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Amitabh Bachchan
@SrBachchan sir.. mera naya artwork!! agar apko achha lage toh zaroor share kigiyega !!
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T 1614 - In India, Engineer's day celebrated Sept15 in the honor of Sir M. Visvesvaraya(1860-1962). #HappyEngineersDay
T 1614 - Feed your children with food from corruption .. they will be corrupt ! Feed them with food from honesty .. they will be honest !!
T 1613 - The Blog is up for DAY 2343 and 2343(i) ... pictures and text .. GO SEE .. !!
T 1613 - Sunday well wishers .. love all
T 1613 - The Sunday well wishers .. humbled and filled with love ..
T 1613 - आज के दिन की अनेक शुभकामनाएं …… अद्भुत था ये दिन, अद्भुत होगी रात , कल सुबह अब होगी हमारी मुलाकात …
@SrBachchan सरकार, आज हिन्दी दिवस है, एक ट्वीट हिन्दी में भी हो जाये ... और कुछ नहीं तो इसे ही रीट्वीट कर दीजिये ... #HindiDiwas
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T 1613 - OK .... good night all ... time to rest and recouperate for the #KBC tomorrow
@SrBachchan Waiting for next year now!! Now all the best for football league!!! :))
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Amitabh Bachchan's Official Blog •         Jalsa, Mumbai             Sept  14,  2014...…
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T 1613 - A very loved and beautiful part of our body is in trouble - Kashmir - we must provide for our brothers and sisters ..CONTRIBUTE !!
T 1613 - We are all contributing through many agencies privately to get provisions for those that suffer in Kashmir ..DO CONTRIBUTE AND HELP
T 1613 - But as we sit in the relative comfort of our homes, a thought for those in Kashmir that suffer .. do come forward and help !
T 1613 - Sunday .. another day with well wishers !! The Police force and its presence increases .. some elements need for them to be there !
Whhoooaaaa Amitabh @SrBachchan !!! Oohh Baby!!!!!!!! Grove On !!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loovvvveeeee You My Sexy Sam!!!!
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T 1612 -'Listen carefully to how a person speaks about other people to you. This is how they will speak about you to other people.' ~ !!!!!
T 1611 - Time to go ... on to the other sites ... more tomorrow ... and keep well and happy ... all those that i did not see on Twitter
T 1611 - In today's time you need a gadget to understand a gadget !! Operating it is another story !!
T 1611 - Also the brightest ideas come to you when under the shower .. !! Time for a water proof dictaphone .. I said dictaphone not phone !
T 1611 - When you gym alone you do more than what is prescribed or tolerable .. it is also the best time to gather your thoughts ..
T 1610 - Changes , changeth man .. they come as asteroids from space, but do get their silent come back moment !!
T 1610 - What ? who ? why ? and where .. words used during the course of the day ! No particular reason why I said this .. but just !!
T 1609 - At the trial of Finding Fanny ..
T 1609 -Twitter : Indian army is the third best army in the world after China and United States of America #BachchanBol #Wednesday
T 1609 - FF : Finding Fanny .. Deepika calls to the trial and it was such a delight to witness .. such effortless, natural performance ..!!
T 1609 - Another day spent with the new project of The VVC : VidhuVinodChopra, readings and discuss and practice and makeup ..And then FF !
T 1609 - What a delightful slice of life 'Finding Fanny' .. well done Homi, NaseerS, Dimple, PankajK, Deepika and Arjun .. congratulations !
Crew! Please RT this link and do whatever you can… thanks Big Love.…
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T 1608 - One can but only pray ... and give great courage to the Army that works day and night under most trying conditions to save lives !!