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Amitabh Bachchan
T 1650 -That moment of day when you just CANNOT and DO NOT want to leave Twitter .. !! Aahhhh .. but got to go .. unit waiting for shoot !!
T 1650 -Immediate worry - to acknowledge greetings of birthday, festival and a pile up of paper work .. BUT .. I shall do it despite ...!!!!
T 1650 - Good morning all .. ! Some days awaken you, some make you sluggish, some apprehensive, some demanding, some with a smile ! ME ..?!
BLOG IS UP!!!!!! DAY 2378 - Jalsa, Mumbai               Oct 19/20,  2014     Sun/Mon  2: 11am बन्दर कभी गुलाटी...
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T 1649 - What mounting for @HNY .. the songs, the story, the performances .. A RIOT !!!
T 1649 - Back from @HNY ... it is HHUUUUUGGEEEEEE !!!
T 1649 -Sunday for the past 32 years ..
T 1649 - The Sunday well wishers ... every Sunday without a break for the last 32 years .. humbled beyond !!
T 1649 -The SUNDAY well wishers ... every Sunday for the last 32 years non stop !! Thank you !
T 1649 - OK .... must rush now !! Will connect later and late ... tomorrow is another early shoot .. !! @HNY here we come .. !!!
@SrBachchan Amit ji are you ready to see Nandu today !! Inglis... inglis,,, inglis,,,
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T 1649 -So ... INDIA WINS the JUNIOR Hockey !! Now on my way to watch INDIAWALE win at the movies .. GO JUNIOR !!
T 1649 - INDIA WINS !!! Junior Hockey against Britain 2-1 .. brilliant play in last seconds to score off corner !! YEAAAHHHH INDIA !!!
T 1649 - Started dub for @SHAMITABHShamitabh .. Oh boy this is a tough one !! But shall endeavour !! Seeing @HNY later !
@SrBachchan Amitabh Bachchan ji & Shashi Kapoor ji - original pic from there film hit film DO AUR DO PAANCH- 1980
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T 1648 - or is it T 1649 ?? ... life has become so confusing ... !!! No T 1648 is right ... because FB is FB 738 .. ah ha !!
T 1648 - This is the right number !! DAMN ! I am really losing it ! Apologies Ef and TwEf ..
T ????? - OH ... ho ... big blunder !! Numbers gone wrong .. on Oct 11 it was T 1640 .. please change all accordingly .. so today is T 1648
T 1639 -THEY REMAIN THE BEST WHEN THEY REMAIN INNOCENT .. then life takes over - pollutes them, classifies them, makes them take sides !!
T 1639 -The most formative years of the child, 3yr - 6yrs .. I think ! They become what they become because of the impressions at this age
T 1639 - It is an actors lesson institute to be with the tiny ones .. it's not without cause that ..'CHILD IS THE FATHER OF MAN' !!!
T 1639 - That look of 'what the hells goin' on' on the faces of the tots is to spend an entire lifetime with them ..
T 1639 -The innocence of children in their expression and demeanour, is a lesson in human vulnerability .. wish humans remained thus always
T 1639 - What a delight to witness the classes and the studies of Aaradhya in her School .. along with her class mates .. tiny tots .. joy
T 1639 -Later today a gathering with Aaradhya's school parents and grand parents see videos of her time spent in the nursery school !!
T 1639 -That last Tweet should have been numbered T 1639 !!
T 1638 -HUM hain UMEED e KASHMIR, effort by Indian Film Industry to help our brothers and sisters in Kashmir !
T 1638 -He was that 'masihah' that the Lord sent .. truly a heroic deed, under great mental and physical handicaps ...
T 1638 -Waseem Raja worked round the clock 7 days without sleep to help trapped people in the floods .. irrespective of caste creed religion
T 1638 -His own home and family were in grave danger, but he cared for others and saved them through incredible acts of bravery !!
T 1638 -This young man from Srinagar, risked his life, helped people riding a borrowed boat and pushing it by pulling the electric wires !
T 1638 - Waseem Raja for @kbc a brave young man who saved thousands of lives in the recent disaster .. painful and horrifying visuals !!
T 1638 - A most emotional, eye opening episode for 'Hausalebaaz' .. honouring brave heroes .. this one with Waseem Raja from Srinagar !!
T 1638 - Ok ... all formalities over .. rest lunch meetings .. now back to @kbc for special episode .. bye for now ... !!!
T 1638 -On @kbc with the humble TNA India, @MahabaliShera .. wish you all the best in the wrestling competition .. make India proud ..!!
T 1637 -Abhishek's Football team .. @ChennaiyinFC YEEEEAAAHHHH !! WE WON against a tough team Goa .. well done .. all the best for the next