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Amitabh Bachchan
T 1631 - I have boxed and know a 'belt hook from a left hook' as cynically tweeted by some. You won the fight .. in our hearts you are GOLD
T 1631 - #saritadevi...inside the ring you are alone when you fight .. outside, we are with your performance inside and out .. well done !
T 1631 - What a storm last night ! Lightening and thunder and strong winds .. trees blown off .. and then it subsides almost in a flash ! ??
T 1631 - On set .. on unit of mobility .. on arrangements of setting .. on wait .. so on this gate .. that connects a date !! Hm .. guessing
T 1630 - Late late late .. the early morning call sheet shakes in my hand when I report after 4 hrs of sleep .. soo .. now GN !!
T 1630 - Haider : a special film .. exceptional performances .. and such an intelligent adaptation .. !!
T 1629 - Dwell on your creation and stagnate .. build new bridges of art and stay creative. In one lifetime its one helluva' task !!
T 1629 - Back from Raipur, a truly wonderful place and straight to work from airport ..Vinod Chopra film with Farhan director Bijoy Nambiar.
One of the best Actors in the Bollywood Industry @SrBachchan one RT will make this fan happy 😊
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T 1628 - Finished the KBC Raipur now .. early rise tomorrow .. and a new film starts with Vinod Chopra/Bijoy Nambiar in Mumbai ..
T 1627 - Lata ji - एक तार जो आत्मा को परमात्मा से अपनी स्वर ध्वनि से जोड़ता.. जन्म दिवस की अनेकानेक शुभकामनाएं , स्नेह, आदर आप चिर आयु हों
T 1627 -PHENOMENAL, the amount of information and knowledge you pick up from media - newspapers,Tv, magazines, internet - INCREDIBLE !
T 1627 - 'Naman' karte hain .. Shaheed Bhagat Singh .. janmdivas pe aaj !!
T 1627 -Raipur .. ! a beautiful and serene destination. Many interesting sites to visit and enjoy. Must find time to come here to see them.
T 1627 - ... and no matter how much reassurance one may get, it just does not register : numbed by your own nervous tension !!
T 1627 -Waiting before, is like having your gloves on and your bout to be announced for the boxing match ! Aahhrr .. heart beats accelerated
T 1627 - And now in waiting for the Raipur KBC in some hours .. !! It's the most uncomfortable time. This, and just before you get on stage.
T 1627 -"Psychology : staying quiet doesn’t mean you've got nothing to say. It means you don’t think they're ready to hear your thoughts."~
T 1626 - When you are wrong .. admit it ! When you are right it !!
T 1626 - A unique effort by a Fan .. so humbling and yet so creative !!
Welcome @SrBachchan in My City Bhilai. One RT Will Make Me Happy Sir. ☺😊
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हादसा बनके कोई ख़्वाब बिखर जाये to कभी कभी मेरे दिल में the man who made @SrBachchan poetic. Remembering #YashChopra
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Amitabh ji with Shiv-Hari & Yash Chopra ji while recording Rang Barse sang by @SrBachchan himself & lyricsd by HRB ji
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T 1626 - Off and on way to Raipur for the 'KBC in your Town' .. entire day of rehearsals .. tomorrow 'the DAY' !!
T 1626 - Wishing Chhote Veer @MikaSingh all the very best for his latest release...the movie #Balwindersinghfamoushogaya .. chak de phatte !
T 1625 - Today the Ambassador for TB detection in a drive initiated by the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai .. BMC !!
T 1625 - And Shaad's film 'Kill Dill' a unique song and visuals :…
T 1625 - Farhan Akhtar sings 'Chulein Aasman', more power for women... with Salim-Suleiman ..FANTASTIC !… ..
T 1624 - Made Ambassador for the 'Swatch Bharat' campaign, initiated by NDTV, and committed others for a clean and well sanitised Bharat !!
T 1624 -Another cause another Ambassadorship, for 'Banega Swach India'. A campaign to bring about cleanliness in the country. We shall do it
T 1624 - The nation reverberates with MOM, and its mission..We are an 'Incredible India' yes, but importantly we are 'Innovative India' ..!!
T 1623 - The Mangalyaan achievements .. 8 of them !! 🔆The Mangalyaan mission cost India $73 million (~Rs.450 (cont)
T 1623 - To all our friends from the seas beyond and within ..HAPPY ROSH HASHAN !!
T1623 - Happy Navratri .. the shraad period is over and now time to celebrate 9 days of gaiety and dance ..