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San Antonio Spurs
"Yesterday I felt better, much better," @manuginobili told media at today's practice. WATCH >>…
"Yesterday I felt better, much better." - Manu Ginobli as he speaks to the media today after last night's preseason win. #GoSpursGo
Next Monday @NBATV will air a 60-minute special, Champions Revealed: 2014 San Antonio Spurs. Check out a preview here…
Head over to to see what Coach Pop, Tony Parker & Danny Green had to say about tonight's victory over the Kings.
Spurs came out on top tonight against the Kings, 106-99. Check out some of the best moments from the game. VIEW>>
Final score from the AT&T Center, Spurs - 106, Kings - 99. Ayres finishes with 15 PTS & 6 REB, Anderson & Belinelli with 14 PTS. #GoSpursGo
Spurs take the lead on the Kings 100-93 with 2:36 left to play. #GoSpursGo
With 5:27 left to play, Kings lead the Spurs 92-91. #GoSpursGo
Manu with the assist to the Big Banger! Kings - 82, Spurs - 81 with 9:22 left in the game. #GoSpursGo
Kyle Anderson knocks down the jumper putting the Spurs within 1. Kings lead 80-79 with 10:15 left in the 4th Q. #GoSpursGo
At the end of the 3rd Q, Kings lead the Spurs 78-77. Parker leads with 13 PTS & 4 AST, J. Green with 12 PTS & 4 REB. #GoSpursGo
2 minute warning! Spurs trail the Kings 77-72 in the 3rd Q. #GoSpursGo
Austin Daye hits the triple with 3:33 left in the 3rd Q. Spurs trail the Kings 75-68. #GoSpursGo
ICYMI: Marco Belinelli gets the steal to find Jeff Ayres for the jam! #GoSpursGo WATCH>>
Jeff Ayres hits the and-1 putting the Spurs within 8. Kings - 71, Spurs - 63. #GoSpursGo
To start the second half, Spurs trail the Kings 64-54 with 10:26 left in the 3rd Q. J. Green with 12 PTS. #GoSpursGo
At the half, Kings lead the Spurs 60-49. #GoSpursGo
2 minute warning! Spurs trail the Kings 55-44 in the 2nd Q. #GoSpursGo
With 4:15 left in the 2nd Q, Spurs trail the Kings 48-42. J. Green leads with 10 PTS 2 REB, Parker with 9 PTS 2 AST. #GoSpursGo
Bryce Cotton knocks down the triple to put the Spurs up 38-36 with 7:16 left in the 2nd Q. #GoSpursGo
J. Green gets the and-1 to put the Spurs up by 1! Spurs - 35, Kings - 34 with 9:07 left in the 2nd Q. #GoSpursGo
Sacramento calls a timeout! Cotton hits the 2 to tie up the game at 31 apiece. #GoSpursGo
To start the 2nd Q, Cotton knocks down the jump shot. Kings - 31, Spurs - 29. #GoSpursGo
At the end of the 1st Q, Kings lead the Spurs 31-27. Tony Parker leads with 9 PTS. #GoSpursGo
Jeff Ayres with the slam dunk! Kings - 31, Spurs - 25 with 54 seconds left in the 1st Q. #GoSpursGo
J. Green hits the jumper with the assist from Parker. Kings - 26, Spurs - 19 with 3:24 left in the 1st Q. #GoSpursGo
Parker hits the shot with 4:24 left in the 1st Q. Kings - 24, Spurs - 17. #GoSpursGo
Boris Diaw with the 3!! Kings lead the Spurs 16-12 with 6 minutes left in the 1st Q. #GoSpursGo
Tony Parker hits the jumper as the Spurs trail the Kings 12-5 with 8:02 left in the 1st Q. #GoSpursGo
Kyle Anderson knocks down the triple! Spurs trail the Kings 6-3 with 10:11 left in the 1st Q. #GoSpursGo
Tonight's starters against the @SacramentoKings - Diaw, Anderson, Parker, Green & Baynes. #GoSpursGo
Last minute shoot around before tip off. #GoSpursGo
@diawboris putting up the jumper before tonight's game. #GoSpursGo
The team warming up for tonight's game as they take on the Kings. #GoSpursGo
Jeff Ayres getting loose before tonight's game. #GoSpursGo
.@marcobelinelli talks to the media today after shoot around. #GoSpursGo WATCH>>
.@Cory_Joe speaks to the media at today's shoot around before tonight's game against the Kings. #GoSpursGo WATCH>>
Final from the @attcenter, Heat - 111, Spurs - 108. Belinelli finishes with 18 PTS, Anderson with 17 PTS & Joseph with 14 PTS #GoSpursGo
Spurs down by 1 with less than a minute to go. Spurs trail Heat 107-106. #GoSpursGo
Tie game! 104-104 with 2:10 left in OT! #GoSpursGo
Heat lead the Spurs 104-102 with 2:52 left in OT. #GoSpursGo
Game is all tied up 102 apiece with 3:13 left in OT. #GoSpursGo
Kyle Anderson beats the buzzer to put the Spurs up by 2. 102-100 with 3:52 left in overtime. #GoSpursGo
We're headed to overtime! Spurs and Heat knotted up at 100. #GoSpursGo
Belinelli hits the triple to tie things up at 100 with 28 seconds left in the game! #GoSpursGo
2 minute warning! Spurs trail the Heat 99-96. #GoSpursGo
Miami calls timeout after Austin Daye hits the 3 putting the Spurs within 1! Heat - 97, Spurs - 96. #GoSpursGo
Marco Belnelli hits the jumper with 4:28 remaining in the 4th Q. Spurs trail by 4. Heat - 97, Spurs - 94. #GoSpursGo
Cory Joseph with the 3!! 6:04 left in the 4th Q. #GoSpursGo