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Sophie Sumner
Grey. Rainy. Wet. Cold. - England you never let me down I appreciate the consistency :)
Not going to notting hill carnival as I have favoured the oxford food fest.. this is what happens when you leave New York for 2 weeks..!
To the man who made so many believe... #RIPRichardAttenborough
My life is complete Ab Fab is going to be a movie... Anndddd breeeaaaathhhhheee
Which is your favorite toy on the shelf? #bigkidstoys
@sophiesumner8 Not for a chance. But for guaranteed $5000, yes probably. But I already have tattoos and I'd just pay for a bad ass coverup.
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@sophiesumner8 Really? Haven't heard of it. Probably wouldn't. Would you?
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Would you get a reebok tattoo for the chance to win $5000? I#thisishappeningpeople
wait its sunday.. even better!!
i do love a good bank holiday monday
Look who joined me on my run - I call him tibult
Hello #festie party tent with lots of balloons... What theme would you chose for your next birthday party?
Oh lookie here a token novelty hat - gotta love one of those @minionnation #despicableme #cheerychappy #festie
Check out My very talented,gorgeous friend @ellierosemusic who I saw perform at #Greenbelt2014 yesterday-superstar
Hiiii “@YukiStar45: @sophiesumner8 I love you sophie you are one of my favorite models ... Greetings from MEXICO !!”
My gorgeous and super talented friend @ellierosemusic performing at #greenbelt #superstar #checkherout xx
Cute #KiaHamsters to a banging @maroon5 soundtrack - er yes please #KiaSoul #sp
Getting arty and crafty with the lovely @sarahdezille and kiddies #auntysophie #london #artsandcrafts #bigkid
Lets get fit with the gorgeous kim_hartwell, great exercises you can do anywhere :)  #tonewhatyouown #trainwithk...…
very swanky doodles, i am getting wifi on he bus up to london... oh la la
Never go to a Dr whos office plants are dead #sophiewisdom
Chocolate comes from cocoa which is a tree that makes it a plant therefor chocolate counts as a salad THE END
Loving being back home #friends #fun #loveyou #smiles @bobbiebonez #keepingitreal
@pinkdarcydog wants to say Ello #oxford #home #puppylove
We all have that inspiring teacher that helps us not wish upon a star but build a path to the star.. mine was @slaterteacher - thank you :)
@sophiesumner8 I read that as "Kanye West and Paul McCartney are dating" and was thoroughly confused for a few minutes
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@sophiesumner8 'interesting' with your pinky finger to your lips Dr.evil style?
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Kayne West and Paul Mccartney are dueting.... interesting.. very interesting!
ohhh errr thank you bristol for a lurvely day with the fam ohh errr * my bristol accent *
Bristol is starting to look like Nashville...! #uk #retro
Neighbor just walked through the door with bottle in hand and wine glasses clanking - very abfab
I miss the days we took Polaroids on photoshoots.... Look what i found...…
Totally agree with you ...
Everyone say Happy birthday to my big sister @elesbelles_TW !!!!! Love you lods xxxxxx
So good to see my fam and friends - miss you guys though! “@secjoelv: @sophiesumner8 hey! how's it going? Enjoy and God bless”
Congratulations to everyone in he UK who are getting there exam results, i hope you celebrate in stylleee xx
on my 5th cup of tea this morning... little bit excessive
Guess who has come home ? @sophiesumner8 ! My tail hasn't stopped wagging
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In the great British countryside you will find the one and only pinkdarcydog !!…
From the streets of New York to the great British countryside #mylifein24hours #andrelax #home
homeeee i am hoommmmmeee, home is wherever im with yoouuuuuu
ok red eye here we go, see you soon blighty!
@sophiesumner8 probably Johnny Depp. I bet he'd have the craziest stories to tell! Who would you pick?
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if you could sit down and have dinner with ANYONE who would it be? #entertainmewhileimwaitingforaflightplease
AT THE AIRPORT TWO HOURS EARLY..... when im normally always running late, not much to do at old JFK
Workout Wednesday video with the fabulous kim_hartwell #keepfitwithabuddy…