gooners in discussion @SportsYapper
@StanCollymore said it before Stan, more of us value your professional opinions on football, than the twats that abuse you......YNWA
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Trolls who've been blocked still tagging me and commenting on my tweets. Some effort, and rather weird. Creepy actually.
"@KevKeelan: Your a uneducated, ignorant idiot.">*You're(abbreviation of you are). *an(before a vowel rather than "a" prick, for example).
"Stick to football". No thanks, I embrace another part of who I am ,a voter. And comment whenever I chose. A bit like you reading this.
"@JodiRamone: maybe the use of the word 'godless' was wrong. Not believing in God does not make you evil">Agreed. Think that's a given. 👍