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Russell Westbrook gets Finals MVP, of course.
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As good as Pau was for the Bulls this season, I sure wish they had Chandler Parsons going forward instead.
So much "going small" talk surrounding the Hoiberg hire for the Bulls. Sounds like they are going to need to overhaul that roster a bit.
It looks like former #Bulls guard Fred Hoiberg will be filling the head coaching vacancy in the Windy City.…
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When the Bulls say they're going on a coaching search, they really mean that someone lost Fred Hoiberg and they have to literally find him.
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"Magic interview potato, confirms original choice of vaguely human anger robot."…
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We are less than 4 months away from #NBA2K16.
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I have a ton of respect for what the Hawks have done this year, but it's so hard to win in the playoffs without a true go-to scorer.
I wonder if the Rockets would win the series if Steph was out the rest of the way.
Nobody's perfect, it's the NBA. Certainly much better Curry defender than Terry. RT @jnellie62: bev got shredded by Lillard last post season
Thinking about how good this series would have been with Pat Bev in it is depressing.
Barbosa still has some shimmy.
Break down Sunday's loaded pitching slate by price and site with @Sports_25toLife:…
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Every fan of a marginal playoff team apparently wants Wes Matthews. He'll come cheap for a reason, that injury not easy to come back from.
He played (didn't really play) under Skiles in MIL, one of the many reasons I don't think he'll be back in ORL.…
Mirotic, age and upside huge in the "going forward" scenario, but Gibson is a better player right now.…
Tons of talent, lack of position a problem. Can't really guard threes, but can only play the four next to a true C.…
I'm not really sold on Tobias Harris as a small forward, but I think it can work on the Bulls with Mirotic/Gasol/Noah.
Feels like Orlando will land Justice Winslow in the draft. They simply can't win games with a Tobias/Vucevic frontcourt. Zero rim protection
Gibson is a high quality, two-way big man and, more importantly the rim protector they need next to Vucevic.…
Probably 3-4 years before Gordon is anywhere near Gibson's level, if he ever gets there.…
Wonder if it's possible for the Bulls and Magic to work out a Tobias Harris for Taj Gibson sign and trade type deal this summer...
The pitching is loaded tonight, and @BChad50 highlights 5 SPs to discuss in today's Pitching Pulse.…
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*Tries to think of Rusney/Rusty pun* *Fails*
Would absolutely buy "J.R. Smith's Guide to Winning Basketball."
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J.R. Smith: "I'd rather take a contested shot than an open shot any day ... It's kind of boring when you take open shots"
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There's still time to read @rychase's top picks for this week's PGA event and use them to make some $$$$…
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Good time as any to plug my piece on why Wall is the best defender at PG.…
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Tony Allen made First-Team All-Defense.
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With 14 games on tonight’s #FantasyBaseball slate, get started drafting your Perfect Lineup now. WIN $1,000,000
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My point wasn't that the No 1 pick is worthless. Simply that you need more than one young talent to turn around the Lakers and Knicks.
Wait. Chad Ford said the Wolves are going to trade Rubio? LOL. We saw what happened when Rubio wasn't running the point. Not happening.
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If you think the No. 1 pick can cure all. Just remember the Wolves will go into this season with the last 3 No 1s and still not be any good.
Where can you get the most bang for your $$$ across the industry on top SPs tonight? @Sports_25toLife has the answer…
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jahlil okafor's hands are so big we should skip the next 10 nba seasons and just end with him and kawhi thumb wrestling for the larry
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Get a position-by-position rundown of the top options on this mini-slate from @BChad50…
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Have now seen two NBA Mocks have the Pistons select Cauley-Stein to "replace" Monroe. I'm sure that'll solve Van Gundy's spacing issues...
ENTER the #WizWalkoff for only $3.30. 30 minutes until #fantasybaseball lineups lock tonight. 144 of 250 #overlay…
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Send some DFS MLB questions over to @dfcafe, doing a Twitter Q & A righit now.
5:00 ET is approaching fast, and we'll be fielding your MLB DFS questions at that time. Get 'em ready.
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2065. An elderly Derrick Rose awakes from a fitful sleep. "LEBRON!" "Easy, grandpa. He's not here. It's just us now. It's just us."
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I apparently like self-inflicting pain, so I'll say Jimmy Rollins.…
@Sports_25toLife Hinrich Davis pick n roll will be deadly
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Easy to connect Thibs > Davis/NO as a good fit, but singing a different tune when Tyreke, Gordon and Anderson are glued to the bench next yr
Trying to figure out if it's "National Blame Thibs Day" or "National Blame Derrick Rose Day." Need to update my Facebook status accordingly.

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