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The #verybritishproblems book: best enjoyed when tipping it down. (Umbrella not included)
"Yes, I remember you saying" - Translation: Please stop saying that
Being unable to turn and walk in the opposite direction without first frowning at your phone for three seconds
Feeling relieved to be safely back inside a jumper
"Make yourself at home" - Translation: Remain where I can see you and stay out of my cupboards
Being unable to smile politely without looking cross
"The weather can't make its mind up today"
Having no idea what to do with your arms when someone moves in for a cheek kiss
The overwhelming sorrow of finding a cup of tea you forgot about
The overwhelming sorry of finding a cup of tea you forgot about
Welcome back, umbrella, you've been missed
Mishearing an email address, so just abandoning any hope of ever contacting that person again
"The meal was lovely, thank you" - Translation: Anyone's guess
If you fancy it, obtain the #verybritishproblems book. If not, that's fine. Honestly.
Train due: 18:00 Train expected: 18:04 Time now: 18:12 Status: On time
Apologising profusely for living elsewhere when asked for directions
Making a terrible cup of tea and wondering how to live with yourself
"Not to worry" - Translation: I will never forget this
Brit holiday checklist Passport: ✓ Swimming trunks: ✓ Tea bags: ✓ Sudden raging cold: ✓
Being desperate to say "looks like we've had our summer then" for the past two months
Next tube arriving in: 1 minute: Good 2 minutes: Fine 3 minutes: Oh bloody hell 4 minutes: WHY ME? 5+ minutes: Kill me now
Being unable to say "thanks a lot" without sounding annoyed
The horror: "How about we just order a bit of everything and share?"
The horror: "Goodbye... Oh, you're also leaving in this direction..."