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Scott Redick
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League Pass is a must! RT @Scandal4Randle: excluding NBATV Anthony Davis and the Pelicans have 2 nationally televised games.
The NBA schedule will be released at 6 PM Eastern and will detail which teams play on which days, and against whom.
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Get 'em, Kobe. RT @kobebryant: 12th I see..
And that! RT @jazzfernee: @HPbasketball plus they go out and sign smith last summer a dude who plays his position.
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Seriously, Monroe wound up on a team whose veterans literally revolted against their coach. He went through, what, 5 coaches in three years?
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.@Danwahoo I have seen a ton of comments from PHX guys that they want to play crazy small... but this is a little ridiculous.
The great thing about Eric Bledsoe is/was that, even when he was backing up CP3, he was making an impact on the game. Not many guys who can.
So @JimEdmonds is my opponent on my first go at @DraftDay and kicking my butt pretty good so far.
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If one more person tweets Eric Bledsoe's career averages as a reason not to pay him... How was he supposed to take PT from Chris Paul?
Just 18/25 in the $109 Field of Dreams tonight that awards $1,000 to 1st, as well as a bunch of Qualifier overlay:
30 Minutes remaining before tonight's MLB contests and tons of overlay in games of all shapes and sizes:
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15 minutes remaing and just 14/27 entries in the $44 Qualifier to the $200K Big League Blast:…
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2hours until MLB Contests start for tonight. Lots of room in our $200K Qualifiers with the event approaching fast:
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Want a chance to play Josh Gordon in fantasy this season? Join our $1 @DraftDay League here
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I’m about to start dropping @DraftDay free rolls into the chat like it’s the end of the world! Tune in now!
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Going to play a little preseason DFS Football at @DraftDay Yes, I'm that insane
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Nice RT @EyeOnBasketball: Rudy Gay added to Team USA roster
Tonight's Wiz Walkoff is just $3.30 to enter and has $1,000 in prizes:… Follow and RT for a chance at a free entry!
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@Sports_25toLife that sounds way too sensical and would be beneficial for both teams. Will never happen.
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Have the Suns and Pistons talked about just swapping Eric Bledsoe and Greg Monroe yet?
:( RT @Whenry77: Huge Bobcats/Hornets fan who lives in Charlotte area and I dont think they were ever made, I never saw one.
Why is it so hard to find an Al Jefferson Bobcats jersey? I figured someone would be giving them away at this point.
MCW gonna average 21 points on 19 shots.
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.@Danwahoo yeah, I have no doubt Love and Lebron can play well together, just hate Kyrie as the third wheel on that tricycle.
Are you new to the fantasy writing business and want to get a foot in the door? DM me for info.
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.@blangb well, considering Westbrook was hurt last playoffs and Ibaka was hurt this one. I don't know how you can call OKC disappointing.
Pretty awesome Damian Lillard Heat Map from @talkhoops
Spoiler: It's Ibaka.
Would I rather have Kevin Love or Serge Ibaka as the best player on my team? Love no doubt. Which would I rather have as my 3rd best player?
As would I RT @ConradKazNBA: I'd probably take the KD-Westbrook-Ibaka threesome over LeBron-Kyrie-Love, but it's close.
Remember that time the Lakers put a bunch of All-Stars together? That went perfect the first year. Let's just crown the Cavs now I guess.
All great players need a short memory. Just ask Scottie Pippen, the greatest Chicago Bull of All-Time…
Just saw the username "FlowersForAlgernonCrumpler" that makes me miss 2003.
If anyone can hide Beasley on defense it's the team with both David West and Roy Hibbert.
Pacers need wing scoring bad, but not much left... Jordan Hamilton, Michael Beasley... could really use Evan Turner right now.
If you weren't in Sharknado 2, there's a 98% chance you're going to show up in Expendables 3.
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I dislike Josh Smith's game as much as the next guy, but Monroe wants out and if Smoove is the 4 he's going to have monster counting stats.
Just took Josh Smith and Michael Carter-Williams at the 5/6 turn, here's my mock team so far:
NBA players should just stay inside and not move all summer…AND SO SHOULD YOU.
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.@macetastic I just don't see the Bulls running him into the ground again when they have Pau, Taj and Mirotic all begging for minutes.
My expectations for Noah this season are about 70 games and 30 mpg, which isn't terrible, but he won't be repeating last years numbers.
Just passed on Joakim Noah at pick 4.01 in the mock I'm doing. If Bulls roster remains static, he'll likely be getting a lot more rest now.
PG saying Lance left to be a star confirms the battle of egos we all suspected.
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Don't think I've ever done a draft with @DaTrueGuru that he didn't take Blake Griffin in.
I'm not liking this turn pick all that much because I actually like a decent amount of players in the 20s this season.
I have to admit, I just had a very tough time passing on Al Jefferson at the 1/2 turn of the fantasy basketball mock I'm doing.
The saddest part of tonight is knowing that if we just tweeted enough snark while we watched, Firefly could have run for 80 seasons.
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In case you've forgotten how good Kevin Love is at basketball, he's going to drop 45 and 19 on 23 shots on @NBATV now.
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So did literally everyone else. RT @latimessports: Byron Scott always saw something special in Kobe Bryant
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We’re still not fully accepting of how awesome Blake Griffin is on a basketball court. This is disappointing.
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