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☮ Sophie ☮
@JoelCorry: Ha alright alright quick follow spree RT!” Sad
@shauny25: @SophieKasaei_ @JoelCorry what did u decide to watch?x” just waiting for it to start now Shauny x
Love nights like these... food and cinema with @JoelCorry 😍#SimpleLifee
Gone girl or Annabelle at the cinema?
The festive season is coming up!! Check out these beautiful canvases from @Studio63Tweets specially made 👌
@steeeshyy: @SophieKasaei_ where is your shop about in Newcastle? In the main town or near the metro :)?” Address is on the twitter babe x
After hearing the sad news, we want you ladies to show us your favourite De la Renta dress... #OscardelaRenta #RIP ❤️
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I just love them so much ❤️ #Pooches #MammyNBaby
25 years old in 2 and a half weeks. Can't believe how much I've seen and done .... I have so much left to do aswel! #PeterPan #NeverGrowOld
@OTRBoutique: Our @SophieKasaei_ looks amazing in our mesh skater skirt. Available in all sizes from Small to X…”😍😍
@OscarTrial199: #oscartrial Oscar Pistorius will serve five years in prison for the negligent killing of Reeva Steenkamp.” 😮😮😮😮
Can't work out weather that was a good sleep or a bad one?
So in love with the colour of my hair from @WSalonJesmond can't believe how shiney it was after !! #CurlyBlow
This Sunday is also gunna go OFFFFFFFFFFF 👯👭👯👭👯👭👯@xmellinsx#BirthdayCelebrationsyCelebrations
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@annabellebrand1: @Charlottegshore @xmellinsx am scared” my emotions are all over about it
Night night yal ❤️❤️💋💋
@_punkrockhood: @SophieKasaei_ PLEASE PLEASE SOME AUSTRALIA ❤️” was there 4 days ago
How lush is this mesh skater skirt from my shop @OTRBoutique Only £22 available in all sizes… call to order 💋
@itsJakeFrank: @SophieKasaei_ please come to South Africa alreadyyyy 😍” I know man!!!! I promise I will do soon xx
@nicwhitaker: @SophieKasaei_ your clothes range is amazing! ❤️” thanks all down to @HouseOfSHB 😘
@GeordieShoreWW: @SophieKasaei_ it's been incredible to watch you grow and transform, I'm so proud of you Soph 😊 x” aww this is cute ❤️❤️💋
@geordieworld: @SophieKasaei_ your Holly's and charlottes ranges are so nice doing so well for yourselves well done❤️❤️” thank you xx
@rana_arganoil1: @SophieKasaei_ love the look of it Hun. Defo need to get me one of them. X” it's my raving gothic attire haha
The gorgeous HunniBunni Passport Cover as owned by @SophieKasaei_ shown here with the tropical background #Christmas
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How lush is this mesh skater skirt from my shop @otrboutique Only £22 available in all sizes SML Call to order from 10am for delivery.... We also ship worldwide 😃
Just when you thought things were getting good.....
After this weekend Jerry's defo right #WhoIsJerry #AskJerry
Addicted to @lasulaboutique another amazing outfit just arrived :) #lasula #love #bargain #wow #spon ❤❤❤❤❤
@RitchellMaxwell: @SophieKasaei_ did you enjoy ur visit to NZ???” It was the best!!
@KTSomerset: @SophieKasaei_ @OTRBoutique 😃 miss you on Geordie Shore, glad we still get to hear what your up to on twitter 💜”😘😘😘
@SophieKasaei_ I've just bought a house with l'boyf after 4 years, and our daughters due in 30 days, when we got told we'd never have kids 😻
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@SophieKasaei_ just spent another amazing weekend with my wife !! Doing nothing special just in love :)
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@bekahsaurus_x: @SophieKasaei_ my fabulous boyfriend moving 450 miles to be near me! Such a lucky girl! @duddydudes ♡♡”aww my wish 😔
@naynaybree: @SophieKasaei_ next time you come to Australia, don't forget Perth ok? 💋” I was there in January!!
@annabellebrand1: @SophieKasaei_ @OTRBoutique I sat on the toliet yesterday talking to your dad” whilst having a poo #Positivity
@SophieKasaei_ @OTRBoutique Just came home from a world trip that has changed my life. So looking forward to what the future holds...
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@chloejoomun: @SophieKasaei_ I'm going to Australia this week, but Dubai first!😆#cantwaitt” been to both and they are amazing!!!
@abbiegeorgiaaa: @SophieKasaei_ just moved my Australia and starting my life in England 😁✌️” omg wow I love australia tho!!
@imlou_: @SophieKasaei_ i'm booking my holiday on monday to go away with my bestfriends, now that's positive ☺️” where u going??
@LA_Mayon: @SophieKasaei_ @OTRBoutique I'm single lol” any girls looking for love??? Haha
@nikkiaston: @SophieKasaei_ it's my little boys 3rd birthday on Wednesday :) and he's amazing! #positivemonday” awww #ProudMammy