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Fry Cook Tip #17: when in doubt, don’t flip out. Just flip that patty!
Have I got a kernel of wisdom for you! Oh, wait. Actually this is just a popcorn kernel. Never mind!
They say money doesn’t grow on trees. But they also say it’s the root of all evil. So, does that mean money grows UNDER trees?
They'd need an army to stop me from making Krabby Patties. And after I feed them Krabby Patties, they'll need another army to stop me!
I think of jellyfish as my brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters who sting, but still, family is family.
I would join ANY club that would have me as a member!
Mr. Krabs says I have to work overtime to pay for all the coral fries Patrick ate. Yay, overtime!
I saw a report on TV that said that everything they say on TV is true. Sounded pretty convincing to me!
I know the customer is always right, but I’ve looked and I just don’t see “Krabby Patty Secret Formula” on the menu. Sorry, Plankton!
Gary is pretty fast, by snail standards. If you watch carefully, you can almost see him move!
Krabby Patties are the best in my book. But books aren’t the best place to keep Krabby Patties! Better eaten than read.
Squidward painted another self-portrait! He is truly an inspiration to himself.
It’s National Relaxation Day, so I’ll be working only half my usual overtime shift! Unless Mr. Krabs needs the buns counted again.
Boy, I sure could use a break ... from waiting for orders! I haven't made a Krabby Patty in nearly thirty seconds.
The grease fire in the Krusty Krab kitchen was bad, but I try to look on the bright side: we found a new way to toast sandwich buns!
At the Fry Cook convention, I'm giving the keynote address! It's challenging to write an entire note on a key.
I’ve learned to just go with the flow. When living in a giant body of water, it’s the best way to be!
I may not have a Boating License, but that won’t stop me from accidentally entering a boating race through a series of misunderstandings!
Have you ever been scared out of your mind? And if so, how did you get back into your mind? Someday I might need to know!
If there’s injustice, call Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy! They may not answer at first. Just let it keep ringing. Eventually they’ll pick up.
Squidward is the best dancer I know! He proved it to me by telling me that he is.
I don’t think a robot could ever do my job. But if it could, then I guess I’d have to become a robot! I’m willing to learn.
Patrick and I just gave Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy’s Invisiboat a fresh coat of paint. It sure feels good to be helpful!
My cousin BlackJack may be big, strong and kind of aggressive, but I don’t find him intimidating at all, as long as he is asleep.
Some say Man Ray is misunderstood. I agree. It can be really hard to understand what he’s saying with that mask on.