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Stacy Noland
Here's how to use Facebook's tool to check if people you know in Paris are safe
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my Muslim friend: "ISIS are to Islam what the KKK is to Christianity." remember that before you generalise a whole religion
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Assault on Paris concert hall is over, police say, leaving dozens dead in scene described as "massacre."
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Heartbreak after heartbreak tonight.
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@andrewhistorian French police is asking people to not report/tweet on the situation around #Bataclan right now.
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We're gathering photos of what is happening in #Paris in a photo gallery at
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20th Century Fox pays for Barefoot Bandit’s crimes… via @seattlepi
President Obama finally gets his very own Facebook page… via @geekwire
Dear America, when it comes time to vote for the next #POTUS, please don't be stupid.
October Jobs Growth Pushes Unemployment Rate Down to 5 Percent… @DeanBaker13 #jobs
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To all the @HillaryClinton haters, will you PLEASE #STFU and get a life…
Much blood, sweat, and tears went into the campaign to stop #KeystoneXL…
It was years in the making, but #KeystoneXL is DEAD! #GameOver Thank you #POTUS
"We've...multiplied the power we generate from the sun 20 times over." —@POTUS #ActOnClimate
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"Shipping dirtier crude oil into our country would not increase America’s energy security." —@POTUS on rejecting the Keystone XL Pipeline
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Obama: #KeystoneXL wouldn't make "significant, long-term contribution to the economy" Says Congress should pass infrastructure bill, instead
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Pres Obama says Keystone Pipeline would not make "a meaningful longterm contribution" to the US economy.
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Why is death rate rising for white, middle-aged Americans? #CulturalDarwinism…
OMG! Rep Elijah Commumings (D) just ripped Trey Gowdy (R) a new @$$ during @HillaryClinton #BenghaziHearings
Prosecutorial grandstanding by all members of #GOP during #Benghazi Committee witch hunt of @HillaryClinton. #Shameful
"I think the cult of personality is more important to his supporters than what he says." - @secupp on Donald Trump
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The Joe Biden speculation was always mostly malarkey:
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#VP said it ain't so. No Joe #Biden2016. @HillaryClinton now carries the torch of #Obama 3rd term. #ClintonCastro2016.
NRA Commentary Admits The Odds Of Needing A Gun To Defend Yourself Are Infinitesimal
Secretary Julián Castro endorses Hillary Clinton #ClintonCastro2016
Canada’s new prime minister may be a Liberal—but he still loves Keystone…
Canada finally has a leader who cares about climate change. Now what?
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Quick reminder on unleashing your inner genius.…
New White House Twitter account pushes climate change agenda
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I saw my first #BenCarson campaign sticker in ALA in Apr '15 and was dumbfounded as to why; until now!…
Great list of disaster apps for your digital bugout bag -… #areyouready
The story of #PeterNorman and the 1968 Summer Olympics. WOW!…
People don’t like to read. Then, don’t upset them with text!…
Clinton was easily the most polished and prepped candidate on stage. Wasn't even close. But Sanders isn't going anywhere. #NBC2016
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So after tonight, it's still Sanders and Clinton at the top #DemDebate
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Lincoln Chafee hasn't talked since last week. #DemDebate
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#Chaffee2016 looks like he's running to chair a small town rotary club. #DemDebate
#DemDebate grades so far: Clinton: A Sanders: C- O’Malley: B+ Webb: B Chaffee: D Cooper: A+++ Trump: *cackling*
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#Chaffee2016 is far from #POTUS material & #Webb is trying to hard to get an applause. #OMalley2016 looks castrated. #DemDebate
Thought you were supposed to bring the Black guy?

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