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Amitabh Bachchan
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T 1152 - Starting #BachchanBol from tomorrow for all my TwFmXt, every Wednesday fun facts / interesting trivia !
T 1152 - At the #LGG3 launch with the autographed phone .. simply great .. it does not rub off .. its permanent !!
T 1152 - So how does one do this .. get a limited edition #LGG3 mobile for all .. ?? Errrrmmm ... hmmmmmm !!!
T 1152 - And ... many Ef and dear ones demanding requesting asking for the limited edition #LGG3 mobile with my autograph at the back !!
T 1152 - Huporrttipoonnumm libiyudum boombadoom !!! Invented my own exclamation of excitement .. meaning nothing .. and not designed
T 1152 - And some of the #LGG3 mobiles carry my autograph at the back cover .. cool .. they are limited editions ! Thousands sold on day 1 !
T 1152 - AND ... India won the Test at Lord's against England .. fantastic achievement.. Ishant 7 wickets ! Incredible performance by India
T 1152 - This mobile is quite something ... amazing features, facilities and user friendly appliances .. launched it today the #LGG3 ..!!
T 1152 - Oh dear !! today was quite a run ! Launching LG G3 mobile ... rush to 'Shamitabh'... rush back to LG G3 presentation .. & dentist !
T 1551 - 'Shamitabh' in the day .. its quite an effort to live with that hair all day !!
T 1551 - " एक रोटी न दे सका कोई उस नादान को , लेकिन वो तस्वीर लाखों में बिक गई जिसमे वो भूका बैठा था। " ~ anon .
T 1551 - When we discipline ourselves we shall invite discipline .. someday ! It shall take long, but it shall happen !!
T 1551 - Guy walking in the opposite direction of the road towards you, on mobile chatting away .. tell him its wrong .. he is not bothered
T 1551 - An amber rotating light on top of the roof of a car breaks the red light .. so does a BEST bus and others follow .. who's watching
T 1551 - Meeting professionals from other walks of life is a learning ! Cocooning yourself, cocoons you from the world .. not a good idea !
T 1551 - And its divine to doze off on set while they 'light up' .. feel refreshed and new almost .. ready to take on the next one head on !
T 1551 - A good chat with progeny and quality time with them is a joy, ever. You give some and take some .. wisdom !!
T 1551 - 37 floors of a high rise for the shoot .. goodness, feels like you be in the clouds .. never had such structures some years back !!
T 1551 -Work energises ! many would disagree .. I agree and agreed hard .. 'Shamitabh' in the morning, LG G3 mobile launch rehearse tomorrow
T 1550 - To bed to bed to bed now .. and then to dream to dream to dream .. of tomorrow and the morrow .. !!
T 1550 - HORROR !! refuses to Upload my picture and text so upset..happening for last two days .. alternatives ?
T 1550 - Polio eradicated from India .. an 8 year campaign with the UNICEF ambassadorship ! Feel such accomplishment and joy !
T 1550 - Three different vocations in a day, of the same profession .. could not have been happier here than any other ..