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While #Dragon is at ISS, @NASA’s RapidScat is removed from Dragon’s trunk. More on RapidScat:
Get ready for blast off! Women in Space airs TONIGHT on @PBS at 9/8c #MAKERSfilms trailer here
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Cool #Vine by @astro_reid shows #Dragon’s thrusters firing to catch up to #ISS:
Early tomorrow morning – don’t miss a total eclipse of the “Blood Moon”.…
Our TX site averages around 2 tests per day, but the 9-engine hotfires are a clear favorite!
One of our favorite sights – #Dragon berthed to #ISS. Credit to @NASA for beaming down another great photo.
Gaining some perspective – @Astro_Alex photographs #Dragon in orbit from the #ISS Cupola.
Wow. RT @astro_reid: This is for my friends @SpaceX - #Dragon over #Hawthorne early this morning.
[PHOTO] The #Dragon spacecraft in low-Earth orbit, on its way to resupply the space station. Photo via @NASA
This AM, #Dragon attached to #ISS. Congrats to teams @SpaceX & @NASA who helped ensure safe travels for Dragon!
#Dragon is now attached to the #ISS, its home for the next four weeks.
#Dragon was grappled by #ISS robotic arm at 6:52am ET! Next, attachment to station at ~9:15am.
#Dragon on approach to #ISS, currently 30m from station. Watch live:
Looking forward to catching a #Dragon today with my own hands! #SpaceX4
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Dragon to be grappled by ISS robotic arm at ~7am ET tmrw morning. Live coverage starts at 6am ET:
.@SpaceX builds upon TX’s pioneer heritage, dreaming bolder, and daring to do the impossible.
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Next, @SpaceX #Dragon #ISScargo ship will catch up with station at 7:04am ET Tuesday.
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[PHOTO] Liftoff!! Falcon 9 lifts off from LC-40 at Cape Canaveral carrying Dragon to resupply the space station.
Dragon’s solar arrays have deployed; vehicle is now on its way to the ISS.
Liftoff! Falcon 9 and Dragon are on their way to space.
T-40 min to Falcon 9 & Dragon launch attempt, targeting 1:52am ET. Live webcast at T-20 min:
Weather forced a scrub for tonight's launch attempt. Falcon 9 and Dragon look good, next launch attempt at 1:52am EDT tomorrow.
Falcon 9 & #Dragon vertical on the launch pad prior to CRS-4 launch, targeting 2:14am ET.
SpaceX is returning human spaceflight to US soil w/ Crew Dragon. Excited to fill these seats!…
Honored to be chosen by @NASA to be part of America's human spaceflight program
Our astronauts will fly on @Boeing CST-100 & @SpaceX Dragon spacecraft to the #ISS.
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Early Sunday morning, Falcon 9 launched AsiaSat 6 to geo transfer orbit. Mission summary:…
[PHOTO] Falcon 9 lifts off carrying the AsiaSat 6 satellite to geosynchronous transfer orbit.
Launch Success! At 1am ET, Falcon 9 lifted off carrying the AsiaSat 6 satellite. Contact w/ satellite is confirmed.
Up close with the Falcon 9 first-stage Merlin 1D engines.
Update on AsiaSat 6 mission:…
On Wednesday 8/27, SpaceX is featured on Morgan Freeman's “MAN VS. THE UNIVERSE." Watch @ScienceChannel at 10p ET/PT!
.@SpaceX statement on 8/22 F9R test in McGregor, Texas:
The SpaceX rocket factory: metal comes in one door, and rockets go out another. @SpaceXJobs
Happy Birthday to American futurist, “Star Trek” creator, and conference room namesake Gene Roddenberry.
Kids dump 5 ice buckets over my head for ALS & they nominate Notch, Johnny Depp and Tony Hawk!
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NEW VIDEO: Footage from chase plane of Falcon 9 1st stage descent to Earth, after ORBCOMM launch.
Last week’s launch marks 60 Merlin 1D engines designed & built by SpaceX that have powered Falcon 9 to space. Woot!
The Perseid meteor shower will peak tonight around 3-4am. Don’t forget to look up! More:
Last week’s F9 launch caused spectacular noctilucent clouds over Orlando (Photo: Mike Bartils)
SpaceX wants to put people on #Mars. But in the meantime, you can explore its surface via @googlemaps. Who knew?…
ICYMI: Early in the morning of Tues. 8/5, Falcon 9 launched the AsiaSat 8 satellite. More:…
Another successful launch by SpaceX this early morning!
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High velocity reentry (2700 lbs/sqft) appeared to succeed, but, as expected, not enough propellant to land for this and the next mission.
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Liftoff! Falcon 9 launched the AsiaSat 8 satellite to GTO at 4am ET.
New @ SpaceX HQ – the SpaceX Solar System, installed by @solarcity & currently clocking in at about 4,000 panels.
SpaceX launches 3D-printed part, creates printed engine chamber for crewed spaceflight:…