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Amitabh Bachchan
T 1659 -It is known to pray to the rising sun .. but for 'Chath Pooja' it is the setting sun that is worshiped .. !!
T 1659 - The 'Swach Bharat Abhiyaan' .. personalised !! Let every one deserve to be involved ..
T 1659 - And before the finale .. it was 'Swach Bharat Abhiyaan' .. went on the streets and broomed and collected dirt to clean up the place
T 1659 -The excitement throughout the day for the Grand Finale for KBC .. great moments, and great camaraderie .. Govinda, Ranveer, on set
T 1659 -The Grand Finale for KBC ends ! It has been an exciting journey .. I am informed this was my 602 nd episode and 1040 th contestant
T 1658 - KBC rehearsals for the morrow .... the recording of the last episode for the season ... nostalgia, emotion and the loss of words !
T 1657 - It is a curse to be prepared and knowing not where how and when to go .. actually we do know, but we wish another to show it .. !
T 1657 -Make an in charge and saddle him or her with all the planning .. then order all to follow diligently .. works best !!
T 1657 -It leaves one in a vacuum when you know and the others do not .. you say and they hear not .. you do and they do not .. shift then !
T 1657 -Plan a moment of work on paper, but work it out in practical .. that to me is a true manager .. discipline dedication and intent !
T 1657 -Back from a gruelling day at KBC .. everyone is having withdrawal symptoms I think .. it closes in a couple ..
@SrBachchan Amitabh ji,Vinod K, Rakhee ji during Muqqadar Ka Sikandar(Song-Pyar Zindegi Hai) the scn not in the film
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@SrBachchan Pic- Amitabh Bachchan ji with Sanjeev Kumar ji on the set of there super hit blockbuster film TRISHUL
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T 1656 -Abhishek gets his Nandu Bhide time .. !!
Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength....Eric Hoffer
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T 1656 -@HumHainKashmir..Ummeed e Kashmir 50 of us stars come together for flood victims of Kashmir Assam Meghalaya .. 4-8pm ZeeTv ..
T 1656 -Launched last night a website on trade box office results by Kamal R Khan (KRK) .. I did the honours ..KRKBOXOFFICE.COM .. visit !
T 1655 -Sports Leagues in India have given reason for the common man or woman to belt out their cheer .. its bringing us all closer !!
For 45 Cr a reasonably big Bollywood film can be made and released. This ain't no record breaking. This is DESTRUCTION. #HNYFirst45crOpener
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Saw HNY with a House FULL audience & was treated with riots of laughter from all corners. This year 4 sure is a Happy New Year @TheFarahKhan
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@1mgupta #Nandu is the bestest in the movie ....such a delight to watch him.. to top it, @juniorbachchan shone as junior Grover too
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T 1655 -" You only have authority over action, not ever to the result. Don't be motivated by the result, and don't get attached to inaction"
T 1655 -karmanyevaadhikaaraste maa phaleshu kadaachana I maa karmaphalaheturbhoormaa te sangostvakarmani II From Gita ..explanation in next
Aarav was in splits everytime he watched #NanduBhide aka @juniorbachchan . We enjoyed #HNY as we watched our lil one enjoy u..thank u #Nandu
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Amitabh Bachchan & Zeenat Aman - Rare pic , early 70s @SrBachchan Amitabh ji looks so handsome
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@SrBachchan Sir the VIDEO- PM Modi inaugurates Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital in Mumbai
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T 1655 - Samay ke saath - haal chaal gaal baal .. sab neeche ki taraf chal padte hain ..
T 1655 - Twitter and factoids inform that it was an Indian that invented E-Mail .. Shiva Ayyadurai an Indian - American, when was 14 !!
T 1655 - SO ... we lost at the ISL game to Delhi 4-1 Chennai .. !! Never mind .. tomorrow is another day .. another game another opportunity
@SrBachchan Congratulations on the huge success of @juniorbachchan and all @HNY team!! i am sure you are proud😊😊
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T 1655 - #ChennaiyinFC .. playing Delhi at 7pm .. Go Chennai .. GO ABHISHEK ..!!! COME OOOONNNN ..!!!
T 1654 -And yes .. no noise crackers were lit .. just the 'anaar' and the 'phuljhadi' .. and post cracker, all cleaned up this morning !!
T 1654 -As Diwali celebration fade away may the light it brought never do .. keep them burning for happiness and peace .. more peace really
Haven't seen HNY yet.. But words of appreciation for @juniorbachchan make me tremendously happy! You must be a proud dad @SrBachchan sir! :)
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@1mgupta You see Di, The whole EF is intoxicated by the love of @SrBachchan & the performance in @HNY by @juniorbachchan. Love them
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β€œ@BachchanFClub: Prince Abhishek Bachchan is trending at 6th position in India .”
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4 trends related to HNY trending 1) #DiwaliWithHappyNewYear 4) #PaisaWasoolHappyNewYear 5) World Dance Championship 6) Abhishek Bachan
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