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Spa Health Energy
Aloe Vera (also found in S.H.E.) contains more than 12 vitamins & minerals that help skin rejuvenate every 28 days.
We are featured again in Dark Beauty Magazine :-) Thank you very much to all!! XOXO HOC
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5 Best Vitamins For Beautiful Skin - Check Out The Link Below.…
Two of these ingredients, are found in S.H.E.
Did you know? #Pomegranates provide a unique benefit to your #skin – preventing the appearance of varicose veins.
#Summer days are much longer and you need endurance.Try B complex #vitamins.They help the body release energy from protein, fats and carbs.
Check out this yummy S.H.E. Cocktail served at #TheDarkLady and guess what? No hang-over!
Check out this awesome costume we designed for our friend and talented Haley Star who played the Wicked Witch on...
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S.H.E. was proud to be part of the Providence Pride Festival with #HouseofCach and #TheDarkLady!
Did you know?By preventing free radical damage, #CoQ10 can also help keep the skin moist. Free radicals breakdown elastin thinning the #skin
In several studies, researchers found that #supplements of #biotin increased nail thickness and prevented splitting and breaking
Selenium (found in S.H.E.) helps stop free radicals, which in turn will reduce #inflammation and #skin-damage caused by too much sun.
Did you know? According to the American Cancer Society, the #antioxidants in CoQ10 have the ability to block free radicals.
Did you know? The Hibiscus flower has been shown to reduce LDL ("bad cholesterol") and help lower blood pressure in recent clinical trials?
Did you know? The anthocyanin (pigments) antioxidants in berries also have been found to improve neuronal and cognitive brain functions.
S.H.E. delivers 24 #vitamins, minerals and #antioxidants in a delicious, lightly carbonated, all-natural, low calorie beverage.
Protect your skin with #sunscreen. Also protect your skin against sun damage & free-radicals with #Vitamins A,C & E - all found in S.H.E.
B vitamins (7 in SHE) help your body rid itself of the breakdown products from alcohol - which give you hangovers.
The #Acai berry, black currants, elderberries and blueberries(all found in S.H.E.),are rich in #vitamins & #antioxidants = amazing for skin.
Free radicals attack the protein structure in your skin resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. #Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals.
Did you know? By preventing free radical damage, #CoQ10 can also help keep the #skin moist.Free radicals breakdown elastin,thinning the skin
Did you know? All #berries are rich in ellagic acid. This phytochemical has shown the ability to help prevent breast #cancer.
Did you know?#Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals before they can damage cellular DNA,a crucial step in the formation of cancer cells
Did you know? Fruits like the Acai berry (also found in S.H.E.) helps protect the body's cells from carcinogens.
Lulu (looking amazing) and Brandon enjoying SHE as they celebrate Lulu's birthday at #TheDarkLady #Suitetart
RT Love COFFEE and BEAUTY..YES. Follow us on Instagram @JavaSkincare and FB JAVA coffee infused skincare.
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Did you know? #Antioxidants are chemicals that protect your cells from unstable substances in your body. #Acai #Pomagrante #blueberry
Did you know? Stevia (also found in S.H.E.) is both carb- and calorie-free. #Stevia #Nocarbs #Nocalories
Beautiful, Clear #Skin begins from within. Proper, daily #nutrition, is essential for an ongoing, youthful glow.
S.H.E. is a not only a powerful, beauty multi-vitamin, but is also delicious! #Acai,#Pomegranate,#Blueberry,#Elderberry,#BlackCurrant
Did you know? The antioxidants in berries (also in S.H.E.) have been found to improve neuronal and cognitive brain functions. #Antioxidants
Did you know?The anthocyanin antioxidants in berries (also in S.H.E.) improve neuronal and cognitive brain functions.
Purple Carrots (also found in S.H.E.) are great for outer beauty as they nourish the body’s skin, hair and nails.
The Hibiscus flower (also found in S.H.E) contains antioxidants which are helpful in stimulating hair growth.
Many thanks to everyone that came out to say hi last night!!! We had just enough bubbly, and the JAVA-tinis were...
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@SuiteTart @SpaHealthEnergy So fun meeting you last night- LOVE YOUR SHE Drink. Everyone needs to try one!
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An evening at Suite Tart meeting amazing people :-)
Thank you to Lulu and the Suite Tart team for a wonderful evening - Bravo!