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Sean Parker
I'm extremely honored to be featured on @emotimo 's homepage. They have such an amazing product and I stand behind them 100%. Please head over to their website and check out the interview I just did with them. I hope you find it inspirational and motivational to go out and shoot!
Having a little fun with @instagram 's new Hyperlapse App. See the longer version on my Facebook Page:
"Look into the Universe" Being under the stars away from all the distractions is one of my favorite things in life. You can really find out a lot about yourself just by looking up. It's also a great way to relax and think about things. Do yourself a favor and grab a couple chairs, drive out to a da
Timelapse of a storm that passed through Tucson last week. You can see the HD video on my Facebook page: Twitter: @ seanparkerphoto
I'm back from my Lake Tahoe trip and already want to go back. I had such a great time catching up and adventuring with family! I love you all! I plan on spending more time in North Shore next summer, so lookout for a couple workshops in the area! Twitter: @
Zip lining in Tahoe yesterday was a hoot! I'm going to miss this place.
Last night's Lake Tahoe Workshop was a success! We had such a fun time! It couldn't have gone any better. For those who missed it, I'll be back next summer for another one. I love this place!
Well, it's safe to say that Lake Tahoe has a pretty dark and amazing sky. Here is a self portrait I took last night at Speedboat Beach. I can't wait for my workshop here tonight! Right now is your last chance to sign up! More information and registration on my website:
The lightning storms in Tucson these past couple of nights have been nothing less than amazing! To see the full image, please visit my Facebook or Twitter pages! Prints are available: Twitter: @ seanparkerphoto
A beautiful storm rolled through Tucson last night. Look for my photo and timelapse on KVOA news tonight! Full resolution on my Facebook and Twitter pages: Twitter: @ seanparkerphoto
Yesterday's sunset was a banger. Twitter: @ seanparkerphoto
My next Astrophotography Workshop will be located in North Lake Tahoe next weekend at “Speedboat Beach.” I will be in Kings Beach visiting family but I thought I would host a workshop in my spare time due to numerous requests in the past. I don’t know if or when I will be in Lake Tahoe again, so you
Did me a little storm chasing yesterday near Vail. You can see a couple photos on my Facebook page: Twitter: @ seanparkerphoto
Another shot of an Elk roaming around Rocky Mountain National Park. I must have taken hundreds of photos of this guy. Twitter: @ seanparkerphoto
One of the few decent photos I was able to capture of the Supermoon rising over Tucson, AZ last night. The weather was terrible and only peeked through the clouds for a minute or 2. Did anyone else take any photos? And did anyone see my photo on KVOA this morning / afternoon? I have a few more shot
Back when this little shit used to be fun #tbt
A photo of me setting up a 3-axis timelapse at the Salton Sea last weekend! You can see a still image from the sequence on my Facebook page or Twitter. Twitter: @ seanparkerphotography
A Delta Aquarid meteor streaking through the sky during the Aquarid Meteor Shower last year in the Mohave Desert. Did anyone photograph the show in Tucson last night? Twitter: @ seanparkerphoto
Well I just got home from my workshop in Joshua Tree today! We had such a fun time exploring the park together and photographing it! We were fortunate enough to be treated with some colorful sunsets and clear skies. I'm still figuring out my next workshop but if you are interested in one, or a priv
Heading off to shoot Joshua Tree tomorrow! I'm really excited for my workshop there this weekend! I still have 2 open spots if anyone wants to learn how to capture the milkyway and create startrails like this one.
My new 2011 Ford Escape! What should I call him?
Only 2 spots open during my Astrophotography Workshop in Joshua Tree this weekend! More information and registration on my website (link is also on my profile):
Happy 45th Anniversary Apollo 11 and crew!
My 2-night workshop is Joshua Tree next weekend is almost sold out! More information and registration are available on my website (link on my profile). Sign up before it's too late!
Hello Everyone! My Goddaughter, Mila, is in a baby model contest right now. She needs more "likes" on this Instagram photo to win. Please do me a favor and head over to @nellhandmade and like her photo! It's the photo on the top right. Thank you very much!
Did anyone else enjoy the thunderstorm last night? I think it lasted over 4 hours and was all over Tucson! You can see the full res image on my Facebook account. Twitter: @ seanparkerphoto Prints:
The A Mountain firework show in Downtown Tucson was a good one. See more on my Facebook page: Twitter: @ seanparkerphoto
A storm brewin' somewhere near Rocky Mountain National Park. Twitter: @ seanparkerphoto
This Wednesday could very well be my last workshop in Tucson for a couple months! The monsoons are supposed to hit on Thursday leaving us with cloudy nights for a good portion of summer. More info and registration on my website:
"Echo Lake on Mt. Evans" Photo of the Milkyway reflecting in Echo Lake, just north of the Mt. Evans Entrance on highway 103 near Denver, Colorado. The half moon was rising in the east which illuminated the trees in the foreground naturally. I hope this photo motivates you to go out and #explore thi
"Milkyway over Mt. Evans Meyer-Womble Observatory in Denver, Colorado" Here is a 12-photo panoramic showing the Milky Way arching over the Meyer-Womble Observatory on Mt. Evans 37 miles west of Denver, Colorado. The observatory sits at an elevation of 14,193 ft and is owned and operated by the Univ
I caught this massive Elk roaming around on Trail Ridge Road in Colorado National Park on Saturday. I couldn't believe how close he let us get! More photos from my trip to Colorado are on my Facebook page:
The drive through Rocky Mountain National Park and Trail Ridge Toad was absolutely amazing yesterday. Here is a BTS shot of a timelapse I shot there. More photos from my Colorado Trip on my Facebook page:
Well, my private timelapse / astrophotography workshop in Mt. Evans, Colorado friday night was a huge success! We had a glorious sunset, lightning storms to our North over Denver, and clear skies to our SE where the milkyway was rising over Meyer Womble Observatory! Visit my Facebook page for more p
Well I'm pretty much all packed up for my private workshop in Denver, Colorado this weekend! I am extremely excited to visit Mt Evans, Rocky Mountain National Park, Lake Granby, and drive on the highest paved road in the States, Trail Ridge Road! It's going to be a blast! Can you guess which gear I'
"Grid View" Here is a frame from a timelapse shot up in the Willis Tower during my visit last month. Prints available: Twitter: @ seanparkerphoto
"The Holy Cross" Located in Groom, Texas, this 19 story giant cross can be seen 20 miles away off the interstate 40, right off Route 66. This is a self portrait my buddy @joelschat and I took on our #travelroute66 adventure last month. More photos are on my Facebook and Twitter pages: www.facebook
For those who might have missed our little fun #travelroute66 video updates from the road, you can watch them on YouTube! Here is a short clip from our 3rd video in "Texas to Missouri" Click on the link in my profile or watch on your computer at the following URL:
"Copper Queen Hotel" So I just returned home from my first trip to Bisbee...what a cool little town. I walked around, climbed steps, ate some delicious BBQ, had a few local brews, and explored the Queen Copper Mine! It was a blast! Here is a photo of the historic hotel where we stayed (which is hau
Never stop exploring - Grand Falls in Joplin, Missouri. #travelroute66
Need something to do this weekend? The boys over at @syrp_ are giving away a free Syrp Genie to the best DIY rig! All you have to do is post any rig you built that the Genie will work on and tag @syrp_ #syrpdiy to enter the contest. For some inspiration, watch their new tutorial on how to build yo
Tonight's moon taken with my iPhone through the 10" Dobsonian telescope at Sky Bar. Larger version on my Facebook page:
A photo that @nick_ulivieri took of me on my last day in Chicago. He had a sweet vantage point from the top of his apartment complex. It was a great spot to see the city one last time before leaving. To see more photos we took together, visit his blog at:
Frame from a timelapse I shot in the Sears Tower last week in Chicago. Prints: Facebook: Twitter: @ seanparkerphoto
I have 2, maybe 3, spots left for tomorrows Astrophotography workshop! NOW is the time to photograph the milkyway in Tucson since the monsoons are right around the corner! More details and registration below:
My next workshop will be THIS Saturday night (May 31st) in Tucson, Arizona! This is a 5-person max group workshop. Monsoons are coming very soon, so NOW is the time to photograph the milky way in Tucson. Private workshops are also available. More information and registration below: www.sean-parker.
The sandstone formations in Valley of Fire are amazing. They were so cool to look at, especially under moonlight! Prints are available: Full resolution on Facebook & Twitter. Twitter: @ seanparkerphoto
"City and Color" Here is a creative edit on a frame from a time-lapse I shot in Downtown Chicago Thursday night. What I really enjoyed the most about Chicago was the architecture and color the city had. I wish I spent more time there, but now I have another reason to go back! Please consider suppo
It's such a beautiful day in Chicago! I'm kinda sad to leave tonight, but am ready to go home. I can't thank @nick_ulivieri enough for his hospitality and accommodation these last couple of days! Nick took me to some great spots and made it very easy for me to see the city. This photo was taken on h
The view from the top of Willis Tower last night! It is surprisingly difficult to get a good photo up there. They don't let you bring a tripod up so I had to sneak a little dinky mini-tripod I bought from best buy that barely supported the weight of my camera. There is also a lot of glare from the i