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Everybody needs some love! Even Squidward. In fact, especially Squidward. Have you hugged your neighborhood cephalopod today?
Nobody wants to be put in a corner. Though I have to admit, I fit into corners quite neatly!
Most sponges are only for cleaning. But I’m also a cooking sponge!
Mom always told me not to go looking for trouble. And that’s why I walk with my eyes closed! I won’t find any that way.
Squidward has three electric fences and he’s even added a moat. Bringing him these flowers will be harder now, but I’ll find a way!
Some people think I can’t handle the pressure of the lunch rush. But I live at the bottom of the ocean. I can handle a lot of pressure!
Patrick is the sharpest guy I know. His head is mighty pointy!
I think I’d be a good doctor. I just don’t know if I’d have the patients for it. But I’m good at waiting!
I think I’d be a good waiter. They say I have a real knack for waiting!
Patrick is such a gracious host. He’s hosting ten different kinds of bacteria in his gums!
If wild flowers are really wild, why do they put down roots? Wild flowers, we need an answer!
If I had it all to do again, I’d do it better. I only hope I get the chance!
How big was the boat that flipped over? It was cap-sized. Hahaha!
Today, we celebrate when Bikini Bottom finally declared its independence from Bikini Top. We love you Bikini Top, but it’s better this way.
Happy Father’s Day to a great dad who taught me so much! He gave me a lot of his life lessons to absorb.
I even crashed my remote control toy boat! Looks like now I'll need to go to Toy Boating School too.
Home is where the pineapple is.
I've heard hermit crabs like to keep to themselves. But has anyone asked them, repeatedly? I'd be more than happy to!
If I had suction cups on my hands like @Squidward, I'd use them to climb Sandy's glass treedome! Maybe he'll let me borrow them?
Fry cooks of the world, unite and flip!
They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I say we have to do something to stop the tragedy of falling apples!
Neighbors help neighbors out. That's why while Squidward was away, I went ahead and watered his sculpture garden!
I'm not worried about anything today. And that's exactly what's got me worried!
Mr. Krabs told me talk is cheap.
Do all ghosts smell like fancy cheese, or just The Flying Dutchman? Science demands an answer!