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Sophie Sumner
ok hairdressers my hair is bleached.... so no its not in the best condition pllleasssseeeeee stop telling me!
I am in a meeting and realised i may have a problem.... #pink #pink #pink
If your down just listen to the wise words of dory the fish " just keep swimming "
"When you see a guy reach for stars in the sky, You can bet that he's doing it for some doll" #tbt #dollface
Yummy yummy yummy iv got live in my tummy
Never ever let me into a stationary shop... i have no restraint @SophiePorley you know what i am saying!
Whatever makes you feel bad leave it. Whatever makes you smile keep it :) Photo: @aumauricio @mauricemauricio
Another review from our gal in NYC @sophiesumner8. This time, @vonbarnyc - cocktails upstairs & party times downstairs. What's not to like?
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I like it.. Christmas has already started in the Philippines....
Today we are having a Marilyn moment ... #photoshoot #poloroid #retro
Sneaky peekie at today's shootorial - hey hey see what I did there
Shes a day dream believer...
Shooting cashmere in degreesss heat is hooottttt #goodobservationsoph
Attacked by the dream team #photoshoot #stylist #photographer
This is how i wish to get ready every morning pleaseeee :) #makeup #love #photoshoot
Stuttin what ma mama gave me #philippinefashionball
Thank you @dashingdivas for helping me get ready for the ball tonight #cindersbetterhurryuporelseshewillbelate
Fyi - microdermabrasion on your feet really really tickles
Im getting my leg microdermibraised ... didnt know that was a thing? #twinkletoes @dashingdiva
"@flyPAL: @sophiesumner8 Awesome! Happy to hear such words from you! :)"
what a long flight of which i slept the whole way! *self high five yea* thank you @philippineair you guys are the best xx
A little something myself and @ellierosemusic have been working on... ! #philippines #itsmorefuninthephilippines #comingsoon
ohhhhhhhhh airports you are my best frienndddddd this is myy sonnggggggg i think I'm going looopppyyyyy
Los Angeles it's been a blast ... Guess where I am heading now? It's more fun in..... !!
New York Fashion Week: A Survival Guide via @HuffPoLifestyle by moi!!
Everyone say a big thank you to @brianadelman for turning my hair pink :) #pinkie
Los Angeles you are bloomin hot 🌵!
Byeeee New York hello LA !
Almost 2 I clock in the morning and im in the hairdressers - that's New York for you
I love New York I really really do
Another rather interesting fact about newyork city is there are tiny shrimp in the tap water ...
I found this in my suitcase... Thank you so much mum and dad, will miss you both lots too xxxx
this is what happen when sophie is jet lagged #veryrandomtweets
yoda is like an envious smurf.....
What is the Universe made of? — Milky way bars... obvs
Did you know in New York Citizens may not greet each other by “putting one’s thumb to the nose and wiggling the fingers”... #weirdlaws
Bye bye England , it's been a pleasure. Hello America ! X
What's in the box what's in the box! Can't wait to wear them I am in loveeee @feiernbowties #love
Picnic and punting xx
Outing days with max and @pinkdarcydog #oxford
There is another royal baby on the way! Does this mean another bank holiday? If so keep em coming :)
@pinkdarcydog this ones for you xx
good luck to all running in the #GreatNorthRunn - may the speed be with you... not to much speed, quite far to go, maybe pace yourself..!
Somebody would like both bubbles and sausages... @pinkdarcydog xx
crazy man crazy car never gets a parking ticket... na na na na na na na na naaaa.... #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly